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What a difference a little bit of sun makes - I'm feeling alive today for the first time in about a week.

Well flung you!


I read that book a number of years ago and it is fascinating. Particularly as someone interested in paint and dyes, to learn where those colours come from is just astounding. Made me, once again, have so much respect and awe for all those people of the human race who came before us. The lengths people went to to put a bit of colour in their lives. I think that's why I love dyeing things...makes you appreciate what we have (ie any colour in the spectrum that we desire). Hope your new determinations pay off. One of the things I love about having moved so much in our lives is having to cull every few years. We do have a lot of "stuff" but it's things we have come to love and know that we want to have around us. Even if we don't "need" those things, they are things that make each new house we move to feel like a home.


The sun makes a big difference! I'm glad you are feeling better :)


I have that book, it is really fasinating, I love dipping into it. We are having very wild weather here this morning, very strong winds and lashings of rain, ugh.


We, too, are in purge mode. Toys, clothes, books.
Enjoy your reading!

Diane Milne

I've been reading that book on and off for a couple of months - one colour at a time. It's a great book! The chapter o red was particularly interesting! I hope you enjoy it!


Hi Simmy- hope it isn't a drag but I've tagged you for a meme! http://soozs.blogspot.com/2007/01/6-weird-things-about-me-because-its-all.html


Hey, Simmy, I tagged you for one of those mimis...forgive me and then see my blog. xo, c.


I was hanging fabric for a new quilt (my first go) on the line after washing yesterday, and musing about why I had to wash the red separately - I was thinking about that self same book, which I read years ago. Nearly every time I look at something red, I think about beetles.

It's nice to know about this stuff - I'm fascinated by what types of colours they didn't have in the past. How would it change your world if you never saw anyone wearing red, or purple was only for flowers and sunsets?

I've been packing to move (again) and also using it as an escuse to rid myself of junk. There's so much that I see and use every day that I wish I didn't. On the other hand, I have many things which have no use except to be looked at and make me happy - those things are staying until they can't fulfil their purpose anymore. Then, I'll send them on to someone who will love them, too.

I was having a similar conversation with my mum the other day - about christmas and why people think the holidays are too long (we're in summer here) My mum thinks it's because a) lots of people don't know/like their kids and b) everyone's used to being overstimulated and always busy/entertained. They don't know that they can sit and read, or craft, or just think. I told her about Rohan's dishcloth, which made me teary. It was lovely, and I wanted to thank you for sharing that with us all. The care and love he put into that could be felt through my computer screen all the way across the world.


Nice blog!
People say I immitate SCARLETT O'HARA, since we're both bitches. But I'm as genuine as she was, since we were from the same neck of the Georgia woods, and we both were stars of novels.
I saw MARGARET MITCHELL meet her tragic death on the sidewalk outside the Fox theater in 1949. (The theater in Atlanta where the movie GONE WITH THE WIND had premiered). A taxi hit her as she was crossing the street, looking up at the theater's marquee where her name was displayed prominently. I tried to warm her of the taxi, but she didn't seem to hear me.

Kristin Nicholas

I read that book and loved it. I'm coming back to read more on your blog. Very interesting - I love the story of your home. I live in a home built in 1751 in the USA but mine is of wood w/ a stone foundation.


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