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oh i am impressed - good for you. i have come home with resolutions along the same lines but am still settling in! (my excuse anyway) i did however, buy some mascara while i was away. me who wears no make up. i bought a few lovely things including the mascara from a range called benefit. i ended up sitting on a makeup stool in macys - i have never done that before! its kind of like the anti-makeup. prairie was so impressed. heres to glam simmy!!! xxx


The children look so happy holding their bears on the Mother Bear Project site. It is such a worthwhile cause. With regards to re-inventing yourself; maybe you could be a keep fit guru!


Ah, the opportunity to re-invent oneself. Every teenager's dream.


Wonderful bears! What a fantastic idea. I can't believe the contrast between your last post and this post. was that really only a week or so ago that we had all that snow! AMAZING! Love your forget me nots! I love it when the bluebells are out. They are so lovely and you know that when they appear spring is well and truly here! I think every woman should keep re-inventing herself periodically, kind of like Madonna. Keeps the men on their toes! ;-)


Dear Simmy,
The bears are beautiful! I wish I could knit well enough to make one! So glad that you and Amber were inspired by that book. We are working away on our prayer shawls -- we've made and given away 50 to date -- and the shawls have been a blessing to both the knitter and to the receiver. Happy also to read that you have an exercise partner. Sue and I are going to yoga tomorrow morning! Miss you and please keep in touch. Love to all,


Thanks for the links Simmy!

Gena M

I love the bears!! Yeah for you... Good job.

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