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Wow! Your WHOLE family is SO amazing! What wonderful gifts you made for your friend. And Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you! Enjoy your daffodils :)


Love the daffs, the hats, the Lardy cake, the wooden bird, the chopping board, the wool, the book etc....it's like the conveyor belt on the generation game! I love the fullness of your blog!


How do you dye with daffodils? I'd love to learn more about this!


Yes, yes! I'm with Marsha! How do you dye with daffodils? Not that I'm sure I could bear it as they are my all time favourite flowers. I bought 2 tiny bunches for a fund raiser for the school and I have them on the table waiting for them to open...I'm now hoping that I can enjoy their loveliness and then when they are all whithered use them to dye with. Please tell me it's so...please don't tell me I have to cut them down in their prime! Here in New England we are still waiting for the bulbs to pop up. They started to show their stems in January when the weather was very mild but have since disappeared.

Lovely gifts from your very talented and generous family...in Singapore I used to get a double whammy with both US and UK mother's days. It's funny...in Australia we celebrate US mother's day and UK father's day...go figure!

I'm also loving that hat...wouldn't mind a pattern like that myself. I know the exact ball of wool I'd use for it.


Oh the bird, how did you give it away! I need to do a few more acts of service to cheer others around me. This was so thoughtful.


Your children's creativity is incredible (so is yours!)It truly is inspiring.

little jenny wren

Simmy that liitle bird is just beautiful. The simplicity and love you can see it in are wonderful. What colour dye do daffodils give?


Those hand made gifts are tremendous - the card w/ the buttons - how clever & cute AND THAT BIRD IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!
(btw, when I posted my first post in yesterday's contest I noticed I left out the number 1 in my email address. Today's is correct.)


That bird is lovely - I would have insisted on one for myself!


All your Mother's Day bounty is just beautiful but I'm most impressed by Raj's bird and Amber's hat! Beautiful work - such crafty kids!


you always do such wonderful things in your family! wow. i guess it's the waldorf influence. i love that things. they are perfect! i really should plan a little holiday over there in the crafty home of yours *lol*
you have creative and beautyful children, simmy.


hi simmy! my goodness you guys have been busy over here. everything is so amazing to see. i love hearing all about your celebrations and gift giving. happy spring and happy blogaversary...i'm glad you're here!


The daffs look lovely - it seems such a shame to boil them up! It will be facinating tho to see the results. Well done to Rohan re his woodworking. The bird is delightful. I too would have had a hard time giving it away.


Happy belated blogging anniversay. The berets and bird are just superb!


hi, i just saw the bird on flickr.

What a lovely family you have !! enjoy your flowers.


How wonderfully crafty your entire family is. I love the little wooden bird too, how sweet and clever your son is. I love your daughter's beret too, just gorgeous and so is yours. I cant wait to see how bright the color from the daffodils comes out. It must be nice getting natural colors from plants and flowers, and not wasting it either. I love reading your blog and it is always nice to read what your family is up to and creating.

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