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You're back! Yippee - I've missed you. Can't wait for the adventures...


Oh I am so glad you had a great time. I thought about you last week and wondered if you were having the time of your life! Tell us everything as soon as you catch your breath and get settled.


Oh how great that you have returned. I have missed reading your little adventures, and now you will have some big adventures to blog about too. Cant wait!

Wylie Hunt

Love the photo of the suitcases! Imagine you spent time doing laundry and unpacking all your goodies. I thought I was tired yesterday, but was even more "knackered" today! :)

Miss you and hope to hear from you soon,


Yay, glad you're back. I was so bummed that we couldn't meet up again: Wylie's phone number didn't work and I left you a message on your mobile (hope you got it and didn't think I'd ditched you). We had such a lovely time with you, but it was oh so short. Hopefully we can make it over your way sometime. And I didn't even show you the scarf I knitted with the rainbow colours of wool that you sent me...I remembered that today as I was dyeing and carding and found a little of your walnut dyed wool to add into the carding. Love to the kids and Tom. I'll get Remi to write to Rohan soon.


I'm SO glad you had a good trip in America and you made my day by you brief description about how nice everyone is. I was so thankful to read spomthing good about America (& Americans) it cheered me up. We're in an awful muddle over there with not National health care and this awful war...don't get me started about our president....it's embarassing!


Welcome home, glad to hear that you had a great time. I can sympathise with the suitcase and clothes - have been home two days and I am on my sixth load already!!! Looking foward to hearing all about your travels.


Wonderful to hear you are back safe and sound. So glad you all had a great trip and all your daily plans came together. I kept watching the weather where you were and saw that you had to find ways to beat the heat.
Hope your laundry load is lighter today!


Good to see you back again, I'm glad you had such a good time and I'm looking forward to reading all about it. It takes a while to come back down to earth after a holiday, nothing seems quite real for a couple of days.


Welcome back, Simmy! I'm glad you and your family had such a wonderful holiday in the States. By chance, while reading Kristin Nicholas' blog, I heard of some of your adventures and what a delightful and beautiful family you are. No surprise there! Your warmth shines out in every post. Anyway, I am happy you are back; I missed you. Now try to take it a little bit easy, reorient yourself,and we will all look forward to hearing about your trip.


Welcome home Simmy - glad to hear that you all had such a lovely time. I shall look forward to reading about your adventures in future posts....


Welcome back, you were missed!


welcome back. It seems ages since you went away - sounds like you've had an awesome time, looking forward to reading all about it once your feet touch down on solid ground again xxx

Mary Ann/ca

Welcome home Simmy, we're back from our India adventure too where everyone was so sweet and charming and made us feel like part of their family. I'll email you a link to our DD wedding photos and look forward to hearing of all your adventures in USA.


Welcome back Simmy! I have been checking in every day just on the off chance that you would pop in. GLad to know you had a lovely time and am looking forward to hearing more about your adventure and seeing all the pictures! {{{{HUGS}}}}


I have been thinking about your re-entry to homeland and looking forward to reading about your adventures! I just loved our brief visit and meeting your wonderful family, such bright and attractive children! I hope we'll meet again one day, one side of the pond or the other!


Lovely to have you home again, Dear Simmy! So overjoyed that you had a marvelous holiday in the States! I too was checking in here often, thinking maybe you were able to post while away--LOL! Can't wait to read & see more of your American Adventure. I didn't get to stop by here until now...some sad days for us, as my Gram died this past weekend and we couldn't get there in time for the funeral. Lots happening while you were away. Hope you're settling in home again nicely, unpacking and enjoying again treasures you've surely brought back with you! See you soon! ((HUGS))

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