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Very glad to read that I'm not the only one who is perfectly able to stay in jammies til tea time!
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Happy New Year. That feast book you got for Christmas looks like fun. Learning to cook Thai food this year is one of my resolutions.


Happy New Year Simmy! This year I vow to get organised and relax a little more.

stephanie s

happy new year simmy! i am seriously considering resolving never to make another resolution... they are the same ones every year anyhow. just a thought.

sarah Rooker

Happy New Year Simmy! We celebrate 12 days of Christmas and wrap things up on 12th night.

Instead of resolutions, we make predictions. It is very fun--we predict everything--who will be president, who might have a baby, who might get a new car, new pets, state of the world, etc. We keep the predictions in a notebook so first, we read last year's predictions and see who predicted the most accurately. Then we write down the ones for the new year.


That's exactly how I've been spending my time. Lots of relaxing (and eating) and family time (good and not so) and NOT looking forward to re-entering the world on Wednesday. And no new resolutions for me. Other than to keep valuing the time with my lovely husband.


Bliss...Happy New Year! Xxx


Sounds lovely (except the arguing, but that just comes with kids doesn't it?). We've been just as chilled, but mainly because we're still so sick and Matt has been working so much over the last week and taking the car and leaving us stranded. Kids are supposed to be going back to school tomorrow, but I'm sure at least Oscar will have to stay home sick. My new years resolution...to look after my health more, I'm sick of being sick!!!


Love the pics of the kitties in the stable... so cute and funny. We're having the same kind of holiday here... enjoying family. Happy New Year.


Hi Simmy ... Merry Christmas.
I am trying to get my head around a good resolution or two... or twenty.

Maybe I will start by taking down the tree..


oh, i am ALWAYS making resolutions. all year long, and they are usually the same things. i know what you mean about Christmas being over in a blink of the eye...there is still three kings day yet to come :)

Happy New Year Simmy!! xx


Missed you over Christmas Simmy, but it sounds like you were having a pretty wonderful time. Love the pictures of the cats!!! I don't make resolutions anymore, I just strive to do better. That I can do. :-) Happy New Year and all the best in 2008 to y0ur lovely family!


Living the moment sounds so good. We did it well i think but today DH has gone back to work and the kids go back to school tomorrow. 'Snap' on the Nigella book..made anything yet?


Wishing you & yours the happiest of days in 2008--love, blessings, peace and JOY! ((HUGS))


happy new year! Resolutions? of course! - this year i am going to try and plan my life more - get things in the diary instead of just talking about it -do more and talk less - we will see......... have fun whatever you do.



Happy New Year, Simmy! I love the pictures of the cats in the Nativity. Cheeky monkeys!


The cat in the nativity is hysterical.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! My new year resolution is to start making earrings again AND make my Mum a birthday cake using sugarcraft that is not to sweet. Easy?!


hello Simmy! I love that Nigella cookbook- it's great for this time of year. Thanks for stopping by our blog, I have not been around there much, but have been enjoying reading what your family is up to.


Happy New Year, Simmy! Hilarious how your kitties have invaded and taken over the creche! I splurged before Christmas and bough Nigella's new book, Nigella Express, and loved it. Her Feast book is inspirational too. Happy Days with all your new treats. Wishing you & yours the happiest of days in 2008--love, blessings, peace and JOY! ((HUGS))


I haven't laughed so much so unexpectedly from a blog photo before. I was just surfing the net and found your blog, scrolled down and the pictures of your cats in the nativity scene....I got the giggles, then the cackles....oh man. That's the funniest thing...they look so content...with the chaos of knocked over manager scene people all around...seriously. That's toooo funny.

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