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I've been to the cinema once in 5 years - and that was over a year ago now. So no, I don't think it's weird ;-)

Your move sounds scary and exciting at the same time - I hope you will find the perfect location, and it will be lovely for you all to have Tom around in the evenings. I'm sure the children will take it in their stride when it comes to it. Fingers crossed the house sale goes smoothly!


I liked the book too! Good luck with the clearing out; that's what my husband and I feel like we need to do constantly. Baby steps.


MOVING...Well, I knew I was behind catching up with you here, Simmy...but moving--WOW! I do hope all will go well with selling the house and the big move. Very exciting. I hope you all will be happy in your new place. Congrats to Tom for getting the job! :o) That doll is so sweet. We've not been to the cinema in over year, I think, and I can't even recall what we last saw. This Knitting book was ok...just ok. Be interesting to see the film though. Happy days dreaming of your move...((HUGS))


Congratulatons on your news. Hope it all goes swimmingly - very exciting!


I haven't been to the movies in more than eight years, so if that being weird is a generational thing I might be stuck in the wrong one!


Oh my goodness, that doll is awesome!
It's very well made looking besides being cute as can be. I especially love the itty bitty eyes in a big round face, it looks so friendly.
Once upon a time my Mom and I made a doll for her mother and we made the mistake of making the eyes too big...it looked scary I swear! haha
I got a chuckle at you saying you do not like the ending of the book but you'd probably go see the movie, haha Makes me think it was one of those sucker punch endings then.


Ohh, now I am going to have to look that book up! It sounds right up my alley. So does a bacon bap, but then I wouldn't have one of your delicious looking rolls to put the bacon into . . . sounds as if it will be a difficult change, this move, but it will also be a new adventure and in the long run probably the best thing ever for the family , especially if Tom can be home every night. I do love your dolls. I think Amber did ever such a wonderful job on her doll! I'm well impressed. Obviously the acorn did not fall far from the tree there! XXOO


I just finished the book too. I also sat blubbering while I finished it. I am going through cancer treatment now and it was just too much for me. I wish someone had warned me before I bought it. I did enjoy some aspects of the story, but felt it didn't need to end that way. Good luck with your move. We've always moved every 2 to 3 years and now that we've been here for 3.5 years and plan to stay I realize how badly the house needs a good clean out. That's the advantage of moving!


I love that doll - what a talented girl. Good luck with the move. We move on average, every two years and it is a great excuse to get rid of some rubbish that we have collected. I hope you find somewhere nice to live, but I think that is a good idea - to rent until you sort out what you want, instead of rushing into something. I look forward to hearing all about it over the next six weeks! Good luck.


good luck with the clearing out, I hope it makes the moving go easier for you. x


Talk and pictures of bacon baps are just the thing to get me homesick. Sigh - bacon is just not the same here.
Congrats to Tom on his new job and good luck to you all on the up and coming move. Life will surely get hectic for you all as 6 weeks is not long. Our last house move was a six weeker - we bought, sold and packed up and moved all of 3 miles in that same space of time. It was a crazy, but we did it and survived.
Not sure where the Wardorf schools are in SE England - but they must be nearer Sutton than the Cotswolds are. I really hope that we can meet up when I am home this coming summer.


simmy i have read it too and when i got to the end i just couldn't believe it and sat sobbing and saying 'they can't do that, they can't do that'. i still think it wasn't necessary. i like, in my old age, to read something uplifting, although in saying that i have just read 'the thirteenth tale' and it was fantastic. presently on the nightstand is
'comfort me with apples'. a foodie book and wonderful but am trying not to eat before i go away so not really the book to support such activities!!


Why on earth would you want to go to a cinema where spotty post-pubescent over aftershaved boys letch over spotty post-pubescent over perfumed girls, where the food has a higher markup than The Ivy, where you don't know who has last sat in your seat with a cold or germs or anything! Egads! No, far more comfortable at home on your own sofa with your reasonably priced treats and no snot that you don't know the source of ;)

I do love the dolls you post, I'm not sure if I've already told you that but I'll tell you again anyway. Beautiful work.


I love the doll, how clever your daughter is. I have read the book too, and it was sad at the end but not all stories have a happy ending. I do hope that you can look at your move as a new adventure, and new friends and somewhere old friends can visit as well. I think it is rather exciting, although I will miss seeing photos of your beautiful house.


Oh, that book ending had me in fits, too. I thought it was unnecessary. I mean, there are enough real people we love dying from cancer that we certainly don't need literary characters going through it as well. I'd rather have those escapist happy endings. ;-)


Oh, that book ending had me in fits, too. I thought it was unnecessary. I mean, there are enough real people we love dying from cancer that we certainly don't need literary characters going through it as well. I'd rather have those escapist happy endings. ;-)

Mary Ann/ca

Oh Simmy, I am so happy for you! A move is always hard, especially leaving the people you love but how wonderful to have Tom home every night and a better future too. Oh and the doll is adorable!


Hi Simmy, just been catching up with your news, I'm looking forward to you being closer to me, we may even get to get together, depending on where you are moving to! Honestly I didn't really like the Friday Night Knitting Club, but I've read enough Chic Lit too know the format, a book you will really like is The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffeneggar, the only book to really move me last year!


I read the book too, I also agree the ending did not go down well...A light read...yep again except for the ending and I will go to the pictures to see it...Me I love the pictures, a great place to knit!!!

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