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Evelyn Lum

Dear Simmy,

Your felt dandelion looks GREAT! I actually like the 'monester' one. They look extra brillant and should bring much more cheer. Good job, girl!

I have been looking for felts in various shades of green ... I want to make a felt golf course. Will you sell me some of yours?


Hi, Simmy! Thanks for the dandelion post! I'm actually looking forward to having some dandelions around now! Now, if we could just get out of the 30's (temperature wise) and get some sunshine around here we'll be all set!

Happy (belated) Easter & Have a wonderful train holiday to your parents!


I like your felt dandelion much better than the real ones in my yard! If you do get a chance, I'd like to see the pattern and make up a few myself!

Pamela Pollock

Dear Simmy,

My Mother who is soon to be 82 told me about your site. I am thinking that you may be around my age....or younger, I am 54. I love your site and all of your wealth of information. I have a yard full of dandelions and hope to someday do something with them. Make some wine, do some dyeing, etc. I made a salad this morning with the young leaves and blood oranges and cumin and lime dressing. It was quite yummy! I will try your curry recipe also. Best to you,

Pamela in Oregon, USA

Peg in Indiana  USA

Enjoyed your article on dying with dandelions. I am hoping to start collecting the flowers soon (we had 2 inches of snow over this past weekend!). I do a good amount of solar dying, sort of like making sun-tea, and want to try dandelions in that. Really liked your felt flower dandelions and would love to have the pattern you are using. Thanks for an interesting web site. Peg =^,,^=

Jodi Renshaw

I would LOVE to see a pattern for these dandelions. I am one of the rare folks who absolutely loves them :)

Thank you!
~ Jodi


I have the "Making flower children" book, too :-) And for easter I made a dandelion for a friend's easter basket. I didn't use any pattern for it, but saw in a magazine how to make the flower head. the leaves I took out of nature and drew a pattern myself. But I guess it has been too large for my natural table, too. should update our seasonal table, too.


What a nice post, so inspiring.
Personally, I rather like the larger-than-life dandelion. We found our first two dandelions in town yesterday (it warms up quicker there than at our house), growing in an especially warm spot between a south facing wall and a concrete sidewalk. Now you've got me looking forward to enough of them to put in the dyepot. The murky greens are nice but I'd like to give indigo dyeing a try sometime soon for some clearer greens as well.
Please share how you made the felt ones as I've only just now gotten around to dismantling the Winter nature "shelf".


Beautiful dandelion Simmy! I did the curry and it was lovely by the way, probably due to the lovely garam masala you gifted me with. I was chopping onions the other day and thought of you and your dying and thinking about what a wonderful colour the onionskins would give to something. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents!


I don't think anyone is likely to have a shortage of dandelions:) They are such lovely bright cheerful fowers and I love to see them growing in the wild - just not in my garden. If they were rarer people would pay a lot of money for those little plants which flower and flower non-stop all through the summer and have such pretty edible leaves.


Simmy, what did you use as a mordant for your blanket? I have some woollen blanket pieces I would like to dye as you did. I love the felt dandelion, the orchard etc and especially the comment about the monster dandelion being bigger than Mother Earth! Wonderful!


well, i certainly would love the dandelion pattern. you're so generous! thanks for sharing the dyeing info...very interesting and helpful should i ever bravely try this on my own.


I adore the dandelion. Its amazing how the colors came out identical, even in the way the light hits it on the outer edge of the petals vs. the middle. Very lovely.


Your dandelions are fabulous!

And I always am interested in reading about your natural dyeing adventures. :)

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