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Andrea from ziezo

Nice to see you back for a moment!


My sweet friend! So, so glad to hear what you've been up to! The children are all so grown! You must be so proud of them all. Please e-mail me your current address. I'm sure I've lost whatever one you've sent me! Miss you and so glad you are all well! And happy, belated anniversary to you and Tom!


How wonderful to see your post. I don't know if you've kept up with my blog, but life got a little crazy after we got home. Massive flooding has crippled Vermont and we are all dealing with it. We had such a nice time visiting with you. Whenever anyone asks the girls about England, what they mention first is visiting you! I'm crocheting away these days. You've got me...um...hooked.

tonya lemos

simmy good to hear you and your family are doing well! Wishing you all the best~
tony(a) and zoe

Jackie Cardy

Oh so sad you are leaving cyberspace but completely understandable given how you are feeling. I hope you find your creative outlet elsewhere, enough to satisfy your needs. I am still stunned by our meeting and very thankful. I look back on that afternoon as a very blessed one. Thank you and your lovely family.


Oh Simmy ~ so good to "see" you again and hear that life is going well for you. I was so excited to see your post! You were the first blogger I ever read. Take care and best wishes to you and your family,


Yours was one of the first blogs I followed. Someone linked just linked to your blog on Homespun Waldorf for doll making directions and I clicked over for old time's sake. What a nice surprise to see an update. Glad that you and yours are doing well. Many blessings to you!


How weird is this? I have been trying to remember the name of your blog for a few days now because I use to check every now and again to see if quite possibly you would someday do a catch-up. I had to switch computers and lost my bookmark for it. Then, tonight, the name just came to me while I was doing some crafting. I couldn't wait to see if your blog was still up. Wow! There was a catch-up!!!
I am so glad to hear all is still well with you and your family. Is your email address the same? I use to work for a caterer for several years, do you remember me by chance? I would love to share with you information about my new job with a company that is based in the UK. I hope to be visit there in the foreseeable future. I really like the people I have been working with. Anyway, enjoy those study groups. I am going to check out your etsy page.


oh, and I wanted to say your birthday is cosmic! This year my 11th Wedding Anniversary is on 11-11-11. My husband said he planned it that way, but I know he didn't.


Hey Rada,

I can't email you but read your lovely comments above. I've changed computers too so lost your address.

Anyway, click on the link on the side bar or contact me through Etsy again please?

Nice to hear from you .....


Simmy--I am delighted to come upon your blog once again! When we last corresponded, I hadn't even started writing my own blog, yet. It sounds like taking a break was the perfect choice for you and your family...but I do hope you'll pop in from time to time if you can.
My very best to you and yours...Heather

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