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Hello love, how are you feeling ? Looks like you've been through the wars, poor thing .. big hugs.
Am interested in a bag of each of the plant dyes, to have a go with Katie and a jumper bundle, first picture one please ( if still available )and I think some of the wool to daye ( can I use the plant dyes ? )
thanks love, look forward to hearing from you.


Woohoo! Am interested in the undyed wool to feed my dyeing addiction. How much is it please Simmy dear?


Hi Simmy,

I hope you're feeling better today, although you probably looking worse. That bruise will probably give you a lesson in 'natural colouring' before it's fully healed. I'm partial to the green/yellow phase myself.

I just bought a bag of wool from you on Etsy. I've paid but was wondering if you could hold off posting, as you'll be making some more 'stuff' (ribbon etc.) available? If that is not what you intended then by all means post away.


If Suse doesn't take the undyed BFL I definitely will! I'd also take all your kool aid if it's easier to do it in one lump go :)


Just had to let you know that you are not alone! I'm multitasking while reading your post - I'm stuffing a small pincushion that I'm making while reading your post. I finished stuffing it and was going to start stitching it shut. I looked down to start to sewing it and realized that I had stuffed the needle and thread inside the cushion as well! I took out all the stuffing, found the needle and thread and put it away for another day :) Oh well, let's just keep smiling, we'll laugh about it later. Patti

Christina Sanantonio

Great blog.

Christina Sanantonio

Great blog.


Oh bum! I missed all this. I had a full on week last week with so much going on with the last full week of school and me with my back all in pain. If you have any little scraps of wool or blankets left that you could squeeze into your suitcase, I'd love them.

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