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Simmy~ Just catching up with you here. Very glad to see you made it home safe and sound! It was so nice to meet you guys, and so happy that the rest of your trip was so lovely! Can't wait to read 'Part 4.' Definitely have to head north one of these days soon.



I am enjoying your tour of the States so much - thank you for sharing. The wonderfulness of it all comes across in your writing and photos.


oh my God, you actually met Kristin! Lucky lucky you :) I'm not sure if I want normal service to return...


i'm so happy you and your family had such a wonderful vacation!
i'm really enjoying reading about it and the pictures too...

Lemon Tree Tales

Wow it looks like you and your family had a simply amazing time in America. It's so nice to know that bloggers are a great bunch of people. :-) Welcome back home!



I'm so pleased you loved my piece of the country so much! I get slightly embarrassed by how fond I am of Western Massachusetts and Vermont, and to have you so pleased to come and see it and frolic through it is very heartening. So glad to see you are all safely home, and (I can only assume) getting back to your regular summer lives.


Simmy your trip sounds marvellous, and you have made many wonderful generous friends too. It is like reading a novel when I have been reading about your trip, and seeing all the wonderful things you have seen too. The book looks quite nice too and the cushions look wonderful. How generous your friend was to give you such beautiful colored yarn too, and I am sure I would have wanted to pick a ball of every color too.


Oh, I am enjoying this trip with you so much Simmy! Amazing locales, amazing people, amazing experiences, just wonderful, simply wonderful! Can't wait for the next installment and sorry it will be the last ....sigh....


So wonderful...It's been such a treat to be along with you on your journey to all the place you went to, and the lovely folks you visited with...Will be sad that next installment will be your last :o( I think you ought to go back soon so you can tell us more! LOL! ((HUGS))


It really sounds like the trip of a lifetime - one that will stay with you forever, partly because of all the amazing sights but mainly because of the wonderful people you met and the fabulous memories.


roll on part 4!!!

Wild Rose

It is just amazing how kind and generous this blogging community is. I think I may have written a similar comment earlier in the week, but people are just so friendly and welcoming. It makes me appreciate the wonderful friendships I am forming through my blog even more, as I know that bloggers are such special people.

Marie x

Mary Ann/ca

Oh please come to California next, I know lots of good yarn shops and I can entice the children with Disneyland! And I know the best brunch spot....


Simmy, sounds like you all had a wonderful time! What a blessed experience. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

pearl maple

You have such a delightful blog here. Am enjoying all the posts of your travels. I know many of these places well but am a million miles away but your descriptions make them sound so much closer.


Simmy, I have so enjoyed your account of your travels. I love visiting New England! You have really seen the best of the best. :)

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