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It is all so gorgeous!! I just made a little green man out of your fleece! It's on my blog as a giveaway right now.

Hels has decided to take up dyeing for the summer. She has read your tutorial, gotten a book, and is getting geared up. I can't wait to see what happens!

I'm glad your face is better.


Simmy! Ouch, ouch and double ouch! Poor old you! However, your eye is a rather beautiful shade of plum...Happy birthday to Rohan!

Ithaca Waldorf Handworks

Best wishes to you - I recently had a shoulder trauma and they are no fun. I wish you well.
Your colors are beautiful - it shows off your hard work and talent.


Lovely long eyelashes Simmy! Happy Birthday to Rohan for tomorrow. I bet you bake loads of lovely goodies.


Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. It's horrible to fall as an adult and really shakes you up I think. That's a very impressive shiner you have there. I hope you feel better soon.
There's nothing like a good clear out is there and your wool and blanket look lovely. I've just made a decision to rid myself of a lot of my fabric too (as you say, very liberating) so don't let me buy any of yours!


Oh Simmy, your eye looks so terribly painful. I do hope that it starts to feel better soon! If not, then you best go see the Doctor perhaps? Happy Birthday to Rohan! Hope it's the best ever. I am sure you will do it up in fine style! Love your hand dyed goodies. You have such a wonderful eye for colour. It can be very liberating to have a good clear out, but it's so very painful for me to do . . .


Ohhh your eye looks so sore. I cringed as I read about your fall. I hope its all better soon with no long term hurts. Hey, Do you think you will stop your craft work altogether or just take a break,or what? I'm asking because I'm thinking of gearing up for more craft but I suppose I'm worried I'll just create a clutter and then grow weary of it.


Aren't you supposed to clear everything out BEFORE you move? I'm going to be watching this space like a hawk to try and snap up some of your lovely goodies. Are you just not into it as much after the move? Doing different things? I'm hoping that with summer, I'll be able to sneak up to the attic more and do all the things that are in my head to do. At the moment it just feels like such a long way to go. I love to have my things around me so I can just pick up and start something. I'd love to do some dyeing with you when you come to stay...and maybe some paper making...


Oh yes, and make sure your face is ok. I'm not really a doctor person either, and I'm worst with myself-but we really need to look after ourselves.


Oh crikey Simmy - what a bruise! I really hope you're well on the way to recovery now. Hope Rohan had a lovely birthday too. Take care x

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