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Simmy. Please, please don't stop blogging. It would be like losing a friend. No, I would be losing a friend. By all means have a long break or don't write so often, but please do not stop altogether. Whatever you decide, let me tell you now that your blog has brought me a lot of comfort and joy over the past year. X


In many ways, I think my crafting is what helped me find balance with my family. Some of the other things I was doing--going out with friends, obsessively sitting onilne--really distanced me from them. Sewing and creating has giving me something productive to do both for them and me. And even having my own sewing room has helped--generally they are allowed in there with me, either to sew, or color, or sometimes just talk, although lately I've been trying to occasionally take an hour or so where I shut the door and try and get some work done. And blogging is my one real connection with other people, I'm not very social and I can't imagine no longer blogging.

While I would hate to see you stop blogging, I know you need to do what is right for you and your family. It might be helpful to take a little holiday from blogging just to assess exactly what it means to you. Good luck to you--it's obvious from your writing just how important your family is to you and I hope you are able to find the balance you are seeking.


Oh, and I am so sorry about your little kitten, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been. We live on a somewhat busy street and every so often our indoor cat sneaks out, it's one of my biggest fears she will dash in the street.


wow simmy, it sounds like you are having a really hard time. i am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. i haven't been blogging long at all, but i have noticed that despite all the positive aspects, it does adds stress to my life. i really want to be a part of this community, and it is hard to do that if i don't post/comment often! we all have so many dimensions to our lives, it is so hard to balance everything. it sounds like you are trying to figure out your own balance and i wish you luck in doing so. laura


I don't think I have ever commented here but I've been reading for several months now. I like your blog, your crafts, and you a lot. I would miss your addition to the blog-o-sphere. I think everyone at one point or another goes through what you are going through in relation to blogging. And, now, is when you decide what you want to do with it. Define the experience for yourself.


I have no advice.

Mothers have guilt, it's not always specific, but it's almost always there, it varies in intensity and it's almost always there...

You are doing you best. It's as much as you can do.

I could go on and on (and on) but there is no point... you will find your way and priorities.

Most of all be honest with yourself.

Love and light to you.


I think it all depends on who you are blogging for. Is it a duty? Is it for your audience?

I blog to keep a record of my life, not for an audience. And I am fine with few comments and fine with not posting if life gets busy. But when I want to review where i have been, I can. When I need to be present with the children, I can.

If you enjoy blogging, and enjoy the record it leaves, then do it for yourself whenever it fits in.

Mothering ebbs and flows... some seasons need more mothering, others don't. I also work full time, so sometimes I am able to blog, others I cannot even think about doing it. And for me, that is okay, because again, it is all for my own benefit anyway.


I love reading your blog. Your creativeness and your honesty inspire me all the time. I would be saddened to see you stop.

But if you find yourself wondering whether or not to continue blogging...well...maybe you shouldn't, at least for a while. Take a break.

Don't blog out of a sense of responsibility to your readers. Blog because you find it fulfilling for YOU. If it's not longer fulfilling (or is so only at detriment to other parts of your life...and therefore ends up being indirectly unfulfilling anyway), then don't do it.


That is awful, losing your kitten like that, I am not surprised you are feeling out of it, you are dealing with your shock and grief AND your children's too...

I think you should keep blogging, but not to feel guilty if you don't do it all the time. I only blog about once a week, and recently I went for two weeks without posting. It actually made no difference whatsoever to the amount of traffic or comments I got through my blog! Balance is a variable thing - I am not a mother, so I have no idea of what that entails- I imagine it can take over your whole life. But I do run my card company, work as an artist, and seperately as an illustrator, and various other things - I try to concentrate on what needs my attention at the time, the good old juggling act - if I don't have time to blog, then just a photo and a short paragraph will do - it doesn't have to be Shakespeare :) Personally I need my blog for friendship and connections. So I would not give it up - I think (my ha'pporth) you should try to relax about the blog thing and realise that it isn't the end of the world if you don't post as often. Really. Then you get to keep Everything!


You've had a bit of a rough time there Simmy - I'm not surprised that it's had you deeply questioning where you are right now. As for balance in life - I'm still striving for some so I've no useful advice to offer there but I did find myself nodding when I read that you feel the balance has shifted too far away from your original aims of bringing up a family. Creating and blogging are wonderful and I can't imagine life without either but together they take up a large chunk of time and can often eat into time I feel I should be spending with the kids. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in your feelings and that I really hope you find that you can keep on blogging occassionally whilst getting the balance right for you. Good luck with thinking everything through and don't be too harsh on yourself xxx


I can sympathise - I think a lot of us are guilty of spreading ourselves too thinly. I'd be really sad if you stopped blogging - but far more sad if you carried on because you felt you ought to, or if it was making you miserable. It sounds like you have had just a horrible, awful couple of weeks, and I am so sorry.


Hmmm - you've had a big couple of weeks haven't you.

It's funny, we've been blogging almost exactly the same length of time and it sounds as if our motivation behind starting (something just for me) came from a similar place.

When I wrote my answers to that meme, I thought a lot about the life cycle of a crafty blog. I am still unsure as to what the logical conclusion will be for me.

Is blogging just like any other project we are drawn to? We are inspired, we dabble, learn, become more accomplished and then some new challenge takes our eye and we move on.

Or is the blog a vehicle in it's own right? A habit, like brushing our teeth? A minor vice, which is not without its costs, but on balance makes us happy?

I think it's a question we will all have to face at some point. I'm just so sorry if in some way, I pushed you into a crunch point decision about it.

You do realize if you stop blogging now, I am going to get hate mail, don't you?



I totally understand because I'm feeling similar in many respects. Too many things I want to do, too many things I need to do, too many responsibilities and not enough time and struggling with mixing it all together so it will be a pleasing aroma. I think the danger is when I find myself resentful (of situations, of people, of family, of children - I too, stay at home and have made that commitment). Then I need to step back and take a deep breath and pray.
In terms of blogging... I would miss your blog, but perhaps a hiatus would be good. Lots of bloggers take a hiatus - 1 week or 2 or 3 or 1 month or more. That's okay. Then when you return, you feel refreshed.


Oh you cant stop blogging. I love reading your posts about your wonderful family and all the adventures that you have. You help fill a void in my life too when I am home whilst the children are at school, and I feel lonely. It feels like having a chat with someone who I can relate to. I am so sorry about your little kitten too, how horrible and I know exactly how you feel. I hope the children are okay. I do hope that your mood lifts and you feel happier soon, and dont feel guilty about blogging if it makes you happy. Everyone needs something that is just theirs.

Christiane Payton

Simmy - it sounds like you are having about as good a 2007 as I am. I usually don't celebrate New Years, but you can rest assured that this year, I will be whooping and hollering, happy that 2007 is over and done with.

When I am in a bad place emotionally, I try to get back to basics. For me, those are beauty and wonder. They move me, they motivate me and they make me grateful for the things I have. The beauty of the natural world around me - of my youngest child snoring in his pillow, of the red clouds as the sun rises and the black feathers of my favorite chicken.

Drink some red wine, eat some chocolate and don't sweat the small stuff.


Simmy, I am so sorry to hear about your kitten. That would knock the stuffing out of anyone. {{{HUGS}}} We all need things in our lives that are just for us, little pleasures that we can enjoy. It's not being greedy or selfish to want those things and to indulge ourselves from time to time in them. I, for one, would hate to see you stop blogging. That is my selfish side coming out there. The side of me that cares though says that if you feel that you need to step back and prioritize your life in a different way then we should all support you and allow you to do that without trying to pressurize you to do differently. At the end of the day you MUST do what you MUST do and only you know what that is. I, for one would really miss you and am really hoping there is a happy compromise somewhere. xxoo


I'm single, so its a bit easier to be self-indulgent. But, I do know that I'm no fun to be around if I don't have 'me' time.

But in that time, do the things that are fun, don't do the things that aren't.

Sometimes, blogging is fun for me. Sometimes, not so much. So I'll go through periods of silence, but that works for me...


So sorry you've had such a bad couple of weeks. It is so hard to get the balance right when you are a mother, but it is also very important to make time for yourself. I haven't been blogging for long, so I can't comment on that specifically, but it is the same as everything else - you have to try to fit in what you can. Try taking a little break and see how you feel. It might be that you really miss it and when things calm down you can come back to it, or you may find newly discovered time for other things. Whatever you decide - good luck. Just remember most women feel guilty about something most of the time.
Best wishes
Cathy X



It would be so sad to see your blog disappear! I suppose the question is to ask why you are blogging. Is it an outlet to express yourself and organize your thoughts? If so, don't reply to comments anymore. That would probably save you loads of time. Are you doing it to make friends? Then maybe decrease the time between posts and maybe select just a few comments to reply to each post...

I'm sorry that you're having a rough time right now. I think everyone goes through patches, so please don't feel too bad, and remember that things will get better. Take some time off and take care of yourself.

Here's a thought...raising your children against the mainstream is tough and leaves you open to lots and lots of criticism everyday from all over the place. I suppose it eventually wears you down and makes you more susceptible to the small stuff. It can be draining sometimes for sure. I wish I had an answer for you.



At this time of Autumn Equinox we pause in balance and then make choices. It seems right to stop and reflect.
I believe there's a need in the world for other women to see what you do and the conscious way in which you approach life. But I know, too, that these years with your children living at home are over in what seems like a blink of an eye.
Grateful Blessings.


ah... the old balance thing. I think it's a question that we all put to ourselves sooner or later. I think that sometimes things shift and move in our life and the balances need to be re-addressed. This whole blog thing sometimes does take over... and it's a normal feeling for a mother to be spread thinly. Who doesn't feel like that at times? Just do what feels right for you at this moment. Need a break? take a break. Want to post once a month?week?day? Just do it. Blog to live (better, a fuller life, more challenging and fun)... just don't live to blog. It wouldn't be worth it.


Finding that balanced life thing is not easy and it's not a once and for all thing either - some days I feel like I'm juggling jelly and chainsaws whilst trying to keep my balance on a floating barrel...& those are the good days! :-) (the bad ones are mostly spent going "glug, glug, glug" trying to get back to the suface...)
So, whether you take a break from crafting or blogging or both, reduce your other commitments, chill out for a while, none of these moves need to be permanent, very few decisions are truly irreversible or unchangeable.
If you stop blogging I know that your words and inspiration will be missed by many, but I'm just as sure that we'll all be happy for you that you'll have tweaked things to better suit what you and your family need right now...
Sending you all hugs also for the loss of your poor kitty - know how that feels, horrible for you all.
Best wishes, Jo

Helen Shields

Simmy it sounds like you are going through what most mothers and women go through on a fairly regular basis. I have three children under 7, a husband who is in the RAF and works away through the week. I craft at home to try and keep us afloat finacially as it is really the only thing I can fit in with children (my youngest is still only doing half days at school). The whole balance issue is something I have struggled with and just as I think I have cracked it we turn a new corner and it all changes again. I blog but only every once in a while for family and friends but also for me. I would love to be in the deep end of the blog community but it would only add another pressure I don't need right now. I would love to craft for me and my children and home but work often pushes that out of reach. You have to decide what is right for you, sit with you husband and children and discuss what family means to them and what they love most about you as a person, you might be surprised. (my children love that I create and it inspires them, that in itself is a wonderful achievement for me.) Stepping back from things is often the best thing to do to see what calls you the strongest and from that you will find what makes you whole as well as connecting you as a piece in the family jigsaw. Good luck to you and remember not to beat yourself up, through you blog you can tell what a loving and caring mother you are and that you are a warm person anyone would be grateful to know.


like all the other mothers commenting, i find it hard to find a balance in making time for myself and taking care of family, and all that involves. It is so easy to feel guilty for taking that time to yourself and to feel like you should be doing a hundred other things instead of taking those moments for yourself. it seems like there are so many women reading your blog and enjoying what you are doing, but i guess my advice would be to look at why you are blogging, and crafting. are you doing it for yourself, or are you doing it for other people? also, i would look at how your blog has developed - has it changed from when you initially started writing? it seems like you wanted your blog to be a way for you to share the things you like doing and creating, but if that has changed are you happy with the way it has changed? i love reading your blog and would be sad if you decided to close it, but it be even more unfortunate if you continued blogging just becuase others wanted you to keep it going - it shouldn't feel like a chore or your job to write (or craft for that matter). i agree with the others who say taking a hiatus wouldn't be the end of the world; it's always okay to take time out and figure out where you want things to be going.


Dear sweet Simmy:

I just want to thank you because your blog has brought to my life lots of inspiration, I have enjoyed reading your blog since the first time and I consider you and all the other blogs I read as my friends. We will miss you if you decide to stop blogging... but you have to listen your interior voice and make the desicion you think is the best for you.

Thank you for the tutorials you posted, you nurture our lives. I havent done the Waldorf dolls yet but they are in my list of proyects. I dont have a Blog yet.
Sorry if my English is not good enough. Im Mexican :)

You are in our hearts.
God bless you always!!




It is amazing how you can put all those feelings in words! I am sorry you have a rought time. For me blogging as well as crafting goes in phases. I never do it all the time in the same intensity. there are times when i neglect my blog, or my crafts, or both. It's just too much to follow. So I decided just let it flow. Ans if the blog needs a pause, well it does. And if crafting doesn't inspire me, so be it. I try not to make an issue about it, because in the end all those things are there to enjoy and relax myself. It is no commitment I signed up for. It's fun. And that's how I see it. Without pressure. Like nature. In cycles. Up and down.
Oh, and the qusetion why you are blogging is not a really question, is it? It inspires, it connects, it helps, it clears and it is a documentary of your life and thoughts. Don't be hard on your self and take time if you need. Eventually you will feel better and everything will settle. It's great to have those times of reflection and rearranging things and thoughts. Otherwise we wouldn't grow.
You are muchly loved!


So very sorry, Simmy, that you have been having such a difficult time late. And so sad for the loss of your kitten! A lot in life is about finding a balance. So much cirles in and out of our lives, and we must weigh it all. But we can't forget ourselves in the process, can't lose ourselve amongst the busy-ness of life and lose sight of who we are, what we do and why. Your are doing what is natural, to stop, take stock, consider. Finding your place in your own life is so important. Keeping finding your balance, what you need to do. And be happy in the choices you make. As for your blog, I, too, would be very sad to see you stop. For I would feel I'd be losing a friend, and would miss you insights, laughter, fun, crafts and sharing of all sorts here. You have a big heart, and I'm so blessed to have encountered such a person as you. I love to share things too, and my blog gives me great joy in doing just that. I've made terrific friends via blogging--met people I would otherwise haven't--and continute to nurture those friendships beyond the blog. I live far from most of my family & friends, so my blog bridges the gap and give them a window into my life here in Norway. The blog is an extension of my life. But I do not live solely to blog. I think we all ask ourselves at some point, all the why's and wherefores of blogging. To blog, or not to blog, that is the question...I hope you find your answers, find you balance. You must do what is essential for you, for you family. Take a break if you need to. Do what you need. Know that you are appreicated and loved for who you are. ((HUGS))

little jenny wren

Wow kids can really hit the mark with their comments can't they. You have to remember too that Amber is at an age where she is seeing herself as someone more apart from you and so feels justified in criticising your behaviour. It doesn't mean her comments are not justified but sometimes I find teens comments are just based on what is happening at that time and generalised to all situations.

You know that you are a good mother and you do have a right to be doing something for yourself. We all get cranky sometimes and you have had a lot going on with your trip and the works at your house.

Sometimes our reaction to criticism is to pull our heads in and believe that what people say about us must be true and we are therefore bad people. It may take some time but I'm sure you will slowly be able to see what you really want and how to get it.

Most people are not comfortable with change and that includes our children, it is not unreasonable to want a little space for yourself be it your blog or your sewing room or both. As long as you are not hiding there from your world but growing and enjoying it I think its OK.

I guess it's part of establishing a new rhythm as your children and you grow, it's bound to be a bit confusing at first but then you will all fall in with it and it will feel right again.

Good luck with it and enjoy it if you can.


I am sooo sorry about your kitten. Bless your hearts-yes it is an awful event-hug yourself and your family a lot, from me.

I don't know how everybody else balances their lives. I'm thrilled to find that we keep on learning and making new things all of the time. No one ever told me, tho, that each of those things would build one on another, slowly, until there is too much to handle. (and we don't have even have kids-why am I complaining?!, I know)

As I'm rushing, screaming, crying, and trying not to break down from the inability to do everything, my husband has had to remind me that if I'm not doing something with a cheerful heart, well, then, maybe I shouldn't be doing it. That's usually the reminder to breath and slow down for a bit.

You're not alone. Shed what you can. Evaluate why you're doing a certain activity. Learn to say no without guilt. Share your responsibilities. Put something to cook on the stove that will need to simmer slowly all day. Know that you're not alone. Remember that most of those "but I have to!" activities don't really have to be done. Select quite deliberately to do only what you really think is important to do. And know that many, many people would, right now, if possible, give you a hug.



Hey Simmy. Just got back from our little trip to Paris and I'm catching up on my blog reading. Firstly I have to say how sorry I am about your kitten. That is so so sad.
Secondly I have to say that I know how you feel about the whole blogging thing. I have found the first month of the kids back at school and starting activities absolutely exhausting. I haven't had time for any crafting, so my blogging has been very boring. For me, blogging becomes a bit of a chore as I use it to keep in contact with all the family and to keep them updated with all that we are doing. Sometimes I feel I blog just for them (particularly as I don't think I have many other readers outside my family-except for you). And at the moment I hardly get any comments from them, but they still expect to be able to read it. But I do enjoy it when I have made something that I'm proud of, being able to put it out there just in case someone is reading...it's a safe way for me to look for feedback. I do find myself thinking that I need to blog, or I have to find soemthing interesting to blog about. But I think what other people have said is true...it's a tool for you to use which ever way you want. Don't let it take over your life.
I would really miss your blog if you stopped...I'd miss your friendship that I've found through this blog. But you certainly shouldn't feel that you need to wow and impress us everytime you post. You are human like us and it is that aspect of your blog that I think we all enjoy as much as the crafting.
As for Amber's comment. We all yell at the children sometimes, and sometimes we yell at them all the time. But it's good for them to see us make an effort to change our behaviour. I find that I have bad months and good months. And happily, even though this has been a busy month, it's been a good one. Sometimes it's our friends we need most when we are going through a rough patch...
I hope that you can work through this, and I hope that things start to look up for you. You are a wonderful person, and I'm so glad to have found you and met you in person. Love to all the kids and let them know I am so sorry about your kitten.

Wild Rose

Hi Simmy

I recently felt totally overwhelmed with everything that was happening in my life and the first decision that I took was to have a blogging break. It was a huge relief not to have to worry about reading/posting/commenting and it was a weight off my mind. I had lovely comments from my regular readers and did start blogging again, but I understand that you have a lot of commitments...whatever you decide to do, it is your decision and it has to be what is right for you. If you decide to stop blogging, you will be missed by many, but I don't want to add to the pressure you are obviously feeling at present, so go with your instincts.

Take care

Marie x


First, let me say how sad it is about your kitten. I just buried my 12 year old friend. A Shelty dog that I loved soooo much.
Well dang! That's what we say in these Tennessee hills when we are having a rough time. Dang! Say it a few times when no one else is around. Real loud and with great emphasis. You'll feel silly and foolish, but it will make you feel better. You don't believe me do you? Your not going to try it are you? If only you could hear me say it with the right hillbilly twang.
Anyway, a lot of your friends are so right. Autumn can be hard. I am not sure why. It could be the position of the moon or the fact that everything is going to wither and die in the cold soon. I love Fall, but it also depresses me. Gosh Simmy! I have so enjoyed reading about you and the family. I guess it is just interesting to me to read about how other people live in a land I have never been to. I feel like I am there for a while. I surely understand if you decide not to blog anymore, but I just can't imagine it. I would be faithful in checking in once a month just to see if you posted anything lately. It would be a fun surprise when you finally post something. So, I don't think you would need to give it up altogether. Just don't blog so often. That is how my friend does hers. She takes a good break when she needs it.
I don't blog, I just lurk and gleen information and comment when I am so moved. Am I bad?
Breathe deep and often. Take up Yoga for a time. It is absolutly wonderful. Take it from an old 54 year old woman that can't even sit Indian style or do some of the positions quite right because her stomach gets in the way. Yoga has helped me sleep better.
Let me tell you about my latest project. I am making signs to sell at the Apple Festival that say,"BE NICE OR GO AWAY". Do you like it. A friend made me one for a wedding present. It hangs just outside my door.
You cry all you want. You deserve a good cry. Now dry those tears and go enjoy those children and husband and most of all YOURSELF!
I wish you were here so I could bake you a cake.


writing to a blog for me, is like having something that truly reflect myself.. a place where i enjoy being all to myself. sometimes, i think we need a little space just for ourself, to do thing only for ourself and be responsible of that wholly..a little partition and another little window in my life.


Simmy- I am sorry that you are having a rough time of it right now. I haven't been blogging at all lately, LIFE seems too much for me right now with out the added "task" of doing clever things and blogging about them. I think it is wise to listen to your intuition, I would miss you if you stopped blogging altogether, but maybe letting yourself off the hook and taking a breather would allow you to return to the "scene" with renewed energy and peace. Either way, I am thinking of you and wish you all the best!!


Oh, simmy, I had tears in my eyes as I read your message. It must be difficult time for you now, I mean psychologically as a mother, a friend to your families and a person I do not know who else is more talented and more passionate in crafting and sharing the talent. I enjoy every piece in your blog and I always come back for reference. You and your blog are my tutors in my trying of planting dye-ing. How much fun and knowledge I have learned since I started dyeing this way. Simmy, you and your blog are influencing people like me as you feel yourself are influenced by the blogging thing. I enjoy your blog because a lot of times it is real, natural and alive. I feel that I am reading you, instead of reading words. You put more than words into this blog, maybe that's why it becomes a difficult decision now.

As how to balance blogging and the rest. I face the similar challenge also, and constantly, between blogging of crafting and my study. Sometimes I give more time than I should have to crafting when I should have sit down and study. It's hard...what I do is to have a schedule. Like I do not make craft until after dinner, and maximally 3 hours, from 8-11pm. So I still have time to tidy the house and read other stuff. For the rest of the days, I put everything that can remind me of craft aside, no needle, no yarn...I put them all in the basement, in my hobby room :). And I move them up to the living room when I will craft at nights and in weekends. When I finish I will move all of them downstairs, so it's the things moving upstairs and downstairs, not me. No matter what I make, I try to set the discipline of to not to blog them until Friday night or weekends. For the other weekday nights, I check my blog, but only to read comments (which I don't have much, heheh) and read other people's blogs. I control that time to maximally 60 minutes, because it happens at night, in my crafting time.

I hope this would help, Simmy. I will be really sorry if you decide to stop blogging. But no matter what decision you finally make, I will respect it. And I do wish you find peace and balance, soon :=)

hugs from Lucia


Wow 37 comments Simmy, if blogging doesn't make you happy then stop, but see it as record, at the moment my house is chaos and I havent alot to show, so my posting has dwindled to once a week, I for one can't bear the thought of you not blogging at all, maybe a break will give you the chance to reflect and see where you can get back what you have lost, I think the key with my blog is there isn't much writing going on there as I'm not much of a writer, it's more of a visual record, but your blog is so enjoyable, from your honesty, your sense of the ridiculous, and for your talent too, take a break and a step back but don't give it up unless you really feel it's the right course of action for you.love Jo x


It is never bad to sit back and rethink priorities, goals and achievements. Our lives, as they should be are in constant change - so its good that you realize this and are thinking ahead to making changes to accomodate. I personally would be sad to see you disappear from the blog world - but you must do what you feel is right both for you as an individual and for your family. When something becomes are chore instead of a pleasure it is time to rethink.
Finding balance in my life, as with most of us is tough. Just recently I have decided that going back to work part time would be good for me as I would like to feel valued and respected in a professional capacity again. I have learned to say no more often - especially in regard to school requests and now only do what I enjoy and to be honest what I am best at. I take time to sew or knit regularly and we as a family take the time to spend together (difficult with teenagers) going to the movies or to hockey games which both my boys love to do. Good luck Simmy in this time of transition - trust your instincts. They are rarely wrong..... and keep in touch I hope.


Dear Simmy, someone sent me your blogg addy as I had an expressed an interest in trying my hands, (and sons), at natural, dying of some sheeps wool.
I decided to save exploring your blog for a treat with my morning coffee, (I home ed so quiet time to myself is almost non existant)! I was so sorry to read about your pain, I'm an animal lover too and feel like a bit of me dies everytime I lose a pet. Can't imagine the loss and shock your family are experiancing at the loss of your kitten, but have lost pets to old age and illness, so can empathise a little. We always plant something in memory, one dog has an apple tree:)
You are obviously a good person, gifted in many ways and wonderfuly creative. I loved reading your posts and looking at the pictures, I think it would be an awful shame if it stopped. But I think you have to be kind to yourself too, maybe take a break and think about things without so much pressure.
I have two teen daughters whom I love with all my being, but the older one especially reduces me to private tears sometimes. She knows just which buttons to press! It's not because she hates me really, but because she hates something else and knows it's safe to lash out at me, cause I'll still love her. All you can do is follow your heart. I'd say your family are VERY lucky to have you, and I'm sure the kids will see that again when the angry painful teen years settle.
Take care of your self....the eating chocolate sounds wise advice:))


I hope you have a nice break to contemplating to blog or not to blog. I enjoy your craftiness and get complements on the sweater bag frequently.

Being a stay at home is hard, the work is not valued by society. I like making things to prove to myself I do more than chauffer, cook and clean- (realizing I do much more than that but that is what most people reduce staying at home to).
I think I yelled my oldest for yelling at his sister and well it hit me wow he learned that from me. For a while he used the same tone of voice- it shook me up. I am in the lifeways training which focuses on early child development based on Steiner's work and the hardest challenge for me is to really be someone I want kids to imatate. I want it to be genuine and really me not just a mask I put on, which I am sure they would see through.
I am also lucky enough to have my own space and really there are times when the family drives me crazy and I can take a time out.
Maybe give yourself a schedule to work on your crafts as it is really a small business which you should be very proud.
I have tried blogging but really it makes me feel smaller than I am, comparing myself to other popular well written blogs. I have decided to be just a reader of these well written blogs :)

I hope you find peace to sort through your challenge.


Your childrens needs change as they grow older, as do yours. My teenager seems to think everything I do is stupid, and carefully thought out to irritate her as much as possible, she spends most of the time in her room nowadays doing "stuff" and not worrying if I need her. I expect my younger 2 will too eventually. I feel that you should do something for yourself everyday to keep your own identity, whether for 10 minutes or 3 hours, adapt it to fit in with what else is going on. And above all don't feel guilty. We are all human.

Simmy, I love your blog but you must do what you feel is right for yourself and your family. Like TV the web has a nasty tendency to stealthily infiltrate our lives and take over time that we used to use for living in. Don't sacrifice a real family for virtual friends.
Love Erica


If blogging is "your" thing, and your way of having a creative outlet, then maybe you should continue - but on your terms. Maybe have a FAQ section and don't reply to posts, or choose a few. Make one morning a week your blogging day. Move back into the kitchen, or only work when the children are at school, and then have a mobile basket of small things to craft that can be done in the family room. Don't foget you in all of this. Make things work for you and your family - the rest of us would miss your posts but will survive. Make this change for you.


Still thinking about you and praying for you. Hope things feel more settled for you now. xxoo


Hi - I first came to your blog when I read your how to live with a teen post back in June. Been there I'm afraid and about to go there again! Anyway I'm sorry to read about the hard times you've been having. I've seen quite a few bloggers come up against this feeling that blogging is becoming too large in their lives and some just close without a word. As a brand new blogger it makes me wonder whether to blog at all if I'm going to want to stop in a couple of years. However, it's an interesting point Ali makes above about some blogs maybe having a natural lifespan and as a crafty person I know that I do take on projects, learn all about them and then move on to something else. It's just this project is a bit more public. I firmly believe that as mothers we need time to ourselves in order to be good mothers the rest of the time - whatever we spend that time doing. I think only we can ultimately decide what is the right balance for us and our family, but friends certainly help us see the way a bit more clearly sometimes. Good luck with your reflections.

Barbara C.

I enjoy your blog a great deal....but remember...your children will grow up....so I would think they would be your most important priority!


I can relate to this crisis...I don't think I can offer any sort of advice. but I sure know how you feel. I have had to re-evaluate my blogging several times, and I haven't even been at it a year yet.


Oh Simmy, I can't balance either! I seem to lurch from one extreme to the other and hope that over the course of time I find space for it all in reasonable proportions. I think you have great insight into your failings which makes for lots of progress, but also lots of self-recriminations. Your commitment to your children has to include nurturing yourself as you say - otherwise you'll have nothing to give in the end. And while Amber may well be speaking the truth (I shout way too much too) she's a teenager now and it's her job to bring you up for every infraction. I hope you can find some peace for yourself knowing that your intentions are good and that you have the strength and ability to redress any imbalance. And look at your children - are they not fantastic? Can you not take solace from what a wonderful job you have done? I hope your crisis passes quickly. xxx


Just wanted to let you know that I am missing you, but understanding. You have been much in my prayers and thoughts. Hope all is going well and that you are getting yourself back on track. (((HUGS)))

Sarah Swart

I can relate. I am feeling kind of overwhelmed with a mom who is quite ill and I am trying to stay connected with her as she is on the downward spiral. I know that having a lot isn't that important to me, but right now it seems like it is. Having read the postings here I relate to "I'm having a crisis" and your post makes me realize how temporary it is, when right in this space it feels permanent. I need to live in the space where I am! Thank you for sharing. God bless!!
Sincerely, SS

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