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Well, I'm working on a list of fun things for while you're in VT and Maine. There are two yarn shops near us and a great farmer's market on Saturday with various spinners and crafters exhibiting as well as farmers.

Amber can rest assured that in Kittery (in between Portsmouth and York) she will find Old Navy, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, and just about every outlet that exists. http://www.thekitteryoutlets.com/

Between Kristin and me is WEBS http://yarn.com/s/storelocator.html

Can't wait!


I was so happy to see I was picked to receive fudge but the postie didn't leave me any! Someone, somewhere is eating my fudge! Lucky them :-) Have a wonderful holiday Simmy. I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back.


Hi Simmy,

It sounds like a wonderful holiday is planned and I'm sure that you will have the most amazing experiences.

I had to smile at the idea of your neighbour returning your underwear in a brown envelope!! LOL

Marie x

little jenny wren

Simmy, you must all be so excited. Isn't it wonderful that your beautiful blog has brought you this beautiful holiday. Who would have thought it could happen. The wonders of cyberspace.

little jenny wren

Simmy, you must all be so excited. Isn't it wonderful that your beautiful blog has brought you this beautiful holiday. Who would have thought it could happen. The wonders of cyberspace.

Evelyn Lum

Simmy, I just got back from visiting my family in Singapore. I can remember all the excitement just prior to the trip. That is probably what you must be feeling right now. Enjoy yourselves as it is so true time flies when you are having fun!
In the meantime, please check my blog and read about Krystal and Alec. I really could use your help and support on this one.


Oh Simmy, it DOES sound that you will be having a positively lovely trip! I, like you, know first hand about the generosity of my blogging friends and how much they have and can bless one's life! I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures when you get back!!! I am quite sure your fudge was very much enjoyed by the lucky recipients!


Apologies to the postman. I have just received my fudge. Simmy, yours is the best fudge ever! It was crumbly melt in the mouth and very, very moreish! Thank you very, very much!


Sounds like a busy, but great trip! I think that staying with friends makes it less stressful. I am emailing you a Lancaster shopping suggestion.


Simmy, your underwear story has me in fits of laughing.--what a vivid story! Oh, my...Your trip sounds fantastic! Perfect for a first time trip to America. And how wonderful that you'll be staying with friends so much of the time--better than a hotel or even B & B! So many great places all of you will be going to--what an adventure! I'll have to give a think about place for they boys...Your fudge super! I was so lucky to receive some with that package of yours, with those lovely brooches I ordered. That fugde can't have lasted but 5 minutes in this house--it was goggled up--scrummy! ((HUGS))


That trip sounds amazing. I'm sure you'll have the most wonderful time!


Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous time with some wonderful people - isn't it heartwarming that people are so generous and welcoming - gives you hope for the world. And talking of generous I've just got the fudge you sent me, the kettle has just boiled and so for the next hour until the school run I shall be blissed out! Thanks for the fudge Simmy and good luck with all of your packing (I shall be giggling while I eat my fudge with the mental picture of your knickers blowing away!!)

Wylie Hunt

Oh Simmy, I am so excited. I will think of wonderful things for you to do while you are in NY, and also if you just want to use the last day here to collapse and gear up for the return home, that's fine, too. Honestly. I think you are going to so much fun, but you will probably be exhausted by the end of the trip, too. So, we will definitely play it by ear, and whatever you feel like when you get here is fine with us. We could even just go down and sit by my neighbor's pool, and watch the kids swim and knit together! :)

I am praying for safe travels for you, and hope you'll keep in touch when you have access to your e-mail. We'll have good food, good drink, cozy beds and washing machines ready for you when you arrive!

Love, Wylie

PS: I printed out your post and sent it on to my mother. She will be tickled pink that you mentioned her! :)


When you're at Webs in Northampton, there's a terrific little fabric store around the corner: www.valleyfabrics.com. Also, teens love shopping in downtown Northampton, particularly at Faces. There's a terrific science store for the boys: http://www.a-two-z.com. Let me know if you'd like more recommendations!


Oh Simmy, your blog and it's humour is always priceless, much as I'm sick with jealousy, about your trip I'm also excited for you, but the best bit today was the knickers in an envelope, it really tickled me, we live in a large 1930's house and its actually written in the deeds that you can only put your washing out once a week, I think this is linked to the 'posh' not hanging the washing out and lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, do have a fantastic holiday, I will look forward to hearing all about it!


Have fun on your trip - hope that it exceeds your expectations.


Old Navy - an offshoot of The Gap is a good place to shop for the whole family really and they are much cheaper than The Gap too with just as fashionable clothes- probably if not more. My local one is always full of teenage girls filling their carts with the latest must have. Thought I should mention too just in case you do not realize - and apologies if you do, but B&B's here in the US tend to be very expensive and cater to the couples crowd rather than for family groups. When we travel around and are not camping we usually stay in motels - Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn etc. Admittedly they are not very attractive, but they usually throw in free breakfasts, most have pools and with 2 queen beds in each room can easliy sleep 4. If you are just looking for a place to sleep rather than for ambiance, they will save you a ton of money.


it is amazing to find friends across lands and seas.. passing some world's wonders, the hospitality and friendliness of strangers.


Hi, this is my first time to visit your blog. It is wonderful. There are some wonderful people in the world. Yes, there are Bed and Breakfasts here in the US and I have never been to one where the owners were not as friendly as could be. Enjoy.

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