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Sounds like an incredible week. I want to go there! We also just finished a week with siblings and cousins--luckily with no big arguments :-) My girls head back to school today and I wish I had one final week for haircuts, dentist, etc. I was lucky to get them in the showers and the nailpolish removed. I'm off to go pack lunches.


So glad you had fantastic week! Your photos are terrrific--feel like we were there with you. Love all the knitting and yarn (that turquoise wool especiall!). Summer in singing her swan song, that's for sure. Happy days getting ready for school and change of rhythm to the days. ((HUGS))

Jodi Lenz

simmy,so happy your back. I'll send the yarn.I'm glad you were able to see Shadowlands.Ilove that film.hope to talk soon.give a hello to everyone.love jodi


Good to have you back Simmy, sounds like you had a great week. I'd love to go to Wales with you sometime (sounds like my cuppa tea). Sorry the blanket didn't start off well. I think I had to restart mine a few times just to get into the swing of it all properly. There are still mistakes in it, but I found that by varying where I start the row, I can even it out a bit.


It sounds like you had a great time/ great summer. I really enjoyed reading your travel describtions. Autumn is in front of the door. Really close.


I found your blog last week and have been avidly reading it ever since. It's been very inspiring for my crafty side and I have enjoyed reading about your travels as well!


Glad you had a lovely time in Wales, my summer holidays seemed to flit by and poor Neo went back to nursery school this morning without even a visit to the beach, poor mite, its embarrassing to point out that I actually live very close to the sea!


Thanks for sharing your wonderful summer with us Simmy. When you came back from the USA I was off to Portugal for 9 days and then when I came back you went off to Wales! Good to have you back.


Wonderful trip! It is nice that you and your sister get along so well. Making the effort to meld your families on holidays is commendable! Your children will look back on those days with good, happy memories. They will probably not remember the bickering. (That is an expected result after spending so much time together added with the anticipation of school starting so soon).
I think that ripple stitch is gorgeous. I am sure you will work it out and soon have a ripple you are happy with. The King Charles Brocade piece is very impressive to me. I could never imagine using something so nice for a dishcloth. I don't knit or crochet, so all you ladies that do really make me envious with your patience.


Welcome back, Simmy! Your holiday sounded wonderful. The girls got the postcard from Amber & the boys yesterday and were thrilled, of course. I'm sure Frankie will start pestering Amber via email in just a bit;)


Simmy I am greeeen with envy. Wales sounds wonderful. Next time around I am going to magically slip into your pocket and go along for the trip.


Oh, it does sound lovely - knitting and grown up company and cream teas. Sorry to hear a few tears at the end, but isn't that so often the way?

It's lovely to have you back though!


sounds like you had a really good time. you have inspired me to go to wales for a short break

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