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Oh I am so glad you are still blogging, I have been back to look at and think about your last post so many times since you wrote it, I kept formulating my comment but couldn't express myself properly, so much of what you wrote rang my own bells.

I am chuckling away at the thought of you "ploughing the fields and scattering". I too love hymns but was brought up in quite an anti-religion way. Sadly I have no singing voice but I never let it stop me belting out the hymns in school assembly to the great embarassment of my friends in line with me. Sing Hosannah is a big favourite of mine, in fact I feel a rendition coming on right now. Thanks for the daily cheer.


Ah Simmy, so good to have you back. I think it is wonderful that you enjoy hymns. Being brought up in a very secular way I don't know any...but I love Christmas carols. In fact I made a huge mistake when Matt and I were getting married and his religious mother asked if I'd like any hymns at the wedding. The only one I know (and I love it) is "Abide with me" which of course is for funerals...but I didn't know that.
Did you read my post about singing around the campfire? You're not the only one shoving "culture" down your kids' necks. As for the Ipod- you go girl! I thought I would never want one, until I got a free shuffle when we signed up for satelite TV. I love it...but I wanted to be able to choose what I wanted to listen to. Oscar has recently upgraded to the new one that holds 20,000 songs and he gave me his old nano. And guess what?...it's full already. But I love being able to escape into my music sometimes. I use it at the gym of course, but last night after my horrid day I was able to just lie in bed and get in a totally different frame of mind. So well done! I totally approve (not that you need my approval).


Missed you, Simmy- was so glad to see a new post this morning... no wonder you're out of sorts with all the construction. So funny about the i-pod music... we were out for dinner without the kids on Saturday night and it was all the same music that you put on your i-pod... it's been quite awhile since I heard Neneh Cherry in a public place.


So glad you're sticking around and sounding so much happier.

I love hymns, they are so evocative. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind - so stirring.

Mark's harvest festival is on Friday, but his favourite is a little ditty about broad beans!?!


Simmy--You got me completely sucked into ridiculous utube when I'm trying to work! tsk tsk. I really liked the Knight song and am going to share it with school.

Wylie Hunt

YAY! You're back! Awesome! You go, girl! The porch looks beautiful. So nice to have an entry way. I love hymns, too. I have lots of favorites, but one of them definitely is "I Sing A Song of the Saints of God," do you have that in the Anglican hymnal? Also, one from your hymnal I love is called "Lord Jesus Christ," very beautiful.

Exciting about the Ipod. I'll check out the links later. Hugs and love.....

jodi lenz

Dear Simmy,

my favorite hymm is "And Can it be That I Should Gain" I can't sing or read it without getting teary with graditude. Glad your back!




Dear Simmy
I'm so glad you have decided to continue blogging. I only comment occasionally, but I always enjoy reading your blog, and was so sad to hear you were going through a crisis of confidence. Being a mum is the best job in the world, but it can be very difficult sometimes. Your children are the most important thing in your life but you are also important and if you need to blog and craft for your sanity, in the long run your children will benefit.

Oh - and my favourite hymn is "Hills of the North, Rejoice" http://www.oremus.org/hymnal/h/h252.html.

Take care


Simmy's back! Your porch is looking good as is your nature table and baked potato skins! I have always loved 'we plough the fields and scatter'. I don't have an i-pod or a mobile phone. I may get 'with it' one day!

Mary Ann/ca

LOts of hugs Simmy, so glad you're back...a little peek now and again is better than no stories from the garden. The newly weds are settling in, lots of changes for them with new jobs etc. Megan made me laugh and laugh, she is complaining about having "no time to myself, Mom" with a home of her own, new husband and boss to keep happy! Just wait until there are little ones in the mix too!


So glad you're sticking with it Simmy, I am not very religious but I absolutely love hymns, I love we plough the fields and scatter, but one of my favourite is All Hail the Power of Jesus' name, its so daft cos I went and googled for the words and now I'm sobbing all over the keyboard, sentimental old fool! I think we can't be that far apart in age either, I was a 1970 baby! and I love all the tunes you downloaded!


What a lovely long post. Thanks for your e-mail and I'm glad you decided to continue blogging on your own terms. It's the only way! Loved the Knight won his spurs on youtube - had me welling up. Also prompted me to ask my daughter what they sang for harvest festival assembly today. Think of a world without any flowers and God who made the earth...careth for me. That made me teary too just thinking of my baby singing those words! I have many fav hymns but can never remember the titles. Sometimes I can't even sing them because they make me cry and I have to stand and grip the pew in front and pretend to cough!! have you tried the Garrison Keillor podcast of Lake Wobegon Days. I love it and do the housework with my new ipod shuffle on giggling away like a maniac. This is the link http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/about/podcast/


oh i LOVE hymns also, but being american the ones i know are different than the ones you know. but for what it's worth, my 2 favourites are "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and "Lead Kindly Light".


We're on a wavelength, Simmy. I've been trying to think how to use your blanket. Stop by to see what I did with the marigold piece.
All good wishes, Cristina


So very glad to see you back...and o know that you'll still be here--HOORAY! Glad you've had some time to thing and mull things over...and to feel ok again. Such fun to hear that's been going on. And the new addition to the house looks great! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS)) I'm off to America next week! :o)


Happily, what you love to do is a joy for the rest of us to read. I will have to buy a bigger mug so my coffee last longer, I'm collecting bloggs to read!
Your home looks beautiful and as for religion, I think a healthy mix is just fine:) I love so many festivals and enjoy each new season so much. I think spring and autumn are my favourites, all that new life in Spring, and all the beautiful colours of Autumn, not to mention kicking up falling leaves, decorating with nuts and seeds, making jam and warming up with hot chocolate and cinnamon:)Having said that, I caught the sun on my face working in the garden today!
Hope those 'buttons' are getting a rest. I was asked to walk a bit away from one teen daughter today, and I was dressed conservatively for a change!!


Nice to see you keeping the blog. All of us Mamma's need to have a little bit of room for ourselves to help keep the fire alight if you know what I mean.


great to see you back. We missed you! Onward Christian Soldiers is one fo my faves - then there is make me a channel of your peace - wonderful - i could go on - but must stop this work avoidance and get on with some work!


It's good to see that you've chosen to continue to blog :0)


Excellent to have you back. :) Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Plough the Fields is not so much a hymn as a national anthem I think, can you imagine if they sang it at the start of a football match...'for it is fed and waaaaorrtered....'


It's good to know that you're still here Simmy. I love hymns too although I'm not religious and never go to church but I remember singing them at school and my favourite has always been 'When a knight won his spurs in the stories of old..." too!! I shall think of you now when it pops into my head (which is surprisingly often!) all the best x


welcome back himmy!!!! knew you wouldn't go too far and i am glad you didn't! mmmm, like the idea of loading a podcast onto the i pod and walking. with summer approaching i have zippered shut my yap (as they say on deadwood!)



I enjoy listening to Craftlit, This American Life, Sticks and String, and Cast on. (and many more..)

Happy to see you will continue blogging. I enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.

Have a great week!
I am off to plan the family latern walk, do you have any song suggestions? The only one I know is This Little Light of Mine.


Simmy, I have been planning on commenting for days, but life somehow got in the way. I know you know how that happens all too well!!! Glad you tried out the potato skins. Hopefully you liked them and they made up for the forgotten cake...not like anything can really make up for a lack of cake though ... Love the nature table as well. How wonderful! Ohh, and your ipod cover! Simply FABULOUS! Makes me want to buy an ipod! Perhaps I can persuade Santa Claus to bring me one! I did miss you and am glad you have decided to post at least once in a while. We all need things that are just ours you know, and blogging does that for me. It helps to satisfy some inner creative longing of mine in a way nothing else really does. I love your words, as always. Reading them is like having a visit with a good friend, only thing missing is, well ... the cake! (every pun intended!)


I stumbled across your blog and I just love it. Your home and garden will be lovely soon, but of course I'm partial to stony English buildings. Keep up the fabulous photos of "Things English".


I have a real fondness for hymns, but I find it a bit hard here because although the words are the same, the tunes are often different (I grew up in the US). Especially hard at Christmas, as even after 15 years, some of the tunes still sound just plain WRONG. I like hymns almost enough to consider going to church, but not quite :)

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