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wow, what an packed week! even the thought of london makes me feel exhausted, all those people in the same place. although covent garden beads and the V&A might just get me there one day.


Hello Simmy. Lovely, informative and colourful post as usual. I live a few train stops away from London Town and am ashamed to say that I have never been to the Japan Centre, Bead Shop,Cath Kidston or Patisserie Valerie! I am drooling over the chutney recipe and would love to chase it around a plate with a chunk of your soda bread!


Hi, I just found you through Apron Thrift Girl.

You have been busy, that bread looks lovely.

Racheal x


Hi, Simmy! So glad you and the family had such a fun, action-packed half term! That chutney looks scrummy. I made soda bread recently myself...chutney would have beed de-lish on that. I best get cooking! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))


1/2 term sounds great. And how you feel about London is how I am about Manhattan now. When we lived closer we used to go in all the time, now I can only manage a few hours and I never really do what I want to there and see all the exhibitions I want to. Slack I know, but it is how it is.

And good for you doing a big clean like that. My house is in DESPERATE need of it. I think the last time it had one was when you were all here. I will get around to it at some stage...

Have a great week with the kids back at school.

Wild Rose

Hi Simmy,

You have certainly had a busy time! Incidentally, I am catching up on blog posts and your house transformation is beautiful.

Did you receive the package I sent you? I e-mailed to ask, but don't know if you read it...

Marie x


Gosh, you have done very well to have a clean house at the end of half term! Our half-term has only just begun and my house is a bomb site already!

That chutney sounds wonderful, just about to add the necessary ingredients to my shopping list.


My home as well is in dire need ... I love your list. I was curious about "joy". Is that an actual person or is it a promise to include it in your day?


It's not just boys. I have 2 girls (and a boy) and they all find it really funny! Also other choice words like wee, fart, bum (that's a big one in this house) and so on. I'm hoping it's a phase that at least the girls will eventually grow out of!


I love it when I finally break down and give the hoyuse a good clean.. But Bread and chutney too?

I usually make my hsband run for take out on the "Big Cleaning" days.


I love it when I finally break down and give the hoyuse a good clean.. But Bread and chutney too?

I usually make my hsband run for take out on the "Big Cleaning" days.

Mom Unplugged

Oh my goodness! I just discovered your blog while Googling how to make Waldorf toys for a post I am writing on homemade Waldorf toys! I have linked to your dolls and fairies. I wish I had time to explore more now, but I will be back!


Great catching up with you on here this morning Simmy! I have been to Japan Centre, although i didn't know I was there at first. I just kept noticing and remarked to Todd that there seemed to be a heck of a lot of Japanese people around! DOH! that's me in a nutshell! Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your sister though. I do miss my family being over here and so far away from them. That soda bread looks lovely. I have made soda bread a few times but none so lovely as yours looks. I will have to give it a try! That chutney looks delish as well!


thanks for the recipe, I must give it a try! And yes the 'poo' word is considered the height of humour in my house too.

I blame the y chromosome.


It is a great feeling when you clean the house top to bottom, although ours never stays that way for long. It sounds like you had a nice enjoyable trip at your sister's too. A break from home is always nice to reinvigorate you.


hmmmm how curious, my name is on your to do list!

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