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what a lovely post! the jersey is just perfect! baksho and i were laughing yesterday how we went from one thing to the next, never looking back! right at the moment i am working on her logo! better get back to it!

little jenny wren

The bread looks fabulous.I'm going to try baking mine in my Le Creuset casserole dish. The jumper looks lovely, such a fresh colour, like spring grass. We are a long way from blossom time but I'm interested to see your fairies.

stephanie s

oh the sweater (jumper) looks wonderful. i love rolled collars, to say nothing of that fabulous color!! i think flitting from one passion to the next is a perfect way to live ones life.... the perfect way.


Ahhh...between your bread, knitting, and crafting....can I come live in your house for a week!?! It sounds like heaven - really!


Reading all those ideas on baking bread has got me thinking I should use my bread maker more often. I love the crumpets too, they look delicious. I love the raglan, very nice colorway and I would not change it either. Debbie's patterns always turn out so much bigger dont they. Oh well the cables will be easy to do on a cricket jumper, and will stop boredom setting in.


Love the jersey! I've fallen into calling them sweaters (shame on me!) to avoid confusion. Someone told me that you can't call a sweater a jersey unless it follows a specific pattern blah blah. Anyway I'm ever so pleased to find someone else who calls sweaters jerseys!

The bread looks delicious. I wanted to point you in the direction of the Lakeland catalogue where I saw silicon crumpet rings! I have been eyeing them myself for making pancakes/drop scones - you know - want everything symmetrical etc...


Ah Simmy, you sound just like my mum who always had one grand passion going...once it was mudbricks, then paper making, then basket weaving and so on. Me, I just have everything on the go at once!
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe for crumpets as we love them too, but you can't get them here. And have you tried bagels?
I think that jumper is just stunning...the colours I mean. I love that wool you dyed. I have given up on dying at least until the weather changes. I think I'll have to use bottled water or something because I didn't have much luck with my things (my indigo came out pink! which apparently means soft water).
And I can't wait to see the front of your spring fairy...


What a gorgeous colour the jumper is! I LOVE it.

bitter betty

The Root Children are back... Hurray!

The bread looks delicious and the jumper is so cozy..

But it was your spring table on flickr that had me falling in love with your beautiful life!


The bread looks wonderful, not a bad kind of obsession to have:) I have a set of muffin rings and have had them for years- they are still unused! Maybe I should christen them. Raj looks great in his unexpected new sweater - glad you kept the colour, it's so lovely and spring-like.


That bread looks yummylicious. I would like to eat it with a tangy cheese and a big dollop of pickle. My mouth is really watering now!


it's always so lovely to see you blog. i just love that pullover!!! the colour is perfect. and hell yes, let it be spring!!!
i am amazed about all the lovely things you create. and i seem to be this periodically interest changing type of person, too :-))


The jersey you knitted Raj is the same pattern I used for D's Famous Five jumper! If he comes to play she'll make him be Julian. Thanks for the tip about baking bread in a Le Creuset. I'll try it tomorrow.


You've seen my blog so you KNOW I'm a flitter as well!

I love the sweater! I love the shading in the yarn.

I adore your root children and Mother Earth. That is one of my favorite stories.

And I'm very curious about crumpets now. I'm wondering if they're what we Americans call "English muffins". But yours look soft...English muffins are not soft. They look almost like tall pancakes.


oh yum yum that bread looks great.. and the jumper is wonderful... i have made some of those spring fairies before there beautiful

The Cwtch

Oooh what beautiful bread!! yum yum!

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