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Hmmm, there's a bit of a blue-green colour theme in your WIPs, Simmy!

I have a box full of things I have knitted and not finished off (I am the world's worst seamer so usually knit on DPNs if I can), and lots of bits of bags and clothes cut out and waiting to be stitched. I read somewhere that someone called this affliction "startitis" - and a quick poll of coworkers who knit and/or sew shows they suffer the same way. We're not alone!


Thank you for showing us all your abandoned projects. It made me feel a whole lot better. I have lots too and it bothers me to see them, the effort, time and cost that went into creating something that is most likely never to be finished. I'm coming to the conclusion that as much as I don't like to waste, sometimes there comes a point where you're better off just letting it go...!


For me the problem is that there is NO cork big enough to stuff the flood of thoughts and ideas that float around my brain (or maybe there was and I threw it away and now I need it...***note to self, save all corks.) Sure it's easy to start a project but not thinking about other projects whilst in the middle of and old one is harrrdddd. Who wants to stifle creativity, what if the experimental crafty thing you're abandoning your current project for is something revolutionary that will change the very fabric of existence...? I just can't take that chance. See if I put it that way to myself then it's not that I have no patience or commitment....hee hee


Don't laugh! you can swap your unfinished projects. At our school the kindergarten mums got together a unfinished amnesty and swapped all the projects we didn't want to finish. Any unclaimed went into craft supplies for the school. Very cathartic to unravell a nagging project and wind it up fresh with moral support from others.


Hey Diana's idea is awesome. I never heard of such a thing, swapping unfinished projects or donating them for kid's crafts! Very clever. As clever as letting them sit about me and mock my continued unfinishing of them...perhaps.

Jam Sandwich

Oh Simmy you are certainly not alone I have just sent you an e-mail about this crafters affliction! One of my new years resolutions was to finish off all those unfinished projects. A pipe dream!


I spent a couple of thousand pounds bringing over a bunch of "stuff" from Canada a few years ago and now instead of cluttering up my mom's basement, it is cluttering up our spare room! But I really might use it and get to finish all my unfinished projects one day! At least I hope that I will!


I have a terrible habit of getting very enthusiastic about new projects, but if I have to put project away for a while I lose interest in it later.
I recently finshed off a number of UFO's which were beginning to make me feel very guilty. The reason they were finally finished was because I promised myself that a new project couldnt be started until at least 1 UFO was finished.


HMmmm.......... i made a strict rule to not start anything till the present project was finished - turned out that nothing got done cos the present project was usually unfinished for whatever reason. i am now allowing myself to have two or three things on the go which i swap between - if i get bored with one i just go onto another etc. i am a great starter but not so good about completing things - and when i do i get such a good feeling that i wish i could just get on with it and finish them all. I think some of your stuff could easily be salvaged though - frog the baby bib - a wee pair of bootes in the making? - the purple jumper will have to be completely frogged and can be used for another project as can the scarf - what is it with scarves? - we all have our favourites - and its not as if they wear out, get too small etc - they just are - and you can only wear one at a time - always the favourite one.........the hand towel? i think you could finish that off and make it into a wash cloth instead? That would take you all of ten minutes and you would get the satisfaction of finishing something which might spur you on to something else - between packing boxes that is...........

have fun



There is some awesome wool in those abandoned WIPs, so pull em apart and keep em for another flash of inspiration. I do have a couple of WIPS that I've abandoned...a poncho for Ella where I learned a new knitting technique, but don't really like the colours I've used. A jumper I was designing for myself which I love, but I'm stuck with the sleeves. My crocheted granny hexagons, which isn't abandoned, I'm just having a break from it. A sock, that I'm sure I don't have enough sock yarn to make two. Masses and masses of dyed but unspun fleece... And probably a few more. I find I need to keep going with momentum as the minute I stop I find it so much harder to come back to it. But if I know I'm not going to finish it, I unravel and save the wool for another project, another day. But as Lizzie said, some of those can be salvaged...give Amber the scarf to finish. Having unfinished work isn't a dirty little secret, but make peace with what you have. And after you move, I'll fly over to visit with an empty suitcase and relieve you of everything you don't want- I have no qualms about hoarding. Actually, Simmy it was funny yesterday I was helping Ella clean her room and she has so much rubbish and junk in there. And she said to me "but I keep it because I'm creative and I might be able to use it make things some day"...out of the mouths of babes!!!!


That half bag would make a beautiful wall hanging for a child's room...sorry! Not helpful. I'm quite good at getting rid and letting go, but I will admit I've gotten rid of things I later regretted not saving. A move is a perfect time for a grand clearout. You'll be happy not moving it all and having to organize it at the other end. All good wishes! Cristina


I had to laugh when I read Tom's comments. That is how I feel, and it is mainly my stuff. I had been thinking about Tom and about his garden. Will he not miss that wonderful garden.


I have been thinking quite a bit about my abandoned projects lately, because I do believe that my guilt about them is preventing me from beginning other projects I would be more interested in. What happens when it gets like this is that I do not work on anything at all. And I don't like that.

A year or so ago I watched a few people on the internet either finish things, or frog them. The all claimed that at the very least ripping the work out and rewinding the yarn into a ball was rewarding and mind clearing. I'm not ready to rip yet though! I need to do some thinking about why I get so stuck. Knitting usually is a metaphor for other parts of my life, and it makes me wonder in what other places I might be stuck in the same way.


I have an agreement with myself to see projects through. It fits well as we live a simple life and I don't have time or mental spaces to have alot of clutter. I feel really clear working on and finishing a project. One at a time. I do production work as well, but I keep this rule there too.


UFO's drive me crazy! I simply can not stand to have more than two projects going at one time. If I can't find the motivation to work on a project it gets frogged. My daughter (9 y.o.) has a project that she's started and isn't working on that I've been tempted to do for her, just to get it off the needles!


UFO's drive me crazy! I simply can not stand to have more than two projects going at one time. If I can't find the motivation to work on a project it gets frogged. My daughter (9 y.o.) has a project that she's started and isn't working on that I've been tempted to do for her, just to get it off the needles!


Hi Simmy, The Japanese book 'from my dear garden' arrived today, looks lovely, all those projects to keep me busy! many thanks.


Now is the time to get rid of abandoned projects. It's liberating to start with a clean slate!


I have more than a few...but what I think I have more of than WIPs are IIPBNBs (Ideas In Progress But Never Begun)!


Oh I'm so thankful to read this post. I have heaps of half finished projects that make me SICK wih guilt.

You must finish that sock though - it looks so close!

I like that idea of a ufo amnesty swap thingie. We should do a bloggy one. Hahaha, because we all need someone else's half finished stuff, don't we!?


Oh, it cheered me so to read that you don't finish up all your projects! I seem to jump about from one thing to the next and then I feel terrible about the half or quarter done projects - and I want to ditch them half the time, but can't! I do sometimes wander back to the old projects and find them useful - another reason to stay a pack rat, I guess.

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