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Those owls are so cute! I loved hearing about your yard guests.


Oh my goodness, those owls are precious!!!


What a hoot! Now your extremely gifted family are also a team of forensic scientists. What a gruesome but fascinating find inside those pellets. My son would have enjoyed disecting those too! I love what you have done with the William Morris fabric. The fabric really lends itself to the tawny owl plumage


Oh cute!


Beautiful fabric owls! And what a find, all those owl pellets!


our whole family loves owls, have you ever read the children's book Owl Moon?

Jodi Lenz


the perfect place for owls taking pictures!!


Wonderful owls - they look so cute sitting in their tree!


How delightful!!! Glad the baby owl was ok, and even more glad you perchanced upon those lovely fabric owls! I really enjoyed this entry of yours ... it was a real "hoot"!!


It's perfectly orchestrated - what a surprise when I scrolled down and saw the photo with all your lovely owls!


Truly gross post!


How marvellous to have had an owl nesting so close by - I'm so glad that the baby survived all the pecking and hoo-ha. I love all the fabric owls you've made too:)I'm all for dragging Rohan out of bed to look at owls - I got all mine up to look at a family of hedgehogs in the garden years ago.


Twit twoooo! Glad to hear the owl was ok after all, and love the owls,they're fabulous.


Great work! it is interesting to see what owls eat (what a great science experience) and your flowery owls are excellent.


oh i really enjoyed that! the owls are great, very posh little owls with their wiliam and morris tummies!

Evelyn Lum

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with those wonderful owls. I was spellbounded and am so glad to know they are well and alive somewhere out there.
Your owls are lovely too, and what a great idea with that wonderful fabric. Good job, girl!

Jill Pettis

Have you read Owls in the Family http://www.amazon.com/Owls-Family-Farley-Mowat/dp/0440413613/ref=sr_1_13/102-5248147-9703350?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1179874449&sr=8-13 I have not but it has been recommended to me many times. I think your owls would make a great gift to a kid with this book.


What a hoot! I finally got around to making an owl, too, but mine didn't multiply and has now flown the...coop. best, c.


So cute, and SO TOTALLY COOL!

Z believes an owl lives in a tree outside his window and keeps him safe at night :-)


Wow, what great owls, did you make up the pattern? I'd love to make one for my little boy as he is owl obsessed!!

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