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Beautiful photos of the museum and the cathedral Simmy! I know that sort of stove well - my parents also had one!


The cathedral is wonderful judging by the photos. I must admit I've only made one brief visit to Gloucester and I was distinctly underwhelmed - but it was Sunday and I didn't see the lovely old museum or the Tailor of Gloucester's shop. I just happen to have a copy of the book right by me and you're right - it's exactly the same! How wonderful.


Thankyou for the wonderful photos and commentary - I feel like I've had a little day out without leaving the airconditioning and heading into the sweltering heat here. (That cathedral looks amazing!).

little jenny wren

The folk museum looks really interesting. I find that when you actually walk around a town/city you can often find really interesting places and get a better fell for a place than when you breeze through in a car. It's one of the benefits of using public transport I guess.


Don't you love when you find treaures when you are not expecting to! I find it really frustrating when bad planning decisions ruin a town or city. My dad is a town planner and I grew up with his council making wonderful decisions and transforming the town where he worked for the better. I find I get really angry when I see things like that building next to that house. How can people be so stupid? I'm sure it all has to do with a certain amount of corruption. And I had to laugh when you said you'd called Amber's friend (my kids would be going "SEE! I NEED a phone!).


oh my god! we had No 3 christened there about three weeks ago! I live in Cheltenham but Gloucester was my home for about 4 years when I first moved to England...

YOu do make it look MUCH prettier than it is!!! I guess the beauty is there (and you found it) but amongst so much other stuff...

Did they tell you that the first 2 Harry Potter were filmed in the Cathedral?


My Aunt who is in her 80's still cooks on an oven like that


Wow amazing photo's, I live in Scotland, so now I think that I'll have to visit there sometime. Love the ceiling and door hinge details, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.


thankyou for the beautiful photos


Found you through whip-up...I love the comparision of Beatrix Potter's illustration and the photo. How fascinating! :)

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