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tony(a)  Lemos

Hey Simmy,

I cannot wait to hear about the dandelion dyeing. The daffodil post and the tutorial are sooooo informative and useful.

Great seasonal table
Many Blessings, -t


Beautiful dyed woolens. Inspired by you, I've been doing some of the same lately. Just two more pieces left to do and then I'll post about it. I'm curious about the dandelions. It's still a little too soon for those around here and the daffodils are just barely out of the ground.
That reminds me, we still haven't dismantled our winter corner. I guess we're in no rush though as it tried to snow on us this morning and I'm sure that's not the last of it!


Wow it sounds so nice having all the children together to play all day long and wear themselves out. I love the felt colors that you dyed, and I agree with the crocs, so easy to slip on and off. I dont wear shoes in the house so they are always by the front door ready to slip on. Your easter table looks cute too.


What wonderful times! I wish I'd been out with Amber and her Auntie Nin too! Love your library books. We don't have a very interesting selection of books at ours at all. Oh I could comment so much on your wonderful post. I could really do with a pair of the mock crocs too for my dalliance in and out of the garden!


Sounds like a perfect time was had by all.


It is a Buschwindröschen (in german). Wait, the dictionairy said, an anemone. but well, there are many sorts of anemones.It is one that grows in the shadow of mostly beeches. And its poisenous (sp?).

Good to see you posting. Did you receive my emails? and my parcel?


love the material...how did you use the walnuts to dye?

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