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Old Round

"I do make one or two loaves a week"
That makes you an avid bread maker in my book! The bread and curd look yum. Having a AGA seems like the perfect modern equivalent to a beehive oven. At least to this American!


Oh Simmy, you do make me smile with your 'I'm not an avid bread maker'.

Elizabeth David really knows how to explain things doesn't she? I am a bit over-reliant on the breadmaker. Mostly because finding a warm spot to let it rise is tough in our house. I guess I need an Aga...

stephanie s

well, i guess i wasn't the only person to laugh at your "i do make one or two loaves a week" comment. i agree, that makes you pretty avid in my book too. i love making bread, and don't do it nearly enough, however if i thought i should make lemon curd with each loaf i would make it daily. it all looks delicious.


wow!! a recipe for lemon curd!! thank you!! it's absolutely one of my favorite things...and no wonder! just looking at the ingredients explains why.


Elizabeth David books are awesome, aren't they? I have her 'French Provincial Cooking' and 'Italian Food' and I love them. I'd like to get this one too, must put it on my Amazon list. Wouldn't it have been great to use the bread oven? Of course, I'm already green with envy about your Aga but we won't mention that ;)


Your house and surroundings sound idyllic. How wonderful to have a bread oven somewhere in the walls even if you don't use it. I too would be thinking about the past occupants and how they may have used it. Thanks for the recipe for lemon curd. Just what I need right now as we have a glut of lemons here on our tree and they need to be put to good use.


Here's to bread! Thanks for the curd recipe. It's on the list for tomorrow :-)


I noticed one on a UK site - www.silvernutmeg.com but they seem a mite pricey. Maybe the homemade job would be the way to go ...
Homemade bread once a week sounds heavenly. I am so busy making our son gluten-free bread that I never seem to get around to making "regular" bread for the rest of the family! Thanks for the yummy eye "candy" - delicious!


So funny, I was reading this post while scoffing some toast with lemon curd on it. I found some at the supermarket the other day and I was looking with dismay at how small the jar is...now I can make some of my own. And I love making bread, but I actually like a hard crust. The idea of a bread oven though...how WONDERFUL. I too like to think of how people did things way back when, and try to learn those skills to feel like I am carrying on a tradition.


Hi Simmy,
What a great post. I too have had this book on my shelf for a very long time, althogh my cover is not nearly as attractive as your edition.
I would love a wood burning bread oven. Do you have room to make one in your yard?
A freind of mine is building one, (actually two, a little one plus a big one) for her soon to be bakery. Next time I am visiting her in Salmon Arm, (a not so pretty town in a stunning landscape) I will take pics and post them for you.
I want to make you a permanent link on my blog, but don't know how yet. Candy will be helping me on that front soon. I have slowed down on my blogging this new year, but hopefully only for a little while -


Simmy, I just looked at the wonderful things you have made. The french shopping bag is lovely!

The Border Tart

Simmy, I have been enjoying your blog for a while and loved to see you are a breadmaker and lemon curd maker too. My new blog is just gathering speed and I would like to make a link to yours, if you are happy with that. My dog's blog has been going awhile (dogintheworkhouse.blogspot.com)and she definitely favours homemade stuff too!


After reading this post I swear I can smell the yeasty aroma of bread baking! Wonderful on all counts, and thanks for the tips!


Would you have been envious of our power outtages if you didn't have an aga or wood stove? I'd love to have an aga but I was really jealous of anyone with a wood stove when it got down to 40F inside.

Your bread looks wonderful!!! I have always wondered about lemon curd...what's in it and all. Thanks for the recipe!


reading your post brought back lovely memories of when I was a kid growing up in a rather isolated village and having no power and us and the neighbours gathering round our rayburn by candlight with the snow coming down outside!


Simmy thank you for the tip about baking it in a upturned bowl. I'll try it out today. Re: bread ovens. Did you see " A Tudor Feast" over the Christmas period?


Thanks for the lemon curd recipe Simmy. I made it yesterday with sweetner instead of sugar as my husband is diabetic.What a sucess - lovely on toast for breakfast.

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