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Those plates are lovely, where are they from?


Did you make the gingerbread house from a pattern or cutters, or just made it up? I wanted to have a go at one (not this year though!!) but haven't attempted it yet as not sure which way to go about it! Plates are lovely by the way, and I know what you mean about that shopping centre in Bristol-not our fave place either!


I've watched "Creature Comforts" and I'm very impressed with the little figures they made. The Mont Blanc looks delicious- that's something I'd love to try.


The food sounds wonderful - did Amber plan the whole menu? I love your plates too.

We made a gingerbread house last week and had a great time - look forward to seeing yours!


Good on you for spoiling yourself with the plates! And CC is the seventh circle of hell as far as I'm concerned.


Sounds like you are having fun getting ready for Xmas...I can't wait to see the movie the boys made...you can upload it to utube, and then they have a way of linking it directly to the blog. I've done it, so it's not that difficult.
We have been stuffing ourselves today, celebrating Ella's birthday.
Tomorrow I will need to get on and make gifts for the kids' teachers...
Congrats to Amber on what looked like an amazing meal. Oscar has recently been saying that he wants to be a chef, so he's getting a few cook books for Xmas.


Oh my! I am so impressed with the menu. My mouth was watering and I could imagine the whole meal without any pictures. I sure would like to have Amber on our kitchen catering staff. It had to be satisfying to hear the groans and moans after the great effort she went to to feed her family. Bravo to you, Simmy, for singing carols afterwards!
Hope we get to see the boys mini-clip.


What a lovely pre-Christmas season you are having. I love reading about it and all the busyness! Looks like your children are every bit as creative as their mom. I can't wait to see the film! I am also looking forward to seeing your directions on the paper kite stars etc. Love, Love, LOVE the plates! Those are definitely heirloom quality! We are having our carol service this Sunday evening and I am really looking forward to it. First though I have to get over my giving a special talk at our Sunday morning service, Yikes!


Oh, that dessert is heavenly! Any left? LOL! Your dinner with the godparents sounds wonderful, and indeed a delicious prelude to Christmas...That could well be a great Christmas feast there! How great of Amber to be doing so much cooking--clever girl! LOVE Creature Comforts! Those holiday plates are such fun! I've not seen such before. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! :o) May your days be merry & bright! ((HUGS))

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