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Simmy you are truly a domestic goddess.

Angie at www.threadcatcher.blogspot.com

Wow, Simmy, I LOVE that bag!!! Totally awesome, my friend! And those apple 'pies' look yummy to me! :D


Wow Simmy. All that effort for an ex boyfriend! I hope he appreciated it. Lovely bag too.


Wow - quick thinking and it all looks so delicious too!


Simmy, you are amazing! Whipping off that delicious lunch and finishing off that gorgeous new bag in just two and a half hours! Take lots of photos at the Waldorf Summer Faire, I'd love to see all the crafts you (and hopefully others ) have made.


you certainly know how to work wonders when in a pinch!! sorry to hear the rain hasn't let up any.

and that BAG!! well, it's gorgeous! :)

Mary Ann/ca

I love that bag! How did you do the centers? They look 3D, almost like a satin stitch over a washer or something like that...am I close? I don't do a blog, mostly because I do only a little crafting these days but I love reading others and I'll try and comment more often. Only 7 weeks to India now!


Lovely lovely bags - and the soupm sounds delicious. I love soup and I'm always looking for new recipes!

I wish I had shares in Swiss Marigold. It's fab stuff.

Wild Rose

Hi Simmy

I hope that in all the panic, you had time to change out of your pyjamas before your lunch guests arrived!

I wish that I could buy Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon, as I keep reading what a great product it is. The soup sounds delicious.

Thanks for the lovely comment and e-mail.

Marie x


Simmy, you do know that you are amazing, right?
I do wish my day would work out so nicely like that. Mosty I just deal with cobwebs, piles of dishes, piles of sewing and take a nice walk and nice meal.

little jenny wren

Well done , I could feel your panic and your practical mum voice talking you through it. I have been there so many times before and sometimes they are the best meals. You see that is why you make all those meals day after day, year after year, so that when the crunch comes you can come up with something great.

little jenny wren

Well done , I could feel your panic and your practical mum voice talking you through it. I have been there so many times before and sometimes they are the best meals. You see that is why you make all those meals day after day, year after year, so that when the crunch comes you can come up with something great.


Wow--what super accomplishments in next to no time! Your menu looks a treat--can almost smell & taste everything your pics are so great. And I LOVE this bag the best, I think...very cheery, happy bag that one! How's the sewing machine, will you need to take it to get fixed? Thanks for the emails of late--been so lovely hearing from you!! ((HUGS))


Wow- I love it when I can come up with a good dinner even when the cupboards are relatively bare, but for company, that's even more impressive! It's super-hot here in Kentucky, but I have been hungry for good soup, your's looks great.

I really like the bag, that spiral stitching is great and I like the way it contrasts with the "asterisks" on the other flowers. It looks very mod and cool.

By the way, your comment on my blog was the first one that wasn't from my sister or husband and it was a HUGE boost, thanks so much for it!!!


I bow to your creativity on every front!!

love that bag too.


I happened onto your blog via another blog....and I must admit, you had me hooked and I am in awe at your being able to produce a meal from your cupboards and for guests!

Then I read "is it worth it"....I agree with you wholeheartedly...go girl go! It is just too bad that the hours in a day don't match our "want-to-do" lists (not have-to-do).

Peggy (from Quebec, Canada)

Wylie Hunt

beautiful bag, beautiful meal, perfectly planned! wish I'd been there!


I just bought a new sewing machine and am working up the courage to tackle free motion sewing. The sewing you did on your felted bags is very professional---how did you learn how to do it? I knit and sew (a little) and I also find myself asking if it's worth it from time to time. I think that you have to get more fulfillment and joy out of the process than you do the finished item to make crafting worthwhile.


I was away when you posted your angst-ridden "is it worth it?" post, so didn't respond right away. I want to reassure you that I have been lurking for ages from the west coast of Canada, and I relate to, appreciate, and take inspiration from you in every aspect that you share with us - family, self-care, crafting, creativity, and the drama and humour of the day-to-day.


Wow Simmy I love the bag!! I know they are destined for the school sale but I really want this one. Have you set a price? And the soup and bread looked beautiful, can I drop in next time we are in England?



You are AMAZING! It's like there was a time warp, (or was it Dr Who's telephone booth) in your house. How DO you do it all!

We're not worthy (gesticulate, gesticulate) ;)

PS~ Love the bags, especially that last one. And YES, I DO think it's all worth it :) And I couldn't imagine not being able to 'stop by and visit' every few days. Makes me feel so continental, and can I just say again what an inspiration you always are!? (Yes, I can ;)


Mama Urchin

I really like the purple.


I'd like to think I could turn out a meal like that from next to nothing in a couple of hours - it was the kind of thing my mum could do but I haven't inherited her skills there! I need lots of time and an extensive shopping list:) It really does look delicious.
The bag is absolutely beautiful, you are so talented at crafts - I just love the colour of it. Hope you get better weather for the School Fair than we've been having lately. I feel so sorry for all the ones that must have been washed out by the rain, so much hard work goes into organizing them.


Simmy, I missed that last post because I was away in Woolfest, those bags are absolutely fabulous, and it is all worth it, and blogging is worth it, your blog is always a joy! I love comments too and certainly get a little disheartened about it sometimes. Great to see it all coming together, your blog is a frank, funny, honest, reflection of your life, and this post just sums it all up!


...and then someone pins you with that "SuperSimmy" badge that you so surely have earned by now!

Can't wait to try the recipe.


Wow, you've been in a whirl of productivity. The bag is gorgeous, I love the flowers so much. I'll have to try that soup as it sounds delicious and I'm a big fan of marigold bouillon (like to drink it in winter instead of tea). I love that you just threw everything together and it turned out well - it just goes too show that too much planning just equals stress and that creatively winging it is definitely the way to go. Hope your machine is easily fixed.


Hi, I read that post!


The soup looks delicious, and so do the little apple pies. I am sure that all was eaten and there were no leftovers. I love the new purple bag, so pretty.

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