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Simmy, that looks just like the curry my mom used to make! We obviously had some influence from the Punjab in our town because I haven't come across a similar kind of curry in the UK or over here.

The closest I get to what we used to have when I order a curry is a Rogan Josh.

I'll have to try making some garam masala. I never have before - we could just buy it at the market in Cape Town and my mom always had some from somewhere at home.


yum, I'll give that a go, although it is very similar to how I make curry anyway. I love Indian food. And we have had some great stuff living in Singapore. And even here there is a FANTASTIC little (very authentic) curry house just around the corner.
The way I was told to do it by my Indian friend in Aus was to put the spices into the pan first with the onion and garlic so that the flavour comes out more -like the garam masala. I always just use a combination of those spices (never GM) but my favourite part is the smell when they are sizzling away.mmm


I just LOVE Indian food, but I noticed early on that many dishes look like Alpo Chunky Moist. But it sure is yummy!


That's just like my Mum's. Good curry thoughts going on here.


I must have a go at making this Simmy. Real comfort food.


This looks and sounds absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing such a special recipe!


I'm going to have a go at this on the weekend Simmy! It looks fabulous!


Mmmmm - the curry looks so good! As soon as I read your post this morning I was tempted to make it right away! (I suppose it doesn't help that we have all the ingredients in the cabinet and I'm pregnant and prone to doing such impulsive things....!) Fortunately, my husband called and talked me out of making for breakfast, and so we'll have it for dinner later this week. I can't wait! Thanks for posting!


Hey Simmy,

Hit your blog twice today to copy the recipe for the curry. Considering all the comments, dont you think its cool that the aroma of your Mom's curry will be wafting all over the planet this week?


Oh yummy, I can smell the aromatic spices right now.


Thanks for sharing this recipe. Will have to give this one a go.


Oh yum, I know what we are having for dinner tonight! Thanks for sharing your mother's recipe. I just read her story at the same time today. It is invaluable to know some of our parent's lives before we were born.


Hi, thanks for posting your mums recipe, it's simmering away nicely as I type! I'm using quorn chunks instead of lamb, and I didn't have any tomatoes or fresh ginger, so I used a few squirts of tomato puree and a teaspoon of ginger powder. Smells good! Oh, and it's the first curry I've made without using a curry sauce. :) So, thanks again!


oh yum. I am defintely bookmarking this page. We have a yearling lamb that needs to be butchered and what a wonderful way to eat him.


Hi Simmy,
Thanks for receipe. Just made it and it tastes great and full of flavour - yet so easy and uncomplicated.
Any other receipes like this you might have ?
Thanks again

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