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You've made my mouth water. I love the inari zushi best although I was shown how to make azuki bean paste treats and they are sublime.


hello, just stumbled on your blog today. great reading! I've never been to London....maybe one day...


Although a born and bred Londoner I have never been into Fortnum and Masons! I have never been to the Japan Centre either but now I am tempted because of all the lovely food. Thank you for a most enjoyable post Simmy. I too must get up into the centre of London again soon and bring back a bit of the girl I used to be. Dare I say, let my hair down a bit!!!


I went to England for five weeks my senior year of college and have always wanted to go back. I'm adding Japan Centre to the list of places we'll go when we take our kids, hopefully next year.


Oh I just love Fortnum & Mason's it is so old fashioned. Hopefully get to go to London again soon when the kids are a bit bigger.


I have walked by that Japan centre many times but have never gone in. I now feel that I must the next time I am there. I Love looking at Fortnun & Mason's. Oh you have made me long to go into London for the day soon! Those look like Canadian soldiers at the palace? I could be wrong, but the uniform's the right colour! I just love going into London for the day, be it to one of the museums, or just to laze around in one of the parks. It's such a beautiful city and is so full of life! Thanks for sharing your visit with us!

Ana Barrett

Well i recently stumbled upon your blog and i really enjoyed this post! I've never been to england but hopefully will someday and ive never heard of those places but you never know i could visit them sometime in the future!
Thanks for posting and i really love your blog!
God bless
ana barrett =]


It was lovely to see a little of your London. I have had a couple of days in London lately and it was so lovely to go back and wander but like you, I could not believe I used to do it daily! I am determined to go more often too, days like these are good for our souls.

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