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I knew if I kept checking you may still be there! I never comment, don't blog myself, but always enjoy stopping by your blog. Please keep blogging, yours was the very first one I found, I now make elderflower cordial thanks to you and my boys have fancy cigar tin emergency kits just like your lot.


Missing you!

Have a good time in the states!


Have a lovely time over there, and here's hoping you'll be back to tell all about it on your blog - I missed you :-)


Hello from Sweden... I do not think I have commented before but I surly miss your posts! I still have your blog listed in my "Bloglines" feeds of fav. blogs. I discovered your blog about a year ago and read all your back entries and found you very inspiring as I am trying to follow Waldorf principles of education and lifestyle with our little girl (2years old) I have found your craft works really interesting with your own take and fresh approach. Please come back to blogland my morning coffee has not be quite the same since you left!


I'm so glad you posted because like all your other blogger-friends,I have missed you. You are loved. Have a wonderful time on your trip.


See, I still check back, just in case you changed your mind...good to see, you still may. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Do you still have all our contact details????


It IS lovely.
Come back...come b-a-a-a-ck..!!!


Not a surprise to me at all! Of course your blog was rated that high. I always relished reading your stories,seeing your pictures, and gaining an education of the area you live in and your detailed tutorials.
If you still choose to never blog again, it is very understandable, because it is evident how much time you put in to it.
Have a happy time in the USA. The weather is lovely at present - like Fall. It may get hot and steamy again soon, but maybe you'll get lucky.


I just checked you and you were there in the land of blog! Have a wonderful time in the states Simmy. Please come back and blog about it. It will be my virtual holiday for this year!!! Please reconsider coming back in September.


good to see you, you see we all keep checking in, hoping for a word or too, and success, have a lovely holiday Simmy, and do come and tell us all about it when you get back!


That's wonderful Simmy - I'm so glad it cheered you. Your blog is a great read (as everyone keeps telling you).

Have a lovely holiday :)

Mary Ann/ca

Oh Simmy, please take what time you need but stop in and share with us all from time to time. I miss you. I learned some much from your posts and I shared with my daughter the story of your family. Have a wonderful on vacation and you are loved.


Even though you said you weren't going to blog anymore, I have kept checking every couple of days or so to see if I might find you. It made me smile this morning to see that you had posted. Congrats on the blog thing and I hope you have a lovely holiday away, even though I know as I write this you are already gone. Hope you are having the time of your life!!! XXOO


I keep checking, hoping you will come back too. Maybe you could post now and again and this summer was just a sabbatical? love from Minneapolis Minnesota!


Although, I'm not at all surprised.
And now for my real feelings...
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can't go! I just got back!"
I hope you have a fruitful time in the USA & come back refreshed & ready to blog again.
I REALLY do...Xxx


Oh Simmy! we all knew you are a wonderful blogger, thats why I am still checking. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Have a great day!

Claire k

vielleicht schauen Sie doch noch vorbei.. danke für alles was Sie gegeben haben, auch wenn ich es erst jetzt entdecke!

gute Zeit, schöne Wege wünsche ich Ihnen und allen Ihren Lieben

Christine Natale

Hello Simmy,

I have just "discovered" you! I am in Houston, Texas and I wish you were coming for a visit here. I am a "Once and Future" Waldorf teacher on the periphery of a little school called "The Harvest". I really would love to correspond with you when you get home and have time.

Best wishes,

Christine Natale

I forgot to say this - I ADORE your blog!!!!

More anon,


I can't help but read back over your blog again and again. You were a big inspiration to me in starting my own blog and reaching for my dreams of selling my crafts online. I do hope that you'll return here after your trip, but only if it is best for you and your family.
Blessings to you as you have richly blessed me, Patti




I am still hopeful that new posts may reappear one day. Thank you for sharing.


Man i keep checking all we can say is COME BACK! It to sad your brought us so many happy times!


Just thinking of you and wondering if you have a wonderful time here in the US this year.


Hi Simmy,
We all love your blog because it is very warm, espontaneous and your stories very real and refreshing!.It was the first blog that I read and followed and it got me started in doing handifrafts as a way to relax, and to express my creativity by making things that are both practical & beautiful . But I understand that it takes a lot of time to keep such a blog and that you need to take a break in order to have the time and space to decide what to do with your life next. Whatever it is I wish you all the best. Do keep in touch, especially if you plan to travel to Singapore.


Hi Simmy,

Would you mind to re-send me your last e-mail?. My computer's hard-disc has crashed and I have lost all the contents of "Out-look", among other things. I will reply to you as soon as I get your address again. Thanks so much


every 2 weeks 1 check your blog hoping you have resumed blogging.....
I loved the way you wrote and am still hoping you will restart blogging.


I just descovered your blog looking for cookies a couples days ago.And I see things so familiar to me because my 3 kids did waldorf kindergarden in Cote d'Azur France( we are italian).the little girl is still there.And they had so much love and magic and healthy things for bodies and minds.So thanks for cookies and the little great things you do.ciao,bebbi

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