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So funny that your family is so excited to come to the US, while we here in the US would give our right arm to come vacation in Europe! The grass is always greener, isn't it?!


Sounds like your class will be fun. The younger kids could also do felted geodes if you're desperate! We put sparkly fiber in the center of the ball and then slice open.

We would absolutely love to see you again. If you are interested in Vermont, you are very very welcome (and this time we'd make sure we didn't have to be somewhere). If not, we'd love to come see you wherever you are visiting. I still think you would enjoy Portsmouth, NH and York, ME...the water is cold though! There's beach, outlet shopping, old homes and a cool museum, fun arcade kitchy stuff, great restaurants.


Good luck with your felting class although I am sure you don't need it. How exciting to be off to the USA again. I am looking forward to all the posts about it when you get back!


So not only are we near NYC, but also on the water, too! So you can have the best of both worlds!!!! We can't wait!

Love to all,


Oh you lucky things! I'm afraid we're rather a long way from the USA (Scotland) so can't help you there but I look forward to reading all about it.

Good luck with the felting class. I'm sure you'll be great. I have 7 year olds at Brownies and they are so excited about just about anything you do with them so your 6's will be a breeze. Everyone I know here would like to do felting so I guess you're on to a winner even with the mums. I've offered to help out with my daughter's class next academic year - 11 year olds - and now I think I'll spend all summer worrying about what craft they like to learn!


ooh! but I just know you won't come anywhere near enough to let me show you Minnesota. *pout* *smile* the big Waldorf conference is here at the end of June, so perhaps the school would like to send you as good will ambassadors? ;)


Wow lucky you! You do realise that it will be expensive holidays every year from now though don't you? The kids won't let you have it any other way!

stella  bella

ooohh lovely wool! i hope everything goes well with the workshop! i heard there is some fantastic theatre producions on in usa soon.. not sure. cya :-D


YAY!!!1 You are of course welcome to come and stay with us again...maybe more than one night this time! The kids would be so excited. Please Please Please say you will. We are a good base to get into the city from...only 50 minutes by train....I will await your email...


I hope we get to meet you this time!!! When you come can you teach me how to make one of those camera cases?

Narsingh Khalsa

we need to swap friends so that we can visit each others land.

I am dying to spend more time in England...I have been to Airport about half a dozen times, but never left the airport.....

We need to email each other


I love your felt work! Good luck on the workshop... I'm just a beginning felter, and would love to attend something like that!


I wish I could take your class, I'd love to make a camera case like that!


When are you taking holiday? I think the Great Smokey Mountains are calling you. There are all kinds of rivers and lakes in Tennessee and North Carolina. Western N.C. is close to us. Alas, we have no young children, but we can help you find some fun. Please give me a holler if you want to come down South this trip!
I am excited for you too. I so enjoyed your blog report on your last trip.
Your wools are brilliant in color. it will be fun for the girls to make anything at all with those choices.


How wonderful that you are getting back into your crafting and making new friends. I knew it wouldn't be long! Hooray on your holiday as well!! I just know you will have a marvelous time and then come back and share it with us all as well! You take the best holidays and I so enjoy taking them with you via your lovely photos and narratives!


Simmy- You are so lucky! Have fun planning this year's trip.

I'm a lurking crafter in the Philly area. If you're looking for a place to stay for a night or two during any of the following weeks this summer, let me know. We'd be happy to host you.
June 17-22
July 1-6
July 29-Aug 3
Aug 12-17
Aug 26-31


Oh! I wanna join the class!
The camera case is gorgeous, are those poppies?
You lucky ducks off to the USA!...Xxx

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