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little jenny wren

I can't even imagine how your mum must have felt so far from home, family and familiar things.The fact that you have grown to be a caring , compassionate woman who dedicates herself to her family is a testament of triumph to her struggles.


Oh, Simmy~ What an amazing story, what an incredible life.
Yes, mothers are never easy (are we) but you are so wise to see past her silent treatments, to treasure her as she is and to honor her by recounting her story. Life is beautiful.


Simmy, I found this a fascinating story to read, your mum has had a very difficult life. She may be illiterate but she has other wonderful skills that more than compensate for this. She certainly has earned your love and admiration I think - and she was a lovely young woman. All young Indian women seem to be beautiful - maybe it's partly the saris they wear - they are such graceful,flattering garments.


What an interesting insight into your mum's life. I bet she is as proud of you as your are of her. She probably knows that her daughter Simmy has grown to be a caring, compassionate, hard working, and articulate individual. I bet you get your creativity from your mum. I look forward to finding out her curry recipe in your next installment!


Hi, I must say that I really like your blog, I´ve been reeding it for a while, but this is the first time I write a comment. It was very interesting to read about yor mum, I can´t imagine how it was for her.


What an interesting story--thank you for sharing it. I'm so grateful things have changed (for the most part) for women--in so many places and times we've been treated as second class citizens. Isn't that dumb? we're all just humans! I'm sorry your mum had to endure such hard times...but how strong she is and you, too!


Simmy, this is an utterly fascinating story. I think your mother was a very brave woman and full of courage and strength. What an interesting and colourful heritage. Thanks so much for sharing this little piece of your history with us. Can't wait for the curry recipe! I think you should write a book about your mother's story. It would be a best seller for sure. I can see it being made into a film.


It's a compelling story to read. Truly bittersweet. That's a hard life and I hope some sweetness slips in for your mom between the cracks in these later days.


It is so touching to read, Simmy. And so vivid. Thank you for sharing. May God bless her.

susan barker

Though my mother is not Indian she is Canadian Aboriginal (North American Indian) and her life reads not so different than your mother's, though mind did not have to immigrate to another country. It has taken we daughters along time (in my 40's) to really listen to the lives of our mothers and maybe realize why they seemed so hard on us when we were teenagers -- I just keep in mind that my mother never really got experience the freedome that children from the 1950's and on were able to, she was one of ten children of a traditional trapper and his indian wife, they lived off the land and it was all work, work, work...


What a facinating life, I can't imagine leaving everyone and everything behind to go to a different country. It must have been difficult marrying two cultures as you grew up.

Wylie Hunt

This was so poignant to read. Thank you so much for sharing the story of your mother, such an incredible woman, so brave. I love seeing pictures of my mother (who is now elderly) when she was young, and I, too, need to remember and see that young woman in her today.


What a wonderful tribute to your mother ! It made me think of my mother - she lived through two world wars in Germany and had a baby ( me) during the last one. Despite incredible hardships, she was optimistic, tough and ,yes, full of fun. She taught me that it is important to recognize and experience the joy of little things which every day brings us - no matter how awful or depressing the times are.Let's all be thankful for our wonderful mothers and the lessons they have taught us, like yours and mine did, by their example.


thank you, thank you so much for sharing your mother's story. I have so many things to say - I keep deleting lines because I realise it is going to be way too long and involved for a comments box.


Thank you for sharing your Mum's story. I really enjoy your blog and it is for these kinds of sharings that you do. Now...where is that curry recipe? You have set the scene so well that I am really eager to try it. :)


This is a wonderful story and thank you for sharing it. Everyone has a story to tell of their journey of life; their ups and downs, and stuggles and joys. It never stops to amaze me how we can learn and respect those who have come before us.We must remember that everyone has a story to tell and what we can learn from it to enrich our lives.


Thanks for sharing that Simmy. I often look at families going through huge struggle and upheaval and wonder how they survive. Particularly the women. Isn't it remarkable that even one generation from us can be so different? I think it's so important to try and carry some kind of legacy from our mothers and grandmothers, something that makes all their toil worthwhile and remembered.


Simmy, that's a wonderful story.

Your mother was beautiful - such strong features. You can see that she was a very determined young woman.

I agree that it's only as we approach the middle of our own lives that we can begin to understand how difficult things may have been for our mothers.


Thanks for that story. Your mum is an amazing woman, as you say.

And she has the most incredible Don't Mess With Me eyebrows.


Honey what a life you mom has lived. The strength she has shown by NOT popping her head in the oven shows her true fibre core. And that is what you have also inherited I am sure. And that is a wonderful legacy.


Wow, that's an amazing story of your mother! I can't imagine how she was able to get past everyday with all those responsibilities that were expected of her. It just goes to show her strength of character -- a lesser woman would not have been able to survive intact. And obviously you've inherited her good qualities.

But then again, it looks like you're a great mom to your brood too! Just think of the stories they'll tell of you in years to come. I'm sure they'll remember your crafting and cooking with fondness too. :-)


What a wonderful story of your mother, I cannot even imagine such a life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Mary Ann/ca

Simmy, thank you so much for sharing. My daughter just became engaged to Suranju Kundu, known in the states as Sean. Sean's parents, have been here since the mid 70's but their extended family is still in India. I don't think their story is much like your parents but what a powerful story! Its a vivid reminder of how things are so different in many other countries and places than our middle class lives. Oh, and her new MIL has taught her to make curry already so it'll be fun to see how they match up!


Very moving and a lovely tribute.It must have been heartbreaking for her to leave her other daughter behind imagine the longing she must have had for those 6 years.She sounds like a very strong woman who made the best of some tough situations.


A rich and poignant post Simmy. I look forward to reading more.


I think its great that you know so many of the stories of your Mom's life. I'm glad that you can appreciate how far she's come and the challenges she's faced. This kind of understanding is well more than half the battle of coming to peace with each other. And in my court? She's brought a great woman in to this world - every mother's wish.


This is my first visit and I am in awe of your amazing story.


Again Simmy you have touched me with your words! As I sit here trying my hardest no to cry and make my kids think something is wrong, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I have been honestly been luckier than I can explain to be as with my mo who is amazing. We live 2000 miles apart which breaks my heart.
I am amazed at how strong people are and as my non-sequiter writing here borders on unintellible I will say one last thing THANK YOU for being you and sharing with me and everyone else!

Jodi Renshaw

What an incredibly gorgeous family. I am so glad you have such a photo :)



Ummm, now I'm crying! What a lovely, sad and yet uplifting story. It makes me so grateful for my ancestors and immigrants everywhere.
P.S. Your mother is SO beautiful, too :)


hmmm. I too have a had a hard time understanding my mom (you just read my Mother post) and exercises like these are really imperative for forgiveness and compassion.
Do you ever wonder how it will be when your children are older? Between you and them, I mean? I do. I am banking on the fact that there is good communication between us now; I am not interested in perpetuating relationships based on unspoken expectations...
but sometimes it happens anyway...


What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it :)

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