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I'm pretty much a lurker, but I had to say congratulations. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. Moving is hard but it sounds like you have a lot of positives to look forward too. Best of luck.


Wow - big news! Sounds like it will be a good move though. We have had our share of moving and it's never fun but hang in there! New opportunities!


Big news indeed! We were in London for a long weekend just before Christmas and we concluded that I could live there, but hubby definitely couldn't unless we bought somewhere in Camden. It all sounds very exciting and positive for your little family though.

Best of British to you!


I feel happy that you will be nearer to me but sad I wont be visiting you in the Cotswolds via the virtual world anymore. Boo hoo! I have so enjoyed seeing the progress that you made on your house. It will be a lovely home to a lucky family. Good luck for the future move and congratulations to Tom in getting the job.


CONGRATULATIONS to Tom and all of you. That is exciting news. It sounds like you'll be closer to family which is another big plus. What will you do about school? Good luck as you move forward.


I can't believe that you've done all that work on the house only to leave before it's totally finished! Isn't life funny like that. Just when you think that you know what's happening things change again. Super congratulations! You sound so positive about it and like it's just what your family needs. Sure the kids will miss their friends, but it's not like you've moved country. And with email these days it's much easier to stay in touch. Wow, exciting stuff and well done for keeping it secret until now!


oh and YAY on the snow too. We are finally going to get some more on Monday-hopefully.


Goodness, that IS big news Simmy, but it's great to hear you sounding so up-beat about it. Congratulations to Tom on his new job.


Congratulations! Who needs a TV with exciting news like that? Xxx


Wow! Congrats! I wish you the very best in this new chapter in your life.


Whoo-hoo! Congratulations. That WAS one of my guesses. Did not know where the move would be, but thought it might be a possibility. I know there is a big relief for you and Tom now that you know for sure and can get the news out and over with. I too have really enjoyed visiting Cotswolds through you, but I look forward to hearing and visiting ,(through your eyes), a new place.
Your cat looks perfectly happy to sleep anywhere you take him. He doesn't look excited about the snow at all. I would love to have a bit of snow, have no power for a night, with friends and popcorn to appease me.


Congratulations! It's very exciting to have such big changes in your life. All the best with the move.
We would be almost as excited just to get some good deep snow! We hardly ever get any past the depth of a sprinkle here in SW Scotland - all to do with the Gulf Stream apparently!


Simmy, this is indeed very exciting news! You will be so close to me!!! YOU should consider living in Kent. We are only about 45 mintues from downtown london in this lovely village I live in. That is by train of course! (not walking or driving!) In any case you shall have to come down and bring the kids when the weather turns warm and we'll pop some shrimp on the Barbie so to speak! How exciting! I am just thrilled! I know it will be a big adjustment for the kids, but they will soon see the advantages of it. Good luck and best wishes selling the old home corall and with the move. I'm in love with your cat! Don't you just wish you could flop down anywhere and sleep that peacefully!!! XXOO


PS, I meant to comment on the snow! I'm so jealous! We only got a few flakes one day and nothing that stuck. I tried to make a mudman, but somehow it did not have the same effect ... *grumble *grumble


Oh my, that is very big news indeed, exciting and scary all at the same time. It sounds like you will make it a brilliant new adventure. I do hope you will keep us up to date here.


How exciting for you! (See, I'm a pollyanna in my thinking, going with the positive side). Do you know yet what part of the Southeast you will be coming to?


Congratulations! I've pretty much lived in the same area my whole life but my husband and I are hoping to move within the next year or so. Thanks for the pretty snow pictures. We don't get much here either.


wow, that IS big news, congrats to your family! We are in the process of selling our house and it's a big job getting everything packed up and the house cleaned up, but a fresh start is really nice.


I can't believe you are leaving that amazing house, but I think you've made the right decision. Missed you on Flickr.


Dear Friend,
How happy I am to read your exciting news, and all the good things happening to your family. I know this will be a change for the good, and you are so brave to be so positive about it. Congratulations to dear Tom, and I hope I will come to visit in the not too distant future!!!!

Love, Wylie


Very big news!
Change is a very good thing, once the hassle of actual moving is behind you. I know this because I just moved myself.
Make sure there is a nice studio spot for you in the next place.
And good luck on your fresh start.


When you say big news, you really mean BIG news. A fresh start brings so many new opportunities and friends. All the best to Tom in his new job.
Oh, I laughed to see how excited you are about the snow. Here we had 2 feet of snow on the front lawn, and then there was a winter thaw last week and most of it melted. It is snowing again, and we have another four or so months of the white stuff.


good luck! moving is so exciting the fresh start, getting rid of the old and all that. I wish I could buy your house though I love it!


oh my, this is such big news!! Congrats to all of you. It does seem a wee bit sad that you have to part with the home you've worked so hard on (and I will miss seeing what you do it), but I can't wait to see the next leg of your adventurous life!
Warmly~ bonnie

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