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Hi Simmy, thanks for visiting and the lovely comment you left on my blog. I'd be happy to come up and teach you to spin, yes it is quite a long drive...but that's what I want to do...be an ambassador for knitting and spinning and pass on my skills, and make new friends and useful contacts. anyway Pat left some links on my blog for courses for Fiona Nisbet who does courses in Ludlow and Shrewsbury, if you ever find the time...http://tinyurl.com/2qx6cm


p.s and I think it's a great use for daffs and a beautiful colour!


i would happily do a trade with you for your fantastic plant dyed wool!! and if that is spoken for, why that soft toys book would be fabulous too.


also, in my haste, i forgot to compliment you on that ABSOLUTELY gorgeous shade of yellow your daffodils created!! sigh...it is all so lovely...


Dear Simmy,

I don't need anything that you are offering for trade, but I'd love to send you some chocolate chips and some American magazines that I have, just as a thank you for your lovely blog. I don't have a blog, I'm just a reader. I ordered some things at Christmas from your etsy shop, but I didn't save the packaging so I don't have your address. If you still have my email address, could you email me? Or I'll send mine to you through your etsy account.

Jodi L.

Wylie Hunt

Simmy: I am going to the postoffice this Saturday to send you off the Martha Stewart magazines that I promised you. I'm so sorry I've been delayed in getting them off to you. I would love to send you several batches if you would like them, in exchange for this other Debbie Bliss book.

Thank you so much. Let me know!



A host of golden...fleeces. What beautiful shades.The epitome of spring.

French Mama

Hello Simmy... I am Julie From Sydney, Australia... You might not remember me but I was one of many to send you birthday wishes... I just wanted you to know that I am also on the Waldorf Craft Group and it was lovely to see your new arrival there... I also just love what you do but mostly I just love knowing you even if we have never met... I also do a lot of crafty things, and dolls and quilt and...:) Not much of anything finish... I have 3 beautiful young children so eventually..., something should be completed... I would love to swap some wool fabric... Going into winter in this part of the world and the children needs some new little friends... I would love to make a bunny with the dyed wool but I am not very clever with making a pattern... I have wool felt, plenty of doll supplies, (stockinette, doll skin, fabric, I also have some brown knitting wool...) Let me know what you need anyway...


oh, i'd like to have the "celebrating the great mother" book. what can i send you in return?

susan barker

AWWW... I was hoping to trade you for the plant dyed wool, but I guess someone else has dibs on it already -- but if you come across some similar bits, I have some interesting fabrics for doll clothes I also have a face and hands mold to use with fimo or sculpy clay to trade. Let me know, I'm a sucker for felted wool or dyed wool roving...

susan barker

the Knitting Workbook, I know someone I can pass it along to, still the same things to trade, fancy fabrics for doll clothes, oh and I can add some hershey chocolate too, if you like...


Wow Simmy! I've been away for awhile but your blog is really hopping! I am just blown away by the daffodil dying. The colour is aimply exquisite! I'd like to get in on your swap. I'm not sure what I'd do from this end - but I'd love that Sunnhild Reinckens book.


Opps! I missed your celebrations but 98 comments in a day - well done my dear! What lovely gifts your winners will receive. Anyway Simmy I send belated blog birthday wishes your way :)

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