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What gorgeous colours Simmy. And you are so right about not cooking freeing up time.


Those colors are beautiful!! Just absolutely delicious, I love the variegation. If you would consider leaving some of the fleece uncarded, I would love to buy some to use as hair for my felted dolls!


They are so pretty. Do you have to bleach the blanket first?

Elisa Lataster

Hello, I just want you to know that I love to read your blog. To see the beautiful things you make, admire your house and surroundings, and feel touched by your sweet soul. I wish you and your family all the best and lots of love.


All those colors look amazing. I think the fleece looks wonderful too. It is great when you dont need to cook, and it does seem to take up quite a bit of time doesnt it. Quick and easy meals are good sometimes throughout the week, and it was probably good for your relationship to spend some alone time together. Glad the boys had such a great time too.

little jenny wren

Such soft pretty colours. Well done.


OMG, I cannot believe we both love Madonna! Desperately Seeking is my #1 all time fave.

Thanks for teaching me about dying. I am really into it and can't wait to try some yarn I've been hanging onto.


Absolutely amazing dyeing photos! The process of dyeing is quite exhausting, but so rewarding to see all those beautiful colours! If you have time to answer, can you tell me how colour fast natural dyes are, both mordanted and unmordanted?


very pretty shades of colour (:


What beautiful colours you have created there with your dyes!!! I love all of them. You sure have a real talent for this work. Can you believe I have never seen the movie Desperately Seeking Susan? I know, what a sheltered life have I led????? My ex husband would only watch man movies and so I just never got to see it. I am wanting to now though! Sounds like a lovely weekend, with just you and Amber.


Beautiful colours on the blanket - you were very busy. Had a similar weekend here too (without the dyeing). My youngest and husband went away so my oldest nad I had the weekend to ourselves. It was lovely to reconnect with him, we cooked a curry together, saw a movie and also went to a "gig" to watch his guitar teacher perform. It was nice just the two of us I must say.


these are so beautiful! I tried my first plant dyeing after being so much inspired by u and your blog. I dyed some ull yarn by onion skin. It turned out a bit darker yellow, rather than the very bright gold yellow you had. :)


what a wonderful rainbow day - sounds like great fun :)


Those are amazingly beautiful, I love the soft color saturation and that yellow overdye - GORGEOUS!


ack!! all of your dye work is simply gorgeous!!!

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