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oo, oo, pick me, pick me! I'm glad you've stuck around for a year Simmy, I love your blog and our offline conversations. Congratulations on your anniversary!


I was a hit yesterday but I'm not sure you wanna mail all the way to the US. A very happy blogiversary! Many happy returns of the day :)


Happy blogiversary ... I admire your blogging, and look forward to it continuing for many more celebrations!


Hi there, count me in as one of yesterdays hits, Happy blogiversary to you, and may there be many more. :-)


Happy belated blog-birthday!


Hi there, I've been reading along for a few months now and I love your blog. Here's to another great blogging year!

jenny b harris

Happy blogiversary! I'm not sure if I've commented much before, but I been visiting your blog for quite some time. And who could resist those amazing goddies? Thanks, you're a peach! (fingers crossed!)


Happy blogiversary, and wishing you many more !


I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I came across it while searching for Waldorf crafts. I really enjoy your seasonal tables and have reinvigorated mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah in Vermont
(who doesn't need you to send anything)


Happy year and a bit Simmy! You're a voice of reason when the world seems to have gone a bit nutty - long may it last.

Pamela Frohn

I have been reading your blog for a while now, but haven't commented. The comment about all the hits is enough to drag me out of the "wood pile." I love all your crafts and am even now working on my new nature table. Thank you.

Jessica Madsen

Hi, Simmy! I've been reading your blog regularly now for a couple of months. You do beautiful work and share wonderful insights on family and fiber! Congrats on making it to the one year mark!

Cathi O'Neill

Happy Blogiversary! I have been reading your blog and commented a few times, but have to blame you with my new addiction to knitting dishcloths! You are a great writer, and your kids are amazing, so creative!! Hope there are many more blogiversaries in your future.

Cathi in Ireland


Yeah, happy year (and ten days!). Have you got to see Wives and Duaghters yet?


Happy Blogiversary to you! I love all the ideas you share on your blog - they are so well thought out, and always come with beautiful pictures. Thank you for keeping with it!


Dear Simmy,

I love reading your blog, mostly because it gives me nostalgic feelings of when my three oldest children were small and the things we would do together: cooking, crafts, reading, family time, etc. When I was a young mom, there were no PCs or Blogs. A lot of the things we did were unusual (old fashioned) to our neighbors. Back in the 80s a stay at home mom who did crafty things with her kids (and liked it) was an anomaly, at least where I lived. Wow I'm making myself sound old and this comment is getting much too long. I still have an 11 year old at home, and your blog is inspiring to us. I often want to write words of encouragement to you when you write about your own daughter growing up, (been there, done that). You're a wonderful Mom filling your children's lives with great memories, keep it up!

stephanie s

congratulations on one year simmy, i will hit mine on sunday and felt the same way when i started... who in the world would care what i did, and the writing part scared me to death. well, you certainly don't have to worry about the writing, i love your style and the way you tell a story - it is entirely possible you husband might learn something from you even... i am so glad to have come across you and your site, it has made this year a better one.


Happy blogiversary to you! If you're throwing folks with US addresses into that hat, I'd love to be added. Love your blog--always something beautiful and homey to distract me from my messy desk!


Happy anniversary Simmy!


Hi Simmy. I just bought some more of your wool. I was so pleased with the last batch that I wanted to make sure I had enough to last awhile. Congratulations on keeping your blog. We're so happy to have you around.


great blog. i'm so excited to receive my wool. thanks again!


I am setting up my first seasonal table with my little girl and have found your seasonal tables so inspiring. I ordered tons of wool and can not wait to get started. Great thanks and appreciating for shaing your thoughts and life with all of us!


Happy blog birthday Simmy. My birthday is 24th March so we both have something to celebrate! Here's looking towards your second blog birthday.


Ohhh...lovely jubbly! Love your work. Love your blog. I visit often. I guess I have always lurked before though...now I have come out of the woodwork to say Happy blogiversary and keep up the delightful work! You spin a smile on my face often enough to make a difference.

Evelyn Lum

Dear Simmy,
I'm from Singapore, now living in Houston, Texas. It gets lonely here sometimes. I read several crafters' blogs and you are one of my favourite.
I am hoping you will give me that extra push onto my own blog. It has been >6 months and I keep giving myself all kinds of excuses.

Evelyn Lum

Dear Simmy,

Today, right now, I feel REALLY enthusiastic about starting my own blog. Have been a reader for >6 months. Always in the background. So much words stored in my mind. Can you tell me the best way to start before I loose this zeal again?



It's my 1st comment here, though I'm around here a lot, and see you on Flickr.
Happy blog birthday. And PLEASE, keep up the amazing work!

Rebecca Wolpinsky

Happy Birthday!
I too am now inspired to start my own blog and am very excited to be part of such a great community of amazig moms...
Warm thoughts to you on this exciting day:)


Hi Simmy,

I just found your blog, about one week ago ( I saw your link at Flickr)! I love your nature table and your plant dyed projects .

many celebrations from over the North sea ( Belgium)

Many more lovely blogyears to go.


Hi, Simmy,

Congratulations with blog anniversary. Wish you a happy and healthy life, with tons of happy posts. Keep up the great work :=)

Is it too late to join the lucky draw?


Hello Simmy,
Happy blog birthday from the Netherlands. I love your way of writing. When I was studying Textiles in 1975 I learned to work with natural materials. For many years it was old fashioned to even talk about things like that or make things by yourself. So I'm so happy to discover blog's like your's and knowing I'm not alone in my feelings for nice and good materials and handycrafts. Thanks for sharing your blog and I wish you many more blog years.


Happy Blog-day!
You don't look a day over one.
Hope you have many more Happy Blog-days! I look forward to reading them all!


Happy blogiversary!
I really should comment more, I love the things you do.
I never get to celebrate my blogiversary because I've lost my posts from the pre-blogger days so celebrating just doesn't seem right.

Here's to many more years of blog posts.


I really enjoy reading your stories and crafting adventures Simmy. Keep on blogging as you have so much talent to share and create.



Happy Blogversary and many more. I applaud you for sticking to it for (over) a year and the honesty and insight that you share. You're right; it's all about community.


Happy blogiversary! I'm looking forward to reading your blog in the year to come :-)


Wow! Really I would like to thank you for writing your blog and sharing your talents with me. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos.
I am inspired after reading your posts, I have been baking more bread and have a fairy almost in the making.
peace- michele in Colorado


Congrats on one year! I believe I missed out on your locks, they are beautiful. I hope you'll be listing some again soon.


Hi Simmy, Congrats on a year of blogging. Discovered your site last fall while "Googling" for natural dying. Have enjoyed your thoughts, comments and crafts. "You go girl"!!!
Peg from Indiana =^,,^=


dosen't time fly - happy 1st blogday! and please add me to your draw


I just found you about a month or so ago, but I find it really charming. Thank you for a wonderful blog- your pics and your words both inspire (I am really hoping to learn to plant dye some day, too) and hit home (I've been home homeschooling just 3 years now, but I know what you mean about the loss of confidence. Starting to feel a little of that already). And my husband and I are in love with your home and village and FRESH MILK! Echoes of a dream, indeed! Thanks for a wonderful treat of a blog :))


i've just come up on my one year too. seeing your amazing gifts is really an inspiration to also put something beautiful out there.

congratulations on one year. i celebrate with you and am happy to "know" you and your blog. also looking forward to another wonderful year ahead. xo


Hi There,
I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and love all your stuff. My son is 2 1/2 and we attend little class at our local Waldorf school. A lot of your beautiful projects remind me of the crafts that we do at school. Your blog is a real inspiration. Happy blogiversary!


Well done.. you are always inspiring and creative.. I really enjoy reading from NZ


Hi Simmy! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and am so inspired by your pictures and your writing. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy blogiversary!


I've been reading your blog quietly for a while now and have been learning how to do crochet flowers from your tutorial this week. Thanks for the help.

little jenny wren

Happy 1st Birthday.Along with everyone else who has commented i really enjoy your blog for its honesty and creativity. They are wonderfully generous gifts.I hope you enjoy reading all your lovely comments.


Happy blog birthday! I really enjoy your artwork. I also appreciate your tutorials.Thanks for sharing. xxoo


happy blogiversary, simmy. i am very happy that we met via our blogs. i value your entries and you a lot. whta a lovely idea to celebrate with some freebies.


Congratulations Simmy! Happy 1 year anniversary! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration! You are truly a beautiful person! I love your thoughtful emails and have so much fun reading your blog! You are amazing! I just started needle-felting, taught myself some and have been looking at pictures of other crafters---I've found some wonderful ideas from you, I truly look forward to reading your blog as much as I can, it takes me away to a serene place full of creativity and humor---thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Oh, I could read all day, but I better go tend to my little ones who are deperately craving my attention at this moment! I love your blog----here's to many more years!!!!Oh,almost forgot-- are you all out of your beautiful plant dyed fairy locks??? Thanks for the inspiration and motivation--Best wishes always---Brenda


Yeah, Simmy- I love your blog! and everything you make is so lovely.


Oh my gosh!! Happy Blogiversary!! I would be happy to receive any of your lovely gifts!!


Happy Blogging Birthday to YOU!
From USA-Indiana Thank you for sharing your interests and family with us. I love learning about different cultures and crafty ideas.


WOW!! That's some generosity on your part. Amazing stuff.


Happy blogaversary!
I am one of those nearly daily clickers. I have to say, I always leave your blog the last one to read, it is like cream on the cake :) I have been reading your blog for maybe around 7-8 months.


Happy blog birthday! i love looking at your blog! I always check, every day!


Happy blogaversary!

I'd love to be entered into your draw - very generous of you.

Thank you :0)


Happy Blogiversary Simmy!! Wow, there's a lot of crafty bloggers that started their blogs around this time of the year. I wonder if it was the lure of back-tack? Or just seeing how much fun it looked like everyone was having. Either way, congrats on having made it to your first year. :-)


Simmy, I love your blog and looking at all your wonderful creations. That plant dyed wool I got from you is just screaming to be needle felted into something and now that the baby is here, I finally have time. :)


Happy Blog Anniversary Simmy. I enjoy reading about your lives, home, interests and English life in a Cotswold Village. Looking forward to another year....


Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Simmy, I adore reading your blog. You are wonderfully creative...I love seeing what you're up to. But most of all you are so friendly. Reading your blog is like having been invited for a tea party. :-)


happy blog birthday ! I hit you every day (that sounds wrong!) so I am one of your 500!
I love your lavender bunny he is so cute:-)


Happy blog birthday!
I just found your blog and I'm here to stay :D You are so talented and I hope your talent rubs off ;)

Denise Ridgway

Happy day to you .. still loving your blog, fab pictures, colours and wonderful ideas.
all love to you & yours

Jill A.

I read your blog regularly and love the glimpses into your life. I have never commented before so "hi" from St Louis, MO. :)


happy anniversary (coming out of the woodwork (or pile) for the chance to finally learn how to needlefelt...hehe.


happy 1st blog-day! You're inspirational! I'm a mom in New York City and am "crafting challenged." If I'm picked, send LOTS of instructions:)


De-lurking to say happy anniversary. I've been popping in to read your posts for a few months now and really enjoy your blog. Glad you overcame your blogging fear and kept with it!

Jill Pettis

Congratulations on one year of a beautiful blog. I just love your blog and in case you will send to the US throw my name in the hat too!


Happy blogiversary! You know me, I've been reading for nearly a year I think and sometimes comment.

Thanks for your compliments re my photos recently.

Oh, and that illustration at the top of the post? Is it a Janet/Allen Ahlberg picture?

Mary Ann

Hi Simmy,
I have been read your blog for several months and I think I have commented once or twice. I am in Long Beach, Ca and I enjoy reading about your family and all projects! No matter what you think you get way more accomplished then most folks! And I am anxious to try out the Waldorf doll patterns and felting ideas too.


hi there happy blogbirthday!! i love reading your blog and checking out all the wonderful things you make as well as those lovely photos of your home thankyou so much for sharing your life with us!!! : )


Happy 1st Anniversary. Better late than never. I only discovered your blog a couple of months ago and I love your stories, creations and ideas too. I hope you pick my name, I love the second and third prizes, never done any needle felting before so I would be intimidated to try it out yet. Please pick my name out, but I will still read your blog on a daily basis anyway. Hope you have another wonderful year and look forward to reading much more.


oooh, I would love some of your beautiful dyed things! I completely feel the same way about the lack of extended family - I just have me and my boyfriend, my mom lives nearby, and my sisters relatively near, but I want like a family compound, or for us to all live in the same town, or SOMETHING - I want a whole community here with me! So online is the next thing. :)


Just found your blog via whipup and your lovely faery tutorial. Very cute!! I'd like to enter for the drawing as well... if it's not too late...


I just found you TODAY because of your 'roving angel' pattern. I LOVE it & the other work you do!! I immediately added you to my sub list. Good luck to you on continued success (& good luck to ME to win one of your fabulous gifts!! :-) )


Happy anniversary...I love the colours of your rovings...enjoyed the fairy tutorial.


Happy anniversary...I love the colours of your rovings...enjoyed the fairy tutorial.


Happy Blogiversary! I just found your blog when you showed us your house reno. Do we get to peek inside as well?


Happy anniversary! I love you fairy tutorial!


Congratulations on your first year! May you have many more fruitful ones. I just found your tie-dying tutorials (I'm going to try mini-spirals!), thanks for that. Your cute coloured curls are gorgeous!


Congratulations on your 1 year bloggiversary. May you have many more of them.

Loved the faries
Take Care


This is my first comment, which is crazy 'cause I've been reading your blog for months! I am in rural Kentucky, US, and love your projects, especially the natural dying. Keep up the good work!

susan barker

I have stopped in to your blog before, but lost it for awhile, now I am subscribed through the RSS feed so you won't get lost again. Happy Blogversary, too. Perhaps I can find some time to create a fairy -- I know just the cutest little girl who would treasure her... perhaps peach and green for spring...


Thanks for the blossom fairy tutorial - she's gorgeous. I'm going to have to make a few...

And happy anniversary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, inspiration and tutorials, your generosity is much appreciated.


i have just found you today
and here you are,
a year?

and i will definately be back!


Congratulations on your first blogaversary! May you have many more!

And thanks for inspiring the rest of us to bring more creativity and joy into our lives.


Holy smokes! I should comment more often. I breeze by your inspiring blog every few days and love it!


Happy Blogery to you.

Keep up the good blog work!


Hi, Happy Blogaversary. This is my first comment.. I've been reading your blog for about two weeks or so. Love the pics of your home.
: )


Hi! I just discovered your blog today and am adding it to my favourites. :) Thanks for including me in the draw!

Now... off to read your blog! :)


just wandered over from the link at whipup - and i am loving your natural and seasonal creations. congratulations on 1 year of blogging!


Congratulations on a year! I would love to be in the draw. I just found your blog. It's wonderful! Laura


happy bloggy birthday simmy!!! it has been wonderful so far and as i say, its all because of you, so thank you again for being my first port of call on this amazing journey. heres to our next bloggy year!
ps you don't have to put me in the draw - just getting those numbers up!


happy blogthday.
i enjoy reading your blog- we're planning waldorf schooling for my year-old daughter and i like seeing the things you and your children create.


Congratulations on your blog! Is that Allan Ahlberg's pic? I love his artwork.


Happy Blogiversary! I really enjoy reading about your experiments with plant dyeing and other crafts. Your seasonal projects are quite inspiring--we do a bit of Waldorf schooling ourselves.


I love your blog.


I just found your blog while I was researching Waldorf families. I love your crafts.

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