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tony(a)  lemos

Hi Simmy

This old post makes me so nostalgic for london! I gre up in the highgate area and have memories exporing wooded areas in the Spring and loving the bluebells and when I was too young to take myself remember asking my nanny whether it was bluebell season yet. Never wanted to miss one. I havn't seen one since I was a child, I did not know that they were at risk plants. Do you have a lot of at risk plants? There are a lot here in the North East USA, many of the medicinal ones.

And as for the Routemasters.....very sad indeed. I loved those busses. So many memories....growing up in London in the 70's!.

Thanks for the post! and the walk down memory lane. Both are parts of my childhood that I would have liked to share with Zoe sometime.

I'll have to check out that book!


Aaah, the 137 I know it well! It is funny how you can become sentimental over bus routes. And when I first learned to drive I'd spent so long going round on buses that I drove everywhere sticking to bus routes for about 5 years, even though it was usually a vastly longer way round. I suppose I felt safe with a good old bus route. I'm still living in London, and still often use buses, but I have to say under Ken Livingstone they do seem to be a lot more efficient.


I heard somewhere that you are not supposed to pick the bluebells too. When I was a child I always used to take my teacher a huge armful of bluebells to school that I had picked in the countryside at the previous weekend. I was always led to believe that it was ok to pick them as long as you left the bulb in the ground.

I love the old red London buses. I used to hang on for dear life when standing on the platform waiting to get off at my stop! I think I used to (foolishly) swing out on the pole on the odd ocassion!


I had too heard you were not supposed to pick bluebells, but your sweet son was not to know. I think he can be forgiven this slight transgression! Loved the pictures of the bluebell wood near you. How marvelous. What a treasure! Loved the bus pictures also. I had never driven on anything but a North American yellow school bus before coming over here. Neither had my sons, but of course we all had to sit on the top level of a double decker and rejoice in the fun of going over traffic humps!


The blue bells are stunning...Poor Raj though, he probably is scarred for life! Looks like there were plenty there though, so hopefully no damage done.

As for the buses they are just gorgeous. It's like something out of Enid Blighton (did her characters ever catch the bus?). As someone who has spent many many years travelling by bus, I know how attached you get to them, although I think those would be much easier to get sentimental over...loved Bernadette's story about following the bus routes!


Hi Simmy, Raj can rest easy, it's not agianst the law as far as I can make out, unless they were picked without permission on private land. Until you have an irrate landowner on your doorstep, demanding his bluebells back, I wouldn't worry;))
I have fond memories of, as a child, collecting armfuls of flowers and buds, most especially in spring, lambs tails, pussywillow, bluebells, whitebells, primroses....we learnt so much about nature from our walks and learned to respect and love nature as a result. I have probably put back into the earth far more plants than I ever took out! I think the main worry is picking a protected species or picking without care for the plant, exposing the bulb for example. I think Raj's idea was lovely too, and what a fabulous name!Nice to know so many people, regardless of age, still enjoy the flowers:)Love the pics:))


Happy May Day! We have been busy picking dandelions for dying and never realized how pretty they were. It's hard on kids when rules are not clear, I grew up where you do not pick wild flowers, but where I live now it seems a free for all. peace


Poor Rohan!
What a sensitive little boy!
The flowers are breath taking...Xxx

teaching handwork

those blue bells are beautiful!!!
like fairy land!

teaching handwork

those blue bells are beautiful!!!
like fairy land!


Those bluebells are a treat - what a sight for you to stumble upon - isn't nature the best decorator? (And Rohan has done a fine job too!)


I have lots of bluebells in my garden and can't cut the lawn well the green patch until they have died back. I would let him pick mine they are so prolific.


What a sad little story about the bluebells. It reminded me of when my husband and I first moved back to live in California, where I had grown up. My husband had stopped along the side of the road to pick me a bunch of lupine that were blooming. He didn't know that it was against the law to pick wildflowers in California. My mom was there when he brought me my bouquet. She was quite distressed about it....come to think about it, my husband hasn't given me any flowers since then


Thanks for the memories. I love those buses. I lived in Streatham and the 159 used to stop almost outside my door, I felt it was my own personal bus. And I used the 137 a lot too, used to visit friends in Clapham. I'm a long way away now so I love seeing all those photos.

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