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Happy New Year! Just discovered you are back - which is great as I have always enjoyed your blog and the things you make. I am really loving winter this year, it has been SOOOO cold and frosty - we even ice skated on a loch this year, and I really like hibernating in front of the fire, but I hate those dark mornings.


I think I'm more of an Autumn-person - I don't like when it's too hot or too warm. I just love that crispness of the air when summer turns into autumn and the lovely colours of the changing leaves. I also like the feeling of fresh starts and new possibilities. Something to do with the new school year starting, new crayons and writing books and all that. Or maybe it's just that my birthday is in October ;-)


I'm more of a Spring person myself. I love the beautiful greens you get in the Spring and the weather is generally comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. (Just call me Goldilocks! lol) I hate the short dark days of winter too. Thank goodness the days are starting to pull out a bit.


Spring, Winter....aslong as I can stay warm, if it's too cold I have terrible hand and feet problems...reynauds disease!


I know for sure I like autumn best of all, but winter is a close second, even though I have to be out in it twice a day, feeding the sheep and alpacas (no matter how wet, windy or cold). I do love having a crackling fire and my knitting close by, so I just have to get the chores behind me before relaxing.


Oh I do love a good winter's day when it's cold and snowy...I don't even mind dark. Rain bugs me a bit though, so I do prefer the snow. I love having a fire, snuggling up on the couch with the kids, baking a cake to have a bit more heat from the oven. I love going out to play in the cold with the kids and coming in with cold cheeks and warming up with a hot chocolate.

But I also love a summer's morning and the long summer evenings...as long as it's not too hot.


I love that basket!

I think I'm a Summer person, but only because we don't get proper baking heat here. I'm absolutely useless if it's over 30 degrees (as was well evidenced during our France trip!) but I can't get motivated during the winter. All I want to do is stay in bed and knit.


My last post says it all. I love the wintry weather but hate the dark mornings.


spring - longer days, green shoots, clear windy skies, the promise of summer round the corner, new lambs in the fields, the first salad crops popping up in the garden, all of that - so so pleased to be on the right side of the solstice


I am a spring person! I like a crisp winter day if the sky is blue and there is white crunchy snow. I can't stand grey, damp weather or hot and humid so spring time is about right for me!


I prefer Spring and Autumn before it gets too hot or too cold. I'm freezing right now and with Raynauds it takes two pairs of clothes to keep my hands warm (ditto for my feet). I know it's not cold here in comparison to other countries (my mother is Norwegian - it gets cold-cold there), but I don't really do this weather, I long for warmth!

In case my mail disappeared into your spam folder - the felt arrived safely - thank you so much!


That game looks great - Great Ebay find

I too I think am Winter more than any other season I think Spring comes second, Autumn then Summer.


If I had to choose, I'd say winter although I really don't like to shovel lots and lots of snow or driving in icy conditions. But I really hate sweating in summer and all those insects, so winter is a better choice. Truly, though? I love Autumn 1st, Spring 2nd, Winter 3rd & Summer last.


What beautiful pictures. Your blog is inspiring. I lived in England as a child and miss the occasional snows that we used to have. I remember one year when it snowed on Christmas....................


I almost picked just one but I love something about all the seasons and how they are connected. Winter is a time of slowing down and planting ideas, spring comes and so does the light and my energy to enact on the ideas. Summer my garden is in full swing, the city is full of festivals and things to see, fall brings the harvest and beautiful colors and the golden light, and internal reflection.
have a great weekend Simmy!


Spring and autumn. LOL Seriously. I have lupus and the cold and heat make me sicker. So the nice cool temps work best for me. Hope your family has a blessed 2009!

Marilyn Jackson

I don't like dark days, but as soon as it's January I know the days will get lighter. I'm about to plan the next 12 months with 2 friends: we work and in our 'spare' time have sheep to think about.....they raise the sheep, I design the garments from our mill processed wool and my handspun and then there's the natural dyestuffs to collect or order...and the market stalls and events to do....and all the home stuff too! I think that the whole year has a rhythm where we can have something to look forward to (and more daylight hours will cheer all of us up and make us do more)!


the short, dark winter days make the long lazy summer days even sweeter :)

I'm loving your blog!


I love all the seasons Simmy. They each have their charms. I am not liking today though . . . the wind is blowing and the rain is lashing itself against our windows. Proper day to stay inside and curled up against the fire, but alas ... I must go to work ...


Happy New Year! I'm glad you keep in touch with your blog... its still on my favourites list. Here I am in Australia with hot weather in the 30s. I'm used to NZ summers where at least you get a cooling breeze. Here the wind blows hot, and it feels like standing around in front of a heater. I can't imagine snow. Never lived in snow before. Love to see your photos tho. Take care and bless.

Vicki Suan

I came across your blog through the wonderful world of Ravelry because I was searching for a crocheted mushroom. Isn't that amazing?! reading back, I'm glad you're blogging again because your work is truly beautiful. I am so inspired. Thanks again. I'll let you know how the mushrooms go. My kids are addicted to Super Mario.

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