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Fantastic Birthday!
How sweet.. and I love the handmade gifts! Happy Birthday Amber!


Fantastic Birthday!
How sweet.. and I love the handmade gifts! Happy Birthday Amber!


Happy Birthday Amber. Enjoy being fourteen. There'll be lots of 'parental' things and personal angst... but, mostly enjoy being you. Love and Light.


Happy Birthday Amber! I love the pencil roll and pinboard and the fabrics are delicious. Hope you all have a happy day x


Happy birthday Amber (love your brothers' thoughtful gifts).


Oh, happy birthday Amber! I hope you have all had a fabulous day. It is a wonderful day for a birthday - both my smaller daughter and my much missed mother-in-law share this special day!


: )


What a beautiful young lady you have now! They do grow way too fast!..but turn out so well. Enjoy the birthday and all your blessings!


Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. It seems that you have very talented children too, making such lovely gifts for her birthday. The time does seem to go by so quickly too doesnt it, and even faster with the next one as well. I will have to check out your tutorial too for the pinboard, it looks quite pretty.


Happy Birthday Amber! It sounds like it was a very special day. I love all the photos of you over the years. Sarah

ps: Helen sends her birthday wishes to you as well!


Happy Birthday Amber!
Kind regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands


Happy Birthday! What fab presents too.


Happy Birthday! What fab presents too.


Belated birthday wishes to Amber. What lovely gifts! You truly have a very talented family Simmy. Time certainly does fly. My son is 9 years old and it seems like minutes ago that I was sitting in the hospital ward...........


happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, what lovely photos, and she has some great presents, the cd rack is a great recycling idea, and I'm just off to check out the pinboard tutorail.


I love birthdays! Can't believe it, can you? Next year-15! Amber is so beautiful. I would(almost) kill to have hair and a beautiful smile like hers and her mum. Your boys are quite handsome too. You think you are busy now. Wait until your children use those gorgeous eyes to catch the attention of someone they like.
Anyway, it sounds like you all had a good celebration. I wish Amber happiness and best wishes.


Happy birthday Amber, the best presis are those not only given but also made with love.


Grace turned 14 this year as well. It is certainly a year with its own special challenges! Hope that Amber has a year full of opportunity!


Belated Happy Birthday Amber, may you have a long and happy life, full of good health and dreams come true. If you are anything like my 14yr old, you won't believe this, but you are... beautiful:)


Happy birthday to her - love the photos of her as she grew up - but none of her now? :) My firstborn was 10 a few weeks ago - who knew time could go so fast...


Happy Birthday Amber! I loved seeing all the pictures of her growing up to this point. what beautiful children you have. And lucky Amber to have received such lovely gifts! You are such a talented lady Simmy, and a wonderful wife and mother. Your family is so lucky to have you in their lives, but I expect it works both ways as you are very lucky to have them as well. God bless you all! xxoo


Happy Birthday Amber. What a lovely collection of special birthday presents.

Marie x


What a sweet post - a very nice birthday present in itself! The handmade gifts are wonderful - something to enjoy now and later in life.

Cold Comfort Farm is the best, hope she enjoys it!

little jenny wren

Happy belated birthday Amber and happy becoming a mother anniversary to you Simmy. It's quite an adventure isn't it.


happy birthday amber!! love the pins on the board and the doorstop is so superb!! :)


happy birthday to both of you groovy girls!!!! x


Belated Happy birthday Amber - what a beauty you've grown up to be. What wonderful presents - all so special because of the love that went into crafting them. Enjoy being 14!


happy belated birthday amber!!
and simmy,thanks for showing those photos. your children are beautiful!
and all those nice presents you made...


What precious pictures. You all made cute babies. LOL


Belated Happy Birthday to Amber - she's a year and a day older than my eldest son :0)

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