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Hello! I'm Tracy, writer of the Pink Purl blog you kindly mention. My musings on blogging and reading/commenting on blogs has stirred some interest. This is good. Because I feel, too, that blogging is a give & take kind of thing. It is a sharing process on both side. Sure we're all "guilty" at some point of not responding. Maybe read a blog once and know it's not for us, so we don't comment. But what about those blogs we faithfully visit? The writers of those blogs ought to know our appreciation, and thanks even for the inspiration...I comment at the blogs I read every day. I want the writes of those blogs to know a kindred spirit feels the same. We're all trying to connect, I feel. Even the readers who are too shy to comment, they're still trying to connect. Sometime we might not all have a lot to say. But it is the process of sharing in itself that matters the most. I was one of the shy ones at first. But I was so inspired by so many, I had to give my thanks, my gratitude. When I began blogging it was with great joy, and I still blog with joy. But after almost a year my readership is still relatively small. I get lots & lots of hits, I see that. But not many commnt, and that is frustrating when you want to reach out to people. I feel the comments are a way to share, to get a conversation going. A place to share ideas, memories, admiration, wonderment of the world. There is such joy to be shared--and that's what I try to do, through writing my own blog and commenting at others. For us relatively new blogger, if we receive no comments, we can only wonder if anyone is truly interested. Having hits are great, but it is the comments, the feedback that keeps us going, makes us want to keep going. I shows we're making a difference. I don't mean to sound like I'm on some kind of soapbox here. I just feel there are many wonderful blogs out there, but those blogs keep going because of comments & coonection with the readers. My post at Pink Purl was meant as a gentle reminder of that. Let's not be shy now...There are no "cliques" here--we're all in it together in one way or another! Ok, there...Simmy, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beret and the color too! Those knitted strawberries are the sweetest things--thank you for sharing the pattern. Where you live is just beautiful...Happy Days! :o)

Mama Urchin

The strawberries are so cute and that spider web was a great capture.


I'll delurk to say that I enjoy your blog and your crafting. My children attend a Waldorf school in Vermont, and we are always looking for inspiration for fun crafting--there is yarn all over our house and even in the glove compartment of our car. I don't comment much because I haven't gotten my act together to have a blog and feel like I should if I'm going to enter the blog community through comments. Sarah--off to help my daughter start a strawberry!


I am a lurker...ha...I love to read other's blogs to peer into pretty places that I don't live...the grass is always greener right? You live in a beautiful place! I love the strawberries also and the beret...red is good on you.

Wylie Hunt

Hi Simmy,

The photos of your walk in the countryside are so beautiful. They made me feel that I was walking along with you.

I remember that poignant, sad feeling about having school holidays end. My youngest (and only one at home now) is 16, and I still feel a bit like that when he has to go back. But it's different now because I'm working full-time out of the house, and even when he's on vacation, I'm at work usually. But I do remember being sad at the end of vacations.

I loved the strawberries and the beret, such a beautiful color of yarn, and you are so talented. I can only seem to knit a simple pattern like the shawls I'm doing, but I would love to be able to actually make something a little more complicated. When I am finished with the current shawl I'm working on, I will attempt something simple out of the Debbie Bliss book you sent me.

I, too, feel somewhat shy about posting a comment, because I don't have a blog, and I guess there is sort of this mystique or movie-star quality about the beautiful blogs and creations and photographs. I somehow feel like I'm not qualified to comment! But I usually try to post several comments on blogs about a parenting issue or a comment about child rearing, for whatever it's worth. Must get back to work now. Thank you for all your wonderful work and writing!
Fondly, Wylie


I'm shy to comment on established, but new to me blogs. Like I'm interrupting part way through a conversation.

Which, strangely, I have no problem doing in real life. Hmmm.. odd. I have to think about this some more.

You see Simmy, that's why I visit. You make me think.



Love your strawberries and the beret. You're a natural born encourager, especially in the department of shyness.

Jodi Lenz

stephanie s

i have just been feeling a bit guilty both about my blogging which has lagged a bit lately, and my not leaving very many comments of late either... because i too feel it is a two way street and haven't been holding up my end of the bargain. that said, i read you every time you post and love coming to visit. and those strawberries? they are just great.


Beautiful pictures! I can't wait until greenery starts appearing more around my parts.

I find commenting depends on my mood. Sometimes, I comment on absolutely everything I see and enjoy. Other times, like many blogline users, I just keep on reading. I must admit, when I'm new to a blog, I feel funny starting to comment. I never know if I should introduce myself or just go for it.


I don't comment on every blog I read. When I do comment it is because I have felt motivated or encouraged to do so. I love your photo's, strawb's and beret Simmy and just love the tweedy wool!

Denise Ridgway

as always wonderful post with beautiful photos.
Thanks so much for sharing.
all love


I am guilty of being a lurker on your blog (and many others). I am an introvert online and in real life.

I enjoy reading craft blogs, but my own blog is family stuff first and a little craftiness on the side.
I don't get many comments on my own blog, but I get a fair number of hits. My whole purpose for starting a blog was to keep in touch with friends and family, so many of my readers are people who see me, call me or email me instead of leaving a comment on the blog. They are also people who don't understand the world of blogging - they would say that I have a "website", and mine may be the only blog they have ever read.
I am ok with that.

I am trying to be better about interacting/commenting on the blogs that I read - since I do get such joy and inspiration from so many (including yours). But many blogs seem like such personal spaces - I feel as though I am coming in uninvited.
I have found I am more likely to comment on a blog if I "know" the blogger from somewhere outside of their blog - like a flickr group, whiplash or project spectrum. I think that has to do with the "relationship" piece you were talking about.

Since I am officially de-lurking right now I will say:
*The green jumper that was too small for Rohan, but the perfect size for Raj is beautiful. I love the green with the subtle color variation.
*I really enjoyed reading your mother's story - thank you for sharing it.
*I have your curry "tutorial" saved for future use.


Christiane Payton

Hi, my name is Christiane Payton and I've lurked but never posted a comment to a blog - ever. I am a mother of 4 children living on a small sheep farm in western Oregon in the US. I found your blog several weeks ago through the link from another blog. It almost brought me to tears, the first time I read your blog. I felt like I had found someone like me out there. An opinionated, creative woman who enjoys motherhood and who is open to the beauty of the natural world around her. I too am the child of immigrants (German) and your post on your mom made me howl with delight. I am inspired and energized by your work and there is nothing better than finding a new Simmy post early in the morning as I drink a cup of coffee in those few precious minutes before it is time to wake the children and get them ready for school.


It has been so great reading everyone's comments here! So many de-lurked...I think of my own blog as a way of start/or keeping a conversation going. I'm inviting anyone in who would like to join me, and hope to encounter some kindred spirits along the way..


OK I'll delurk too considering you put it so nicely. It is difficult sometimes to know what to say and I sometimes feel like I'm on a bit of a smash and grab raid - quick dip in, oggle the photos and out again without a trace! You're right though about blogging being a two way thing - feedback of any kind is definitely nice to have. I also find it's a question of time - I seem to be able to loose a whole morning just browsing and reading and I too tend to leave comments on blogs where I've already 'become settled' and lurk on others. Anyway, I wanted to say the strawbs are lovely and your springtime pictures are beautiful. I'll continue lurking but try and leave a few more comments along the way!


Hi Simmy - count me in as another de-lurker...! I love your blog and have been visiting for several months now, but always felt a little too shy to comment before.
Love the strawberries by the way -esp. the flecked ones which look so realistically pippy!


oh, those strawberries!!! must try one, too. (->tomorrow)

and about commenting. hm. i think it is a sort of interaction and i like to get comments on my posts, because i post to share my world. and i also like to comment on other blogs. sometimes i am out of words or have nothing to say. sometimes i want to comment, but people disabled anonymous comments, so i can't be a part of their world..blogging is interesting...ans strange. but i love it. it gave me so much impulse and inspiration!


I don't knit. But if I did, you'd be darn sure I would make is a whack of those strawberries. And then ... I don't know what I would do with them. Maybe use them as zipper pulls on fun summer totes? Or as a replacement for a pompom on a hat? They're darn cute anyway.


I do leave comments on blogs that I read, although not every single time. Sometimes I wait until another post appears and then comment on both. Naughty I know, and I love reading comments that people leave for me on my blog, so I am sure that they feel the same way about comments that I leave too. I love reading your blog, and I must say that those strawberries do look delicious, and the beret is beautiful too.


Hi- Delurking too, I read your blog regularly and it is a genuine and inspiring read all the time! I almost never comment on any of the few blogs I read, mostly because I feel like I am interrupting, but also because I am most often holding my nursing baby and am not good at typing one handed! I really enjoy your crafting and tutorial posts, they are among the best I have found on the web.


I've noticed more and more recently how much what I want to say in a comment box can sound so spammy and that stops me in my tracks when it's a blogger who doesn't know me. I don't wish to be mistaken for spam. :-D

That said, I am smitten with your spider web photo. Lovely!


I normally want to comment, but I usually don't want to reiterate what someone else has already said...so I keep being the silent observer. And, yes, I'm shy, too. However, I'll always keep visiting, because your blog makes me think :-)

Patti Gagliardi

Well, you convinced me to stop being shy! I love your strawberries and your dandelions too. Most fascinating is hearing about your life "across the pond". Living in a big city (Chicago), it is so inspiring to hear about your life and to realize there are more similarities than differences. Keep up the great work! Incidentally I have been working on strawberies too! I've been using wool fabric filled with emery.


Simmy, the beret looks great. Tres chic. :-)

Hmm, commenting on blogs. It depends on whether I'm tired or not, or have a lot of time or not. Also if someone has a gazillion comments already, I figure that they really don't need a silly one from me. On the other hand, if I really like something pictured then I'll give a little quick note. Often I feel that I should have something witty to say. There's only so many times that I can say words such as: adorable, sweet, darling, inspirational etc , without feeling like I'm just repeating myself.

But then I think to how I feel whenever I get a comment ... it's a nice feeling. So I try to leave a few sprinkled amongst the many, many, many blogs that are now on my favorites list.


Oh Simmy, I love, love, LOVE the strawberries and the beret! I've been a fan of your blog ever since I stumbled on it and was quick to pop it into my links just so I wouldn't forget where it was. I guess it was love at first byte for me (every pun intended!) I agree that it is a two way street. Comments are very important, or at least they are to me. I really enjoy the feedback. It lets me know that all my efforts are not in vain. It would be nice if more people that lurked came out into the open more often though, just so I could see where they are and thank them in person!

little jenny wren

Aren't the strawberries beautiful. I'll have to make some. I love getting comments on my blog and often leave comments on other blogs, though when it is school holidays I tend to just read quickly and move on to the next blog. Blogs are all about interaction , nobody likes just talking into a void. I love having my comments acknowledged too although I often tend not to do this myself because I'm a slacker.I'm coming up to my first anniversary and I know I'll continue because writing my blog makes me think and really look at things around me and that's a good thing.


I like to leave a comment, but I won't comment just for the sake of it, its always nice when new people I've visited and commented on come back to my blog and leave a comment, which is how all these longer blog friendships have started anyway, its a great subject, and I will go over and see what pinkpurl has to say! Love the beret, and the strawberries, I've just copied the pattern, I know someone who loves strawberries!


I've been a member of livejournal for a while, and while I enjoy the community, it can be every bit as angsty and dramatic as it's reputation on the net purports. Commenting there can be tricky--people get annoyed if you don't comment enough, people get annoyed if you do comment. I had someone reply to an LJ comment "who are you? Why are you reading my journal"

So, given that background, it took me a while to start commenting on blogs. I probably should comment more--I'm starting to see it as friendly chitcat at a social gathering, sometimes even if you can't think of what to say just getting started helps you open up.

Sometimes I find it intimidating when I see someone has 40 or more comments already and I figure what could I possibly add. On the other hand, I might be more likely to comment if I see no one else has yet. I do sympathize with Pink Purl's feelings of is anyone even reading what I write. But it's also for me, so I keep doing it.


Hi - your post inspired me to leave a comment! I love blogs like that. Love your strawberries too!


Oh my gosh, the strawberries are beyond cute!!

I have plans to sew some strawberries today actually. Maybe strawberries will be the next thing. :)

I'm not feeling brave enough to follow that pattern (dpn's scare me...I'm a straight needle girl) but maybe I'll play with some yarn and see if I can't figure out how to knit or crochet some too!

The beret is darling!!


I'm a lurker saying hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. :-)


thanks for sharing the beauty of the countryside where you live and the knitted strawberries are great! And you did a fab job on the beret, too.


Hi - Delurking to let you know how much I love popping by your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and crafts inspiring. Many many thanks for sharing!


Hi Simmy
This is my first visit to your blog and I would have commented even if you hadn't mentioned 'de-lurking'...promise! As a new blogger, I do feel shy about commenting on some long-established blogs, especially those that have a large following...and if I don't get any comments back from those bloggers, I feel less inclined to comment a second time.

I love the crab apple blossom and the beautiful view of the church -I really miss the english countryside.

Will visit again soon.



I'll do just about ANYTHING for a comment.

I just want to know that someone...anyone!...is out there reading.

But that's just me. : )


Hi- Love the pictures. I ususally do not comment as I do not feel part of the "in" crowd. I also feel really strange reading blogs- like voyeurism- or peeping tom.


Hi, I am delurking too. I just want to say I tried your lamb curry recipe and it was fantastic. Do you have any other curry recipes we can try? Love your blog.


OK I'll delurk. I try to leave comments but I get distracted so HI.


It is a two way exchange but only to a point really - the commenter does not get any feedback in the normal sense of an conversational interaction, it is only the blogger. I guess for those that have blogs themselves maybe its different as small circles of bloggers will get to know each other and comment positively for each other. Perhaps that's the idea that I am missing somehow especially being a non blogger myself.


Hi Simmy
I think your right about blogging being an interaction. I made my first full size Waldorf/Steiner doll recently and I got slightly stuck on how to tie the threads around the head to make the face shape. I remembered that you'd done a tutorial on it and it really helped me!

Also, it is nice to read about fellow mums who, like me, feel really passionate about motherhood. Blogs can help people feel less isolated. The downside is that your head can spin a bit if you go online too much.

...I've got to knit those strawberries btw!


Natalie (from Warwickshire)


Hi Simmy,
Lovely post as always!

I love your beret in red - I did it in a pale tweedy color and it's got quite a different character in red.

Since your dandelion posts I've been meaning to tell you that my friend's mom calls them "volunteers." She doesn't use the word "weed." I like that.

And lastly, thanks for spurring the debate about why you blog, why you post, etc. I've posted about this myself today!


I've just found your blog and couldn't possibly leave without a comment after reading this post! Mind you this will be the 42nd comment so you're doing very well. It is somewhat disheartening to write a post then have few comments.Even if people just leave one or two words at least you know someone else has read it. So I won't lurk anymore and will try to leave comments on everybody's I visit!
I love your strawberries by the way - very oiriginal.


great post - well said.

Love the pictures of spring, I always forget how amazing it is whent things come into bloom.

Great strawberries, very fun.

(jennhx.com pointed me in your direction)


For a 'nothing much has been happening' post that was really interesting:) I comment on quite a few blogs but not necessarily on every post, just when I have something to say. For a start I don't have the time especially in summer when the garden is calling. I do love getting comments on my own blog too, but again I don't post every day now - time constraints again. It would be very easy to spend all day reading and commenting on blogs and then writing a post of my own, but then I wouldn't have much of a life to write about:)
The beret is lovely and, as always, the photos of the countryside where you live are a delight.


I feel like I should comment on blogs that I start to read a little more regularly-and I do. To me it's like peeking over the neighbour's fence without saying "hi!" or something. I love being able to look into people's lives via blogging, but feel it's only fair to introduce myself and let them know I'm there. I regularly leave comments, even if it's only to give someone a pat on the back for something they've made...afterall they wouldn't be posting about it if they weren't proud of their efforts and wanting a little encouragement. That's what I love most about all the crafty blogs out there...it's a way we can have of sharing our work with like minded people without seeming like we are bragging. I've never really had that with my friends before (except my sister in law)...it's great to be able to get some feedback.

My blog is a mixture of that crafty sharing and a way of keeping in contact with family and friends (as we live overseas)...I sometimes feel a bit split about it...like I should have two blogs as most of my comments are from my family. I get very few comments from new people, but when I do I LOVE it! It's like meeting someone new.

And Simmy, LOVE the red beret...definitely inspiring me to do some knitting again...I've been crocheting for MONTHS now and I'm looking forward to some different wrist movements!!!!

Evelyn Lum

Simmy, I just want you to know that I LOVE your blog. You are so gifted and creative. I love to read about your kids & family life as well. You have been an inspiration to me. Also, your pictures are always so well taken. Simply awesome. Keep up the good work, girl!


I don't have a hard time commenting, not being an introvert. My trouble is that I have precious little time I have dedicated to reading blogs so I remain a bit obscure in the blogosphere.
I came here through your flickr, where we are contacts (bramblescratched), BTW.


oh, I also wanted to say I am knitting with Takhi donegal Tweed in red right now, too!

Mary Ann/ca

Hi Simmy, So since I don't have a blog (I am photographically challenged and don't think anyone would enjoy just me rambling on ...lol) so it took me a while to start to commenting on the blogs I read daily. But every time I have taken the time to say more then just a quick hi, someone as bright and talented as you reaches out to me too. So I am delurking more and more these days. I can't imagine my more coffee now without all my friends...and I love the strawberries too!


Oh I'm so pleased you tried the strawberry pattern! Isn't it fun? Thanks for mentioning my blog (although the link isn't working).

I adore that beret.


Hello Echoes of a dream - this is my first visit - I came via Flibbertygibbet - and I enjoyed your post very much, loved the photos and your little strawberries. I will be back (I seem to be your 125th Bloglines subscriber) and have resolved to be less shy about commenting! Elizabeth


just to say Hi - I just found your blog - like we all do - by linking and linking to blogs from other blogs - I understand about the comment thing really well - I look at my stats and they record 100's of visits, but only six comments and I think - 'am I writing a load of tripe?' why don't people call by and then say 'hi'? of course i know the answer - I don't comment on every post - but maybe I should be better at sharing my admiration - so i will. Hi - and I will have a browse through your site and visit again! thanks for provoking thought this morning!


Love those strawberries! I just discovered your blog, and I look forward to spending more time here. Thanks for blogging.


I found blogs several months ago while I was off work on disability fighting breast cancer. I don't have a blog, haven't figured the whole thing out yet (any help would be appreciated!) but I attribute my survivorship to the crafting blogs I've visited thru Turkeyfeathers (my first found blog). I leave comments always to let the bloggers know what a positive impact you have on this reader that doesn't live in your blog world. The pictures, the inspiration thru your crafts and the insightfulness of your posts have kept me going thru the bad days and now thru the healing days. Back at work, little time for myself but daydreaming of a life away from the office. Love your crafts, longing for the days of hours to do the same. M :-)

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