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Ham sandwiches? And I thought snails were vegetarian! Have a great weekend.


Oh!!! I'd LOVE the children's dress up book if you don't mind swapping with someone overseas!!! I could send you any of the current magazines or Peaches and Cream yarn. (Just let me know what you most prefer).

Wylie Hunt

I would love the Debbie Bliss knitting book. I have lots of old Martha Stewart magazines, and several of the current issues. I am in the United States, however.
I love your blog, by the way. You write beautifully.


I am tired just from reading everything you do!!!
I have finally linked you to my blog - actually, Candy helped.

Ordered the Colour book, it is out of stock but will hopefully come soon. Also ordered a book on ornamentation, very excited to read both of them.

Your breads look beautiful, as does your kitchen.

Dawn Castro

I would love to swap with you for the crochet vol. 2 book!! let me know if it's still available. I can get you some peaches and cream yarn. Let me know!


I'll swap for the yarn and beatrix potter book, if no one has taken them yet! I've an old orange snowflake sweater (jumper) that I was going to felt, but might work better for your project. Also some vintage hankies and back issues of Martha Stewart. Do let me know!


Hi Simmy,

I'll be happy to send you a recent Martha Stewart...Which one would you like...there is presently a gardening special and an outdoor living special edition.

Any you had in mind. I have friends visiting from Yorkshire and I will send them back with her for you.....Just let me know.

I'd be happy for some yarn or fleece......I finished the little book with your plant dyed blanket! It turned out great!! I am going to get into some plant dyeing this summer

Love, t


Simmy, I have some cotton velour and vintage fabric I'd be happy to send you in exchange for the yarn. Let me know!


Let me know if you have anything left over... It sounds like most of what I was eyeing has been called already.


I checked out that B. Potter book from our library. What a treasure!


Hi Simmy.
I just found your blog by coincidence.
I love your energy and wit.
I have added your blog on my own blog.
I just hope it is ok with you.
Take care and happy birtday to your dad.

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