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HI! What a surprise to see you turn up in my reader. I've had a bit of a dry run on the crafting as well, but am becoming more inspired as the holidays (and winter) approaches. Crafting, I'm finding, is somewhat of a seasonal activity for me.

What I'd give to be able to spend a morning a week with a group of women crafting. Maybe I must start something up. Thanks for the inspiration.


It's lovely to see you back, however infrequently! Pretty recycling, and I think your doll looks gorgeously cuddly.


What a lovely surprise!

The doll looks wonderful and I love the tree decorations - I must post a link to your blog on the zerowaste site!


Yay! What a great surprise. I'm so glad I kept you on my reader.


So fun to see you posting again I kept you in my bloglines list of reads... and hoped. :) Great idea for decorations! Jul (Christmas) is a big creative time here in Sweden - almost everyone I know gets into making some little thing. Even my 'non-Waldorf' friends!
Delighted you are back,


I knew there was a reason to leave your blog on my reader! I wonder if there is anything in the states similar to the tube of tomato puree? I usually buy it in a tin.

What an adorable doll! Her body has such a nice soft squishy shape.

stephanie s

it's nice to see you simmy!


yay! what a pleasant surprise to see you back! and what a lovely doll you made. having a little one here, i am head over heels into waldorf dolls (and toys) again. Yay!


Hi Simmy, it's good to see you again and thank you for the tutorial. I've got a couple of these puree tubes waiting to be repurposed. You are on my bloglines too so whenever you feel like posting I'll be popping in. I'm pleased that you're getting some enjoyment from your doll making with the ladies. Your doll looks very cuddly as dottycookie said.


Hi there Simmy its great to have you back even if it is sporadically. The doll is lovely and well done with puree tube.( By the way I hope you don't mind me saying, if you heat the metal tube briefly and very carefully in a gas flame it changes colour and becomes almost iridescent.}


I kept you on my reader on the slim chance you might get inspired to post again. It's good to see you back and I just wanted to add my enthusiasm to the rest of your fans out there. No pressure. Just wanted you to know I'm glad to see you!


so lovely to see you are back, even if infrequently.

the doll is so sweet.


I'm glad you are well and happy. The doll is beautiful!


Hurrah! So glad you're back!!! See how missed you've been? Please, please do bore us with the minutiae of your life! Just kidding!

Miss you and hope everyone is well. Will write more soon.


lovely, lovely, lovely to have you back.
Made a cold windy November day brighter.


It's lovely to hear from you, Simmy!

I do wish I lived closer to you, I'd love to be able to make a doll for my daughter but I just don't have the confidence to try it myself. Your doll is lovely :)


Hi...just found your blog via "little Cotton Rabbits"...really looking forward to reading the archive and enjoying your crafts....after I've emptied the tomato paste tube into the casserole for tonight..GOT to have a gold star on the tree this year.......!!



What an unusual place to strike Gold! It's good to see you back. I used to feel a bit like that about my blog in that if I wasn't creating anything I didn't feel I had anything to report! My atittude to mine has changed now and in the last few months I've realised that I'm being creative all the time in one way or another and that all the aspects of life that I enjoy are worth blogging about! That in itself has led to a sort of nourishment of my creative side. I look forward to your sporadic posting!


oh such great joy to find you posting.
huge love


What a lovely surprise to see your post!


Good to see you back and I'm glad you posted that photo of the doll as that is one of my projects for my children for Christmas


So nice to hear from you again... you are always inspiring and creative!


I'm not feeling very well, and stumbled onto your blog...and what a joy, I've spent much of the afternoon trying to read as much as I could between juggling my mummy jobs. Huge thanks for writting such a wonderful blog XX


I've just tagged you! Details are on my blog. It's just a bit of fun so don't feel you have to respond!


On a lark I checked your site tonight and yippee! You are blogging again. You have such good ideas. I hope you and your family are well. Share as you feel able. Your inspirations are contagious! from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Simmy, you're back! I am soooo glad. I, too, just thought I'd double-check your blog tonight and see if there was any activity yet from my "Akenfield" lady and I'm so happy I did. Hope all is well with you and yours and warm, heartfelt greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Simmy, you're back! I am soooo glad. I, too, just thought I'd double-check your blog tonight and see if there was any activity yet from my "Akenfield" lady and I'm so happy I did. Hope all is well with you and yours and warm, heartfelt greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mary Ann/Ca

Hi Simmy,
A lovely treat to see your tutorial today. Glad to read a post anytime the muse strikes you!


Hi Simmy! I just thought I'd check in on you on the off chance that you had something to say and was pleasantly surprised to find you here. I'm happy to find your words whenever. Leave it to you to make a beautiful ornament out of something so ordinary!! I am way impressed! Love the doll as well! XXOO


Oh my goodness!!! I just thought I would search for Echoes of a Dream and saw you had posted! How lovely to hear from you! I really do hope that you continue to blog even if it is once a year! Thank you for the tutorial. You were always good at tutorials. I really miss your posts. The doll is delightful.


nice to see a new post. i hope all is well. happy holidays :)


YAY! So good to have you back!

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