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Ah. I've missed your posts. We're in the same boat--it feels like the children are growing up and life is changing. Helen will ask to sit down and do some crafting, but then life creeps in--violin, schoolwork, etc. I'm glad to peek into your life for a moment my friend!

greedy nan

I like Alfriston too; you can walk all the way along the river to Seaford [if you have the time and inclination]. I once won the wet teeshirt competition [but I was the only entrant] as I'd started the walk in blazing sun to return after a pub lunch at the Plough and Harrow in Littllington and it was hissing with rain [I was bra-less at the time but those were the days when I had a MUCH better figure]. In the summer they have outdoor theatre on the green - lovely.

greedy nan

Forgot! Save me a bun please, my figure's gone to pot now so it won't make a difference anyhow!


So happy to read your news, and to hear about all of you! I think of you so often (and so fondly)!

Stay in touch. We miss you all very, very much!

jodi lenz

lovely as always,Simmy


Looks like a lovely day out Simmy. The jam doughnut muffins look nice too, I'll have to try them.


What a lovely village and those shops are so quaint.

Those doughnut muffins look so yummy


I love to stop at Alfriston, there are some lovely café's for afternoon tea! Your jam muffins look, fab, which Nigella book are they in?

Philippines properties

Great photo houses design in here, and the village looks so nice. It has a great view, anyway.

Deirdre Gonzales

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