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Those cookies look so yummy I must try them


Hmmm, yes, saying No - not something I am any good at At All. I have been desperately trying to pluck up courage to resign from the PTA for an entire year and still haven't managed it. So believe me, I do sympathise!


I'm not good at saying no either Simmy! I reckon a person could make a million running courses on teaching people how to say no! haha. Those cookies look delicious!


What is caster sugar? I'm not much of a baker, but I have never heard of this. Is is refined sugar? Powdered sugar? Can you help?


Caster sugar is sold as baker's sugar in the US. It's white sugar that is ground a little more finely than regular granulated sugar (but not to a powder). And yes, I believe bicarb and baking soda are the same thing. (I'm an Aussie living in America so I've had to translate these terms!)


Will have to try you recipe. It is different than my cowgirl (ahem, no nuts) cookies recipe:


Yours has more oats, less coconut and chocolate chips. I'll be very interested to see how they differ in taste. YUM! I love trying new cookies. Thanks for sharing.


oh dear, how to be assertive without being aggressive - or just saying no and meaning it - I have found this very difficult in the past but I am slowly learning - I find it very hard but was taught to just say no, smile - and most importantly, offer no expanation or excuse - I often found myself babbling away explaining my life - but i am now getting better - the trouble is you agreed to do one thing and sounds like you have been put upon - so yes, a bit of clarification is needed. The good thing about learning these coping techniques is you feel so good about yourself when you put them into practice - it gives you back the control.

good luck

Runnin L8

Hmmmm.... my comment didn't post...
Well here is the quick version. Always say "MAYBE" first!!! This gives you the time to think things through and set firm boundaries before commiting. You have the control-yay!!


responding to last post - that's a good idea too - a friend of mine always says when she is in a spot - can i think about that and get back to you - delaying techniques are great - gives you a breathing space and as the last comment said - gives you control.

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