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Looking forward to finding out what your exciting news is ...

My little ones think Amber looks like a princess in her dress - that's a big compliment in this house!

Our school started back last week - good luck for tomorrow. I was sad to see them all go in - the Christmas holidays are always really busy, but we did find time to just sit and be. Lovely.

Now I am trying to keep up my resolution which includes getting everything ready for school & work the night before. So it's time to go and make my lunch and sort out the uniforms ...


Can't wait to find out the good news. Amber looks beautiful in that dress. I too put the decs away on Saturday and am looking forward to getting back into the ol' routine!


I like cliff hangers if you don't have to hang too long! I have a bunch of guesses running around in my head. I would be glad,if I were you, that your kids probably never read your blog. If they did and they were anything like I am, they would be bugging you to death until you did blurt it out!!!
But, that dress is fabulous! I always dreamed of being able to wear a dress like that and pull it off. Amber does. It reminds me of the dresses I admired from the 1920's and 30's that you would see on movie stars.
The Weird Al song is hilarious.

jodi lenz

Hey Simmy,

Did you get my last email? I sent it last week.



Ohh, I am filled with suspense here and cannot wait to find out what your news is!!! I bet it's something fab! what a beautiful dress to go with a beautiful young lady! Lucky Amber, not only for having the dress, but the figure to put in it! IT's been many moons since I looked like that and I now wonder that I ever did! haha Too many crumpets me thinks!!! Oh, a husband that loves to clean! You've got it all going girl! Woo Hoo! Happy New Year to your lovely family. May it be filled with more blessings and goodness than you know what to do with! XXOO

mrs darling

I have to tell you I love that corner with the piano. The colors are so restfu1!

Love the dress too.


Can't wait to hear when you share your secret Simmy :) And Amber looks beautiful in that dress!

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