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Oh, happy day! I'm so glad the sun shone and the day was a grand success in so many ways! What a lot of money raise--and fudge bought--LOL! Had to laugh over the pelvic floor exercises--hehehe...I was doing my sunshine dance, though! Loved seeing pictures and new of the day. It's great that there was such a warm reception to the school and that everyone knows now the positive fixture of the community it can be. Though I'm sad that you didn't sell every last item at your stall...I was hoping there'd be some leftover goodies! I'm heading over to your shop now! You did fantanstic this weekend, Simmy--bless your sweet heart! HUGS :o)


I am so glad that the fair was a success. Your stall looked lovely. If I was there I would have treated myself to some fudge. Well done on being such a brilliant organiser. When can you come over and help me organise my house into shape?

Wylie Hunt

You are brilliant! Such a success, and I know how hard you worked. I used to do a huge Christmas Fair at our church. You deserve some time to just regroup now. Can't wait until August, but don't want the summer to fly by. We are so looking forward to having you come!
Love, Wylie


I am so glad the weather worked out and your fair was a success.
I'm sure your right about the community relations piece being a big benefit from the day. I work at a school with the same sort of situation.

I agree with Simone, your stand looked lovely!

stephanie s

i am so happy that your day was such a success. it looks wonderful, and so do all your goodies - even better that you have an etsy shop too move the holdovers into...
sent the fabric to you a week ago - you should have it any day.



SOOO glad you had a great day for the fair! WE had a lovely day here Saturday too and also yesterday and today is great as well! How is the diet coming? Good I hope. I am sorry I haven't been as supportive as I would have liked to be, but I didn't have a comp to use over in Canada. I thought about you every day though and wondered what all you had been up to and how the diet was going! I think your stand looked lovely and am amazed at 60 bags of fudge!


I'm so glad that the sun came out for you - you certainly deserved it after all that hard work. It looks like a fab school fete, and it's great that it did a wonderful job of welcoming people in aswell as raising a pretty tidy sum. I'm only sad that I don't live closer or one of those bags of fudge would now be mine! Well done Simmy!


So glad that the rain held off and it was a gloriously sunny day - just perfect for a summer fete. Well done on organizing it and making it such a sucess.


We have the same issue with our Waldorf fair. We now have a Fall Festival, where the craft items really sell well for the holidays ahead. Our spring May Faire doesn't sell as well, so we have turned that to more games and craft making. Making flower garland headbands, and riding the dragon swing, and pocket person and painting flowerpots, and strolling minstrels, etc. A fun time, but not such a craft fund raising fair.

Anyway, it looked lovely. What I would like to see sometime are photos of coconut shies and dodgems. I read about those in Miss Read books, and other English based stories, but am not sure what they translate to here across the pond.


So glad the sun shined and you had a lovely day, hope the sun shines for me next Saturday as I'm off to do a fair in Worthing!


Our big fair is the Winter Fair which I've organized for a few years, so I know how much work you did--you deserved to have a rest. Your's looks lovely and I wish I could have been there! Glad you had a sunny day.


Whoo Hoo! Simmy~ Your fair looked AWESOME! So glad you had your well-deserved perfectly glorious day. Just wish we could have popped in Mary Poppins-style and grabbed up some of that fudge :)


Oh I love fish fingers, potatoes and beans! Some how fish fingers just don't taste the same here....

Seriously, I am delighted to hear that our pelvic floor exercises did the trick and you had the day you had hoped for. Your stall looks great. Congratulations on organizing such a hugely successful event Simmy. You deserve a pat on the back!

Marie x


Job well done and a perfect day. I would have come, I love fairs like that, and I love all the stuff that steiner schools sell...I used to always get modelling wax from a Steiner stall in Sydney. you'll have to bring your fudge recipe with you when you come. Oscar and I tried to make it 3 times and it was a HUGE failure (still tasted good though!). Congratualations.

little jenny wren

Well done Simmy. I bet you are glad that is done and dusted. It sounds like a great fair and a good public relations exercise. Will you be making any fudge again soon.

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