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I'm so glad your posting about your trip to America. It's so fun to see it through your eyes. I've just ALWAYS wanted to go to England. I live in California, and we'll be driving to Illinois and back soon, so I'm excited to see some new parts of America myself. So glad you enjoyed your trip.



What a great posting!!! Glad you had a wonderful time!! Looking forward to hearing more!

P.S - for a more 'English' version of smores, try chocolate digestive biscuits (choc side inwards, of course!!) and marshmallows. They're not quite so sweet!

Jodi Lenz

thanks for the kind words, the pictures made us miss you guys and the fun times even more. Tell Raj I'm proud of him for remembering about the Philly Cheesestakes. Tell him that I haven't forgotten my promise about the baseball cards.


Mama Urchin

I'm glad you got to try hoagies, and Raj is right you won't get a real one (or a cheesesteak either) outside of Philly.


The house always looks so impressive in photos...you'll be pleased to know that the tent is STILL up-it's become a place for Ella to put her recycling cans and bottles. We had the best time with you, and sounds like you had the best blog tour ever. And OH MY that fairy house is just gorgeous.


what a great time you had!
it is so much fun to read your blog and share your journey - can't wait for the second part...


Welcome home! Quite often I'm embarrassed by the actions of our leaders in the U.S., but individually most American are nice people. It sounds like you visited with some families who are the "cream of the crop" though. What a wonderful visit it sounds like you had.


Simmy I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your trip on installment number 1!!! I am really looking forward to hearing more. It sounds the most amazing trip ever! What a wonderful experience!


Sounds like you had a really great time, shopping in America is wonderful isn't it? The Americans are very hospitable people, there's nothing like staying in someone's home to really experience the lifestyle - it's completely different to staying in a hotel. Look forward to reading about Vermont and Mass as that's my stamping ground when I'm in the US.


Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that faery house is amazing!


welcome home!! wow, when i saw the lovely length of this post i went and made coffee and now have just had the most wonderful read! i couldn't get enough. more more more please!!!

Christiane Payton

I'm thrilled to hear that your trip to the US was so much fun. And how exciting to think that the internet can provide both a virtual as well as a concrete and physical connection between folks. You go girl!



Hi Simmy,
Marc and I were in a deli this morning. I was buying him lunch, as he was going to work, and I happened to notice Philly Cheese Steaks on the menu. So I told Marc the story about Raj laughing in NYC, which in turn made us laugh. The man behind the counter overhead us, and very seriously assured me that his Philly Cheese Steaks were really genuine and delicious. I didn't tell him that Raj would certainly laugh at his Philly cheese steaks, too!

Miss you, and hope you're getting back into the swing of things!
Love, Wylie


Oh, Simmy...I'm literally in tears reading this...because I'm so happy you and your family had this wonderful experience and journey. That your first trip to the States was embrace with so much love, kindess, generosity and fun--lots of memories for you all to cherish there. And of course, I had a tear or two seeing some scenes from my beloved Pennsylvania too. So great to see these photos. And can't wait to see more photos and read your part two of the trip! Hope you all have a great weekend and are now settling in nicely at home again. ((HUGS))


It does sound and look as though your family had a wonderful time Simmy. No wonder your moping around. I cant believe how beautiful your friend's house is too, such a dream. Glad to see that you have returned so we can read all about your adventures too.


So thrilled to see you home after a fabuous blog tour, hope I get a blog tour too one day! I welled up about the bag, what a fab thing to do, I also can't wait for part 2!


Sounds like so much fun - I'm envious. Not sure I want the 30C weather, though the weather here has been hardly what one could call summer!

Wild Rose

Hi Simmy

Welcome home.. We missed you.

It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time and I am so glad to hear that everyone made you feel welcome. What a truly amazing blogging community!

Marie x

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