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We recently moved near family again and it is wonderful. Just knowing that they are nearby means the world to me, not to mention all of the babysitters I now have on tap!


I would love to live near my sister, how lovely!


that is lovely news - and so glad you have woken from your slumber!!


Happy Birthday to Raj! Changing computers is such a pain, although I would LOVE to ditch this piece of rubbish. That's so wonderful that you will have family so close by. Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you...if you could pick up any cheap 2nd hand Enid Blyton books for me...I'll send you the money. Kit and Ella listen to the magic far away tree tapes and the famous five. I thought I'd get some books for them to read and YOU CAN'T GET THEM HERE!!! The lady in the bookshop who is usually so wonderful (and she's OLD) had NEVER heard of Enid Blyton. As I know how much you love to get second hand books, I thought you wouldn't mind keeping an eye out for me...


I stumbled across your blog when looking for pictures of daffodils to send to my daughter who is as sick of winter as I am and who loves daffodils. The entry was from 2007 and was about using dandelions and daffodils make dye, and "mordant" and soaking nails for iron. Wow! I am a former city girl(New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago suburbs) now living in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA (1 hour west of Detroit, neighbor to Ann Arbor). I need to look up your city/area. but my daughter enjoyed the pictures and we are amazed by your versatility. At the least, you have inspired us to learn how to make paper (to dye ourselves).
Enjoy winter. I am trying to be grateful.


I just discovered your blog also - what fun I am having - I was reading your older entries and would love to have the cinnamon roll recipe. I noticed you said you would send it to anyone who wanted it (but that was quite some time ago). Is this offer still open?? I am so glad I found my way to your blog - must thank turkey feathers! [email protected]

Rada Rolison

I also dislike Vista!
Good walking wishes to you and your Sargent. I am looking forward to trying out my walking range after surgery. I am now a bonifide bionic type woman. It will take a bit of time to build my strength back up, but oh, when I do!


My goodness, has it already been a year since you moved??? It sure has gone fast! How wonderful that you and your sister are once again living close to each other. I miss my sister and wish so much that we lived closer. Alas, an entire ocean and half a continent separate us now. Happy Birthday to Raj!! We got a new comp last year with Vista on it and it was a nightmare from the get go!


Glad to know that the snow has melted?!!! It is good that your sis and family are going to be close by.


You are so lucky to have your sister close by, I am 1500 miles to either of mine and I miss them.
I am glad you are doing well and enjoy learning Vista or you could always downgrade?

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do I have to say it again??? I guess busy (away from the blog busy) is a good thing, right?

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