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Awww, coming down after such a marvellous weekend would be enough to make anyone weep, even without being ill!

Hope the bath and chocolate helped.


Hope you feel better soon! Have a great week. :)


ahhhh Green and Black's cure all. It's the best! Combined with a hot lavender soak, it has to be heaven on earth! We had bucketing down rain here yesterday as well. I hope you are feeling better today Simmy! Not long now til your holiday!


Hope you feel better soon


Amber's dress looks fabulous, sorry you are feeling under the weather and the weather isn't great either but like most things this will all pass, and the sun will be back out again soon, bit changeable here today, I don't know whether I need a mac or a sunhat!


Amber looks gorgeous even with her head missing! I hope you feel a bit better soon. I went to Waitrose today and it cheered me up too!

Greedy Nan

Sorry you're feeling poohy. Mind you, if you don't feel quite the ticket a curry can always help I think. Add one of 'what katie did's' scones and you'd be raring to go. Get well soonest.


I can't believe that school is still going!!! Amber's dance looks lovely. I was surprised, but we had nothing so formal here. I remember in Sydney at the end of 6th grade before Oscr moved on to highschool, the leaving dinner. It was so special-boy did I tear up, and smile non stop. Oscar's been talking to me about girls this year too...it all starts now eh, Simmy.


Hope you're feeling better now Simmy - a lovely soak usually does wonders! I'm not suprised that you're feeling a bit run down though it sounds like you've had a busy time of things recently! Amber looks so beautiful in her ballgown - I'm glad you all had a wonderful time. Now, go get some rest and feel better x

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