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Happy Birthday Raj! It looks as though you has a great party. Your Dad seems to have taken a bit of a liking to your birthday present. Has your mum managed to get it off him yet! Good luck for tomorrow Simmy!


Happy birthday Raj! Hope you charm all your new friends too. And you all have a wonderful part tomorrow.


Oh, the happiest of happy birthdays to Raj! And good luck to all of you for the leaving party tomorrow - I hope you have a lovely, memorable time.


Ohh that party food looks gorgeous!
Happy birthday Raj!
Hope the leaving party goes well.


Sounds like it was a good birthday and looks like a fun one too. I always wanted one of them gigantic bubble makers, I think I am jealous...

jodi lenz

Happy birthday Raj! We miss your funny stories and songs. Hope to see you again someday.

Lots of love,

Mike, Jodi, Alex, Joy, & Bron


That birthday cake looks scrumptious! I think I could eat the whole thing. Guess it's too late to save me a piece. Happy Birthday to Raj. So much excitement in so short of time has to be exhausting. Hope you have good weather and lots of fun with the good friends you have made.


It sounds like Raj had a lovely birthday party! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Raj! Oh, to have such easy charm. I expect he shall be a polititian one day or something equally as important where he can use that charisma of his to full advantage! Beautifully delicious looking cake! Yumm!! I hope your leaving party is as fun as this birthday party looks! I wish I could go too, but woo hoo! It's a good thing, for you'll not be too far away soon!


Your baby is growing up on you. :o) Sounds like a great time for everyone and glad you had so much help.


happy birthday raj! what a lovely day you had. i am nearly in tears over the lamb gift - that is gorgeous!


Happy Birthday, Raj!


Lovely & so bitter sweet.
Happy Birthday Raj! Xxx


Something for you at mine...Xxx


Happy Birthday Raj! It sounds like a wonderful day! E's birthday is today and we had a fun party as well. She turned 9. I hope you had a fabulous leaving party!


Dear Raj,
Special birthday wishes to you! I loved reading all about your party. A special day for a special little boy.
Love, Wylie


Happy Happy Birthday, Raj! Love that chocolate cake. You are one lucky kid to have such a great and creative mom!

Happy Birthday Raj

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