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Hi Simmy. If It's any consolation I'm feeling grey too! I started a cross-stitch sampler kit a few days ago and an embroidery kit too so that I would have projects to get my teeth into. Yesterday and today though I have fell asleep during the day. I am so overwhelmingly tired even though my mind is inspired and active my body is just not willing. I've decided to go with the flow for now and just picture blue skies in my mind.


i feel so grey, too. the weather is driving me nuts. all grey, too warm, stormy and rainy. where's the snow? even me, who is not that old already, moans about the lost childhood winters. here the cherry trees, pussywillows and haselnuts are blooming. it's crazy. i so fear for my spring flowers to freeze, if the winter breaks in later.
your king winter reminds me that i wanted to put purs out on the seasonal table, too. days ago. sigh. let's sip some tea together and be gloomy :-)


I think it's just that time of year - hubby has been struck down by the greys this week and suddenly we all seem down. Need either snow or Spring. Either would be fine, but all we have is grey and mud.

I did go for a long walk today, but even that proved grey and muddy and less than perfect. Now I have trainers to scrub too - bleugh.


Hi Simmy
regarding snow and depending where you live, there is some forecast for later this week and next week, have a look at http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/14days.asp


I hope your grey mood doesn't last too long. Maybe it will be like when children are bored: if they sit around looking glum for long enough they eventually come up with some wonderfully creative ideas and then off they go.

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