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The show that you visited looks wonderful. I hope you dont have to wash your next fleece too much. Oh well at least it gave you the time to do your housework at the same time. I love, love, love your owls, so cute and adorable too. What a great way to make use of that fabric you had.

little jenny wren

Those sheep all look so lovely. Their beautiful soft wool and so clean. The Leicester long wool was gorgeous. Pity you had to work so hard to get your wool clean.


Loved this virtual tour of the festival you were able to go to, despite the weather gloom and doom. Thanks so much for sharing it so kindly with us all! I love your crafts and hearing about it all. You are a true artiste!


Builth Wells is near one of our favourite places, Hay-on-Wye. We have stayed there several times, the main attractions being the bookshops of course.
The show sounds really great. Clicking on the links, it seems that they have separated the Wonderwool Wales from the Smallholder and Garden festival next year, the first in April, the other in May. What a shame, I would like to see both.

Bitter Betty

Wooly goodness and.. the owls are sooooo cute.

Your story about scrubbing the loo is funny. I usually have to invite people over for dinner to get that done properly!


Best photos of Wonderwool I've seen yet, I wanted to go but when K agreed we could go to Woolfest in June I just kept my mouth shut about Wonderwool, maybe we could have a meet next year!! I will look forward to it!


It looks like an interesting place to visit and a great show. I love alpacas - saw them up-close for the first time this year and I hope to own some one day.

Your owls are great and they look right at home in those trees.


That does sound like a fun time and best-laid plans, what are those? I give up because what you described seems to happen at every outset! I have a fleece to wash and a bathroom to clean, ahh symbiotic relationship.


How lucky you are to be able to visit such a beautiful place! And all that wool!!I don't think i would be able to to restrain myself.
Great owl too - love the fabric.


Hi Simmy! After being away on holiday two weeks, and in that time not having time to read blogs, it was wonderful to return and see what you've up to--especially your trip to Wales(a place I've longed to see) Glad the time was a good one, inspite of weahter and thing...Love the sweet little owl! Happy Days! :o)


Thanks for dropping in on my blog Simmy.I told my partner about your wool dying and how I want some sheep now so I can dye my own and he reminded me that not only can I not spin wool, I also can not knit or crochet! He is right you know but I have now joined the Grannyalong blog so now I have to learn!


waw, al this different kinds of wool. I love wool. I just finshed a pussman this evening & then I stuffed it with wool & I love the smell of it. Good luck !!!


Oooh...I loved all those different kinds of wools. I really should learn what wool is best for what (there's an article about it in the spinning mag I just bought) but it almost takes the magic out of it for me. My next big purchase is going to be a spinning wheel...I love the spindle but it just takes too long. I'll get back into the dyeing too when the kids finish school for the year. Love the owl, love your very real story about what to do with the family when it rains...sometimes you just have to get out and the day will unfold before you.

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