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Love the photo of the seven sisters, that's really cool looking!


There are some good reading suggestions there Simmy. I am currently reading and enjoying 'Our Betty - Scenes from my Life' by Liz Smith. She is the actress who played Nana in The Royle Family on TV. She has lived a fascinating life.


I am a big fan of the #1 Ladies Detective Club and Seretse Khama is mentioned often and with great respect. I didn't know about his life till now, so thanks Simmy for the update. Sounds like you are setting in nicely at the new house.


Great catching up with you Simmy! Was wondering how you were settling in. Love the picture of the Seven Sisters and your to read list. I may pick up a couple of those as they all sound good, but the first one especially does, and who can resist Enid Blyton??? Not me!! You need to check out Chartwell and Hever Castle. I bet the kids would really enjoy them, although Hever isn't National Trust. It's a great spot though to have a late spring picnic at though! (just a thought for later on in the season!) HOpe that Tom enjoyed his first day on the job!


Hey Simmy, that's some serious reading there. I've been trying to work my way through the Voyage Out by Virginia Wolfe for the last month or so! It's not that I'm not enjoying it, it's just that I only find time to read just before bed and by then I am so tired I can't read for long.
It's interesting what you said about the sihk book- about living life how he wanted to. One of the dilemmas we have about living in the US is that we don't want our kids to become American-we want them to remain Australian. I was talking to a Greek Aussie boy once and he pointed out that all immigrant groups want their kids to remain the same, but that all kids growing up in their new country want to be like the people around them. Food for thought. Anyway-have a great Easter break. Wish we had a break now. We have to wait a few more weeks.


"Cold Comfort Farm" is marvelous. I read it at least once a year (cannot say the same for "The Madding Crowd"). If you ever come across a tape or DVD of the film, do watch it. Wonderfully broad and great fun. Di


I loved the Number 1 ladies Dectecive agency book and film, have never heard of the Enid Blyton will pop by the library this week. Standen sounds great, I just loved Whitwick manor in Wolverhampton an arts and crafts master piece.


Hi Simmy do you remember me? I am just catching up with you after 'losing' your blog.All I could remember was your name then tonight I suddenly remembered Echoes of a Dream and googled it! Voila here I am.Gosh so much has happened since I was last here.I'll try and catch up the posts I've missed.
Blessings xxx

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